Jimmy Kimmel’s Plan to Save Us from Trump

Jimmy Kimmel’s Plan to Save Us from Trump

After one of the craziest days in Donald Trump’s presidency, Jimmy delivers a message to those who voted for him and presents a plan that could solve all of our problems.

Baby Bachelor in Paradise – Episode 2 https://youtu.be/6LQE6vLpXG8

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Jimmy Kimmel’s Plan to Save Us from Trump

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20 Responses

  1. King Kaci says:

    Trump is the exact reason why people should wear condoms

  2. Tristan Warmer says:

    At this point no trump supporter should be able to defend their Lord trump

  3. Jonatan Augusto says:

    Trump for king of the US!

  4. Rebecca Rocks says:

    I’m not even American lol . And this trump thing is entertaining really from the other side.

  5. Shane Brannon says:

    Cersei? Hell, Joffery would be better

  6. Michael Candle says:

    Trump is not mentally fit to continue being the president

  7. New Message says:

    Trump just ‘doubled down’ on Nazis.

    Oh look, Canada has an immigration pamphlet..

  8. Harry Williams says:

    I thought the United States was a Democracy, maybe not!

  9. Jeff Reber says:

    I support Trump “Our President”, BECAUSE he’s our President. I also denounce the K’s, BLM, alt-Right, Antifa. These are not rational people.  I support free speech., not tearing down statues good or bad.  You shouldn’t cover up the past.  We can learn from these.  People need to be decent and rational.  I am a conservative and hope for the good of all people.

  10. Adam Wagner says:

    I remember when i liked jimmy kimmel, now all it is is trump trump trump blah blah blah, like hes our president and doing a hell of a lot better then some of our previous ones. Its just sad his videos arent even entertaining anymore. Shame

  11. Hossein TY says:

    Jimmy Kimmel is so mad, he is about to cry

  12. John Makowski says:

    I know your life has changed so much since Trump has been in office. Hang in there snowflakes.

  13. Sam Smith says:

    The fact that he is defending white supremacist is truly disgusting! Very fine people on both sides?!? He is insane!

  14. E G says:

    Jimmy Kimmel for president 2020!!! Like if you agree!

  15. Everton Peres says:

    F*** Jimmy… I used to be a fan but I am tired of these lies. I will stop wasting my time on this channel.

  16. Selina Ram says:

    This is the best video I’ve ever seen. #impeachtrump.
    Thanks jimmy for explaining it so I don’t have to 🙂

  17. KingNat says:

    Canadian over here and Trump provides us with such good entertainment. This mans a walking joke😂

  18. sory .s says:

    I am so happy I am from Europe! free health care , good opportunities, different countries with different languages and cultures. a lot I can learn and explore. and right wing disgusting people aren’t empower in here. and if they do they won’t last too long .
    Americans trump supporters you live in a illusion. your President isn’t great , (he is a joke and here we really think you guys are bloody dam stupid) , your countrie could be amazing but you ring wing nasty people have destroyed it . for you to make America great again u need to stop been so racist , self centre and narcissist. what let’s admit isn’t gonna happen.
    kind regards from Europe . keep going we are laughing at u

  19. VizZzion says:

    Some idiot said these jokes are getting old… These arent jokes anymore that Jimmy is saying. These are facts

  20. DiplomaticMagic says:

    Love when people with a voice stand up for what they believe in despite potential backlash. Respect Jimmy! #ImpeachTrump

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