Jimmy Kimmel’s Quarantine Minilogue – Home with Kids, Trump, Tom Brady & St. Patrick’s Day

Jimmy Kimmel’s Quarantine Minilogue – Home with Kids, Trump, Tom Brady & St. Patrick’s Day

Since we aren’t doing shows right now during this Coronavirus quarantine, Jimmy has nothing to do. He’s bored and he figured some of you may be as well so he decided that he’s going to shoot mini monologues at his house. In today’s #minilogue Jimmy talks about being home with his kids, how Donald Trump is handling all of this, Tom Brady leaving the New England Patriots, celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day at home, and we take the opportunity to rewatch the greatest local news story of all time – a leprechaun sighting in Mobile, Alabama. Jimmy will also be making a donation to a worthwhile cause every day during this quarantine. Today, it is No Kid Hungry. They make sure kids eat. Please consider helping them too:


Buy Jimmy’s new children’s book The Serious Goose! All of the money he makes goes to children’s hospitals across the country.


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Jimmy Kimmel’s Quarantine Minilogue – Home with Kids, Trump, Tom Brady & St. Patrick’s Day

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68 Responses

  1. Christopher Bedford says:

    Best part of this video: no audience faking reactions to the jokes. We can decide for ourselves what’s funny. Thank you Jimmy 😁

  2. Czechbound says:

    That beefy lock on the door tells me the kids have never seen the inside of Jimmy’s office

  3. Rob TheBadguy says:

    Jimmy’s ready to quarantine himself in his room, look at that lock he has on the door! 😂

  4. Julie Marylin says:

    “Wash everything.” The best takeaway of this whole time.

  5. amal zuhair says:

    “You can make coffee, at home, for yourself”
    When the rich get on the same level as us normal folk.

  6. G M says:

    I was hoping he would say “apologize to Matt Damon I ran out of time” 😢

  7. RoughSun says:

    “I learned that I have two young children” lmao

  8. Stefarooh says:

    Lol “a crackhead who was told to climb up the tree and play a leprechaun”

  9. Martin Muehlhaeuser says:

    So far from all “Corona Late Night Show editions” Jimmys is my favourite.

  10. Spencer Moore says:

    Why does Kimmel always look like he’s hungover lol

  11. Tolba Szy says:

    What a dad! He has a maximum security lock on the INSIDE of his door, that is in his house!

  12. Niet praten 020 says:

    That kid doing the intro is the cutest thing ever

  13. Sam Garcia says:

    This is awesome Jimmy. Idea: you might be able to do some Skype interviews with other celebs that are at home too, or interview some of the none freaked out public thats at home too or better yet still working. Keep it alive brotha.

  14. Pierre Goodman says:

    New pattern for hosting late night shows due to corona pandemic…
    1. Stay at home
    2. Make a video
    1. Become a YouTuber

    • Lisha Leon says:

      This can be a new pattern for me as well , I’m on lay off starting next week “until further notice” …….. be safe everyone !

    • Connie Crawford says:

      discorperted That’s unfair! The talk show hosts are following Federal and states ORDERS! Cashiers HAVE Togo to stores to ring up food-if the grocery stores let us buy on the honor system, the cashiers could stay home! Some jobs are essential for life to continue and people not to starve! Attack those beach goers who are endangering others just so they can get a tan and engage in indiscriminate sex! Don’t be so clueless!

    • You know who says:

      Pierre Goodman more money for the rich

    • Hadir Ali says:

      @discorperted do you honestly not understand why filming live shows with audiences , or are you just trolling?

    • Luke Staten says:

      Well he’s already one so

  15. *Uptown* says:

    “Did you know you can make coffee…at home…for yourself? It’s crazy. I even spelled my name right”

  16. Niall & Thailand says:

    Starbucks Baristas have a problem spelling “Jimmy”?

  17. Dublin Whatsapp says:

    “But all alcoholics everywhere” got me 😂😂😂

  18. Ms. Ireland says:

    “It could be a crack head who got hold of the wrong stuff” – OMG I almost peed on myself. I’ve never seen this before. Thx Jimmy for the laughs.
    ****Get well to everyone. Decreeing healing & restoration to us all over the world. In Jesus name. Amen.

    • Wind Roos says:

      Them my friend please watch South Park, the mysterion Ep.
      Also also key and peele with Pegasus skit.
      They are both a parody worth watching.

  19. Ethan Cady says:

    Petition for Jimmy to say “Apologies to Matt Damon we ran out of time.” at end of each minilogue

  20. 15K Subs In 2020 Challenge says:

    COVID – 19: Scares the living sh*t out of everyone
    Introverts: Finally, a worthy opponent

    • JrVtec says:


    • Lisa Elissa says:

      I’m an introvert but this isolation thing… ! It’s over the top for me. I go to the gym every day, and Friday is their last day open. No library open here… Starbucks is drive through only (causing massive lines). Love Jimmy’s coffee joke but I like espresso and don’t have an espresso machine. At least I like to cook so it won’t be an issue for me when the restaurants shut down. A little bit of people contact is almost necessary, even for us INFJ’s! Hoping for the best for everyone! Let’s hope this coronavirus passes…

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