Jimmy, The Roots and The Voice Coaches Sing a Mashup of Their Hits (A Cappella)

Jimmy, The Roots and The Voice Coaches Sing a Mashup of Their Hits (A Cappella)

Jimmy & The Roots join The Voice coaches Kelly Clarkson, Jennifer Hudson, Adam Levine and Blake Shelton, plus host Carson Daly, for an a cappella mashup of the cast members’ hit songs. Full song list below:

Adam Levine –
“She Will Be Loved”
“This Love”

Jennifer Hudson –

Blake Shelton –
“She’s Got A Way with Words”
“I’ll Name the Dogs”
“God Gave Me You”

Kelly Clarkson –
“Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You)”
“Miss Independent”

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Jimmy, The Roots and The Voice Coaches Sing a Medley of Their Hits (A Cappella)


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59 Responses

  1. Nadeen Tube says:

    Here before 1 million views?

  2. V SW says:

    This is one of the reasons why The Tonight Show’s my favorite night time talk show.

  3. Ariel Sosa says:

    Why does Jimmy really sound country ?

  4. XJJSavage says:

    Jimmy. You have great voice

  5. Avery Lopez-Baines says:

    Love this! The Roots and all of the Voice coaches are awesome

  6. Betsy Clemente says:

    who liked the video before even watching it ??

  7. Cameo Middleton says:

    This is amazing!! Just wonderful work you guys

  8. Waheedah's Recipes says:

    The ROOTS & Other singers are sing this mashup up of songs wonderful job

  9. Tanyahachi 07 says:

    i think i broke replay button

  10. Ashley B says:

    All I heard during the medley was Kelly. That voice girlllll ??

  11. Ilse Cruz says:

    They played me. I thought Carson was gonna start singing ??

  12. frankinsane and myrrh says:

    nooo that was way too short! need more!

  13. Andy Saenz says:

    Who else wants to see Kelly Clarkson and Jennifer Hudson sing When You Believe by Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston??

  14. Rachel Dulin says:

    Lol ? Blake Shelton “you can kiss my country ass.” Love that saying from him.

  15. Robey Hines says:

    1:20 JHud and Kelly harmonizing with each other unlocked a new realm of musical enjoyment for me and I will never be the same because of it.

  16. Rishik Kiran says:

    Good morning. Best way to start one

  17. Cole B. Ryan says:

    My only problem? Too short!

  18. Angela Givens says:

    The Roots are incredible! This is amazing and I want them to release this as a legit song. Jimmy and Blake were great and J-Hud and Kelly were amazing! Adam was beautiful with Jennifer. I was waiting for Carson to sing too!?Love this! I keep watching on rewind and find something I missed each time. I love when they do these mashups. Lol

    • Mia Allen says:

      Angela Givens wait a minute who?? i hope you don’t mean the roots. who have been a band of extremely talented artists since the 90’s and have multiple classic hip-hop/neo-soul albums, most of which were released long before they ever agreed to do the music for late night lmaooo, have you really never heard mellow my man??

    • Angela Givens says:

      Mia Allen Reading is fundamental. I gave props to The Roots first because without them this masshup wouldn’t be possible. I’ve followed them since being a student at Temple University in 1989 thru the 90’s. Pump your brakes. You’re trying to stir controversy where there is none. Put down the wine and go to bed, ok. Thank you, next.

    • Alex Campbell says:

      +Mia Allen oof

  19. Maly Yang says:

    Omg… That wasn’t long enough!!!!!! I need more!!!!

  20. Kashikashi Furiski says:

    Wow… I love this mashup. This is how the true musicians work

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