JJ Redick thinks the Warriors’ lineup is the 3rd iteration of their championship window | First Take

JJ Redick thinks the Warriors’ lineup is the 3rd iteration of their championship window | First Take

JJ Redick thinks the Warriors’ lineup is the 3rd iteration of their championship window | First Take
Stephen A. Smith and JJ Redick react to the Golden State Warriors’ dominant win over the Denver Nuggets in Game 2.
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45 Responses

  1. Potence11 says:

    Before the series started people were saying jokic will dominate because the warriors do not have a big now talking heads are saying its a bad matchup lol

  2. Tom Bystander says:

    Imagine wiseman, kuminga, moody becoming anything close to their potential. Steph/Klay can shoot for forever + Draymonds spirit and basketball IQ. I think they sacrificed 2 years of the prior window to create this 3rd new championship run

    • Ym Th3Gr3at following me on Facebook And YouTube says:

      That’s gone be scary watch

    • okdok gg says:

      @Grichka Tayou I mean there have been advancements in medicine, but some player’s bodies are not built for long careers. When KD came back from his achilles like nothing happened. that was a shock as most big guys who tear achilles are not the same. Boogie tore his achilles only a few years before KD tore his. Boogie has not been the same player after that injury.

    • Grichka Tayou says:

      @okdok gg What do you mean usually ?? Smh where have you accounted for the vast advancement in médecine and technology??

      Usually guys didn’t come back from Achilles injuries (only Dominique) , Kobe had trouble , then less than 10 years after Kobe’s injury players are coming back from Achilles injuries KD, Klay etc … With most of their skill intact .
      Wiseman will come good , Zion will come good if he takes his body and his diet seriously Lebron , Brady , Ronaldo level SERIOUS .

      Advancement in sports médecine etc has literally changed players career arcs … CP3 is out here at 37 giving people the business ! Steph is 34 and we are not even talking about him getting out of his prime . This is not how things were “ usually “ especially for smaller players …

    • okdok gg says:

      @anino207 embiid is a pretty rare case tho lol usually guys don’t reach their potential after such a terrible start to their careers. Zion is on a similar path too.

    • Nikko Tucker says:

      @Jared Layne I meant the guy above you. The one who said Wiseman was done for

  3. Rhondale Gordon says:

    JJ redick is next to blow. Give this man his own show. Great Duke player, Great teammate, Great sports analyst

  4. lulEdaP says:

    Poole: 22 | Wiseman: 21 | Kuminga: 19 | Moody: 19

    They’ll definitely extend the window. To the point where Steph, klay & Dray are 36+ coming off the bench

    • ZioComposite says:

      Klay coming off the bench is more likely IMO. Just because of his injuries and Dray might be the first to retire. Dray has had to deal with all the physicality so if Kuminga can fill that role he could be a “bench” starter as well lol. And yeah, Curry finna just be out there with JP because the gravity those 2 create is just stupid.

    • Ym Th3Gr3at following me on Facebook And YouTube says:

      @lulEdaP I agree

    • Bankroll says:

      Chris Paul is 37 and so is bron I think steph and klay will still be able to play good enough to not be a bench player fr

    • JP says:

      well steph is retiring at age 38 because that’s when his contract is over and i heard he supposedly retiring when his contract is done so they might keep starting him

    • cky887 says:

      @Kevin Anglade smart

  5. Miyá says:

    The Suns last year were a terrible matchup for the Nuggets last year too. CP especially picked them apart so I already knew they were in trouble is Steph was healthy which he is so. Ima go back to my Warriors out the West pick. I had switched to Phoenix because Dray and Steph couldn’t seem to get healthy and it had me worried but nah they’re good rn

    • Christopher Downs says:

      @Nikko Tucker I agree with everything you say

    • Judy Clarkson says:

      @okdok gg Draymond will limit Giannis the way he’s doing to Joker.. I mean they got obliterated on national telly few weeks ago when Draymond didn’t even play yet with Curry only took 5 shots in the whole game.

    • xristoss soul says:

      I agree but Steph is still injured and he said in the post game interview that he hurts in the game but he plays despite that.. (that’s why he is still in minutes restriction)

    • okdok gg says:

      After seeing what a healthy warriors starting 5 can do…I think it’s safe to say they are favorites to win this chip. Originally had the bucks winning it all, but warriors playing small with steph klay poole constantly running around making shots and making passes, draymond and wiggins setting great screens and making passes, there’s nothing the bucks can do to stop that. On the other hand, warriors can’t do anything about giannis, but they can make everyone else suffer.

    • Nikko Tucker says:

      @John Wall exactly there ain’t no switching back he went to that side stay on side

  6. Puck says:

    Lethal Weapon 3 definitely the one to go with:
    1) Death Lineup (original) – Curry, Klay, Barnes, Iggy, Draymond (1-1 in the Finals)
    2) Hampton’s Five (sequel) – Curry, Klay, Iggy, Durant, Draymond (2-1 in the Finals)
    3) Lethal Weapon 3 (trilogy) – Curry, Poole, Klay, Wiggins, Draymond (To be continued)

  7. Marcel M says:

    As a life long UNC fan…. I can attest to the lethality of the sniper himself JJ Redick & Jay Williams.. I close my eyes when they shoot for 3, just knowing it’s going in….

  8. TheBNCyo says:

    JJ really articulate and precise on the things he had to say while Stephen A look like he has a minimum of 1 thousand words toi each phrase

    • Ultra Screens says:

      Like the way he always says national basketball association instead of just NBA. He just wants to maximise his air time on tv like he’s filling out a word count

  9. Balake says:

    watching jordan poole thrive in his role is so special because we are watching a superstar in the making.

  10. CQ • WhiteFang BYE says:

    Just before game 1 these “analysts” were saying that jokic & nuggets were a bad matchup for the warriors & now suddenly warriors are a bad matchup for jokic & nuggets? Changed boats too quick lmfao

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