Joanna Jedrzejczyk vs. Jessica Andrade | UFC 211 HIGHLIGHTS

Joanna Jedrzejczyk vs. Jessica Andrade | UFC 211 HIGHLIGHTS

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Watch all the best moments from UFC 211’s Women’s Strawweight title fight between Joanna Jedrzejczyk and Jessica Andrade.

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20 Responses

  1. The real Coach Edmund says:

    That jess is a good looking dude

  2. p4p #1 casual mma fan/mcgregor army general says:

    Joanna constantly outstrikes her opponents like 4 to 1. No other FIGHTER does that period

  3. Scott Humphreys says:

    If you land 200 ‘significant strikes’ and don’t finish your opponent you aren’t that great of a striker and they obviously weren’t that significant. You wouldn’t see Bas Rutten or Conor McGregor or Anderson Silva do that.

  4. inYourFace says:

    Promoters and publicist. 4 billion dollars won’t be wasted

  5. Franklin Villeda says:

    ????✊?????????☝?️????????? the best female fighter ?????✨have ever have respect true champ .

  6. mickeybombs01 says:

    Queen jedrzejczyk ?…real champion #1

  7. Tiger Yang says:

    Is it just me or has joanna put on some size as in she’s fatter than usual?

  8. Real Muthafuckin Ninja says:


  9. heartattackbacon says:

    She’s held on to her title longer than any other female in the UFC.

  10. Tommy Nguyen says:

    Joanna ran away from the fight all night. call yourself a champion. shame you Joanna . boring fight

  11. GOLD33N P says:

    Another boring fight, this is why man are way more entertaining to watch than this girl is a dominant champion and can’t even finish a fight

  12. Savage-American Imperialist says:

    Man, Joanna is the only female fighter that can actually throw legit combinations without the sloppiness. Look at all the female fighters currently fighting, super sloppy and no technique.

  13. Evan Lang says:

    nope she pussied out lost to Valentina 3 times and cut weight like McGregor

  14. Messenger MCExtra1 says:

    “And Still, Forever and Ever, Baby!” (in my Joanna Jedrzejczyk voice).

  15. SAM DUNBAR says:

    Gotta luv JJ 🙂
    Great job once again!!

  16. david lee says:

    And new UFC flyweight champion, first woman to be two world weight champion

  17. Marco Polo says:

    Why is that Polish girl fighting dudes.

  18. Sam Ride says:

    Joanna looks like the female Muhammed Ali of UFC.

  19. Mr.OneHitterQuitter says:

    That knot on her forehead looks crazy asf tho

  20. Kepexor says:

    Is it possible for a woman, or for that matter a human look like an actual neandrathal?

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