Joe Biden: I’m a Democrat and I love John McCain

Joe Biden: I’m a Democrat and I love John McCain

Former Vice President Joe Biden spoke at Sen. John McCain’s funeral service in Arizona, where he described the late senator as a “brother.”

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71 Responses

  1. Pattysspr says:

    Beautifully spoken, a life of service to the country he loved. Thanks you Joe Biden for your words.

  2. K Paterson says:

    Republican or Democrat, there is simply no comparison between this man and that creature in office now. How anyone can abide by Trumps inane, unbalanced, petulant, insecure and entitled mind is beyond belief. Blinded by his celebrity and crass mouth. Thinking he “gets you” , he couldn’t be further from working class Americans and he absolutely thinks his base are scum. He is an elite. He wouldn’t serve his country, yet ridiculed a man who had not only served his country but was a POW that could have been home and safe much earlier, he choose principle. Trump has no morals whatsoever or principles, if someone has an example of such I would welcome them. A man who’s third wife is pregnant with his 5 (6th) child and he’s sleeping with porn stars! Here is a man, a father, a public servant giving an eloquent, heart felt memorial. A real man. Not a celebrity who gets his kicks from insulting and lying while his fans eat it up. What warped people who could possibly admire such a horrid human being.

  3. Gypsy thehoneybee says:

    Vice President Biden what a beautiful eulogy for your friend Senator John McCain. If came straight from your heart, it showed. God is with you. xx

  4. Rochelle Pratt says:

    Mr. Vice President ate at my mothers home, he told mother, it was the best DAM fried chicken he ever ate,   when I was a very young child,  I thank God and treasure his kindness,  God bless you Vice President Joe Biden,  Rest Mr. McCain in Gods arms unit we meet again.  Hugs and kisses for the family xoxo

  5. Sass Squash says:

    I just realized that when McCain said he didn’t want Trump to attend, it may not have been to make a statement. Maybe MeCain knew that if Trump even tried to eulogize him, he’d make it about himself. At the worst possible time, distracting people from their mourning. “Honoring other people” is something Trump just can’t do.

  6. Gabriel Vazquez says:

    I’ve been left speechless by the eloquence of this Eulogy. The Humility, the respect, the authenticity in which the former Vice President. Now that’s the stuff leaders should be made of.
    May your soul have found peace heaven, Mr. McCain. Thank you for everything you did for this country.

  7. Meka Okochi says:

    A beautiful eulogy filled with warmth, love and humanity. Thank you Mr. Biden. Rest in Peace Senator McCain.

    • Nancy Godsey says:

      DB Cooper, The words you speak here, in this forum, go on your permanent record. Karma is coming for you. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow. Someone you care about, or maybe you, yourself, will reap what you sow.

    • Toob247 Toob247 says:

      Nancy Godsey what about mckeen’s Karmin Look what happened you know the guy actually said don’t tell me what’s going on with Syrian opposition forces because I meet with their leaders there are photos of him meeting with their leaders Syrian opposition forces is another name for terrorist okay just looking to all the reasons why McCain sucks his politics have been horrible he’s kept poww records withheld he’s voted for all kinds of crazy stuff just look into it why pows hate him and there’s so much more

    • storm trooper says:

      DB Cooper don’t be an asshole dude!

    • storm trooper says:

      Toob247 Toob247 just wondering,why you are so ignorant?

  8. Ade S says:

    Powerful words delivered with true compassion by an American statesman, for a humble, selfless, hero. Truly moving.

  9. Radu G says:

    John McCain was the good in America. trump – everything that’s wrong with America. Thank you John McCain.

  10. Sharon Sylvie says:

    Joe Biden is so real what a wonderful tribute to Senator McCain!👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  11. Donna Johnson says:

    I felt the love that I didn’t feel with Lindsey Graham’s tribute. That eulogy had me crying and realizing this country doesn’t have to be in the shape we’re in today. Democrats and Republicans can and some are, on the same side working together. Rest in peace John McCain and bless you Joe Biden for showing us a look into what it used to be. I think John McCain would say, Joe Biden 2020.

  12. Carlotta Vigna says:

    Joe Biden spoke with such eloquence and intelligence and humility that when he was through, I actually believed, once again, in hope for America. As soon as the disgraceful fool that is in residence in the WH right now leaves, his stink might endure, but the honorable citizens of this country will mobilize and begin to heal. At least I hope so. And with men like Joe Biden and Barack Obama still around, we can all look toward a brighter horizon. God bless us all.

    • Imforthewhales says:

      People have hope now that they have never had before thanks to Trump. He is the President of the people, not the President of the Deep State old boys club.

    • Michele Maldonado says:

      Imforthewhales Hope?! Are you insane? Or are you a treasonous scumbag like the filth who inhabits the White House? Trump and his followers love Putin more than United States. This country is a mess! Decided more than EVER. If you not a selfish hypocrite, you must be a Russian hacker. YouTube is loaded with these trolls

    • Michele Maldonado says:

      Terry Lunsford Either a Russian troll or uneducated white trash

    • firebearfl says:

      No he isn’t drunk, just one in the Trump base Who is filled to the brim with propaganda, and continues to believe the lies.

    • Michele Maldonado says:

      firebearfl EXACTLY!!

  13. Bob Francis says:

    Biden would make a true leader. A man not afraid to show his emotions not afraid to be himself… well spoke… It is so hard to find anyway in which Biden isn’t a real leader
    Thank you for your service John McCain and thank you Biden got truly representing who he was

  14. 4U Satch says:

    This man was a loyal patriot and public servant to his country, I didn’t agree with him on many issues. But no-one can say he did not do this country a great service. Let us all take a moment to Salute McCain. This country will remember your duty and service Mr. McCain, you were a truly loyal American who put Country over party, God Bless you, and may you rest in peace senator.

  15. Steve Braich says:

    Watching Biden speak reminds us of a golden age of bipartisanship that seems long gone. This is the old guard laying a soldier, statesman, and hero of a bygone era, to rest. We have replaced bipartisanship with polarization, patriotism with hate and bigotry; genuine character with pettiness; integrity with cowardice; heroism, duty, and valor with shame, scandal, and even in some cases, treason.

    Those that scorned and belittled John McCain… they are quiet now. They can’t stand to be in the light right now. I SAY STAND UP!!!

    Don’t hide now, STAND UP!!!
    Stand up and spew your hatred, your bigotry, your racism, lies and bullshit rhetoric.

    STAND UP!!! You cowards. Speak!!! Let’s hear it!!! You have no honor. You have no decency! You have no respect.

    Why don’t you STAND UP??? You can’t? Go then and LEAVE US!!! Go and scurry like rats back into the shadows and dark corners and fringes of society where you belong! Whisper your hatred and ignorance in anonymity and shame, just like you did when such rhetoric was considered unspeakable. Put your trumpets away and go back to where you belong. Go! Go back and join your comrades who put their hoods on and burn crosses in the darkness of night.

    The flame of Senator John McCain’s humility, honor, duty, and patriotism burned brightly but sadly has burned out.

  16. Mesha Yasar says:

    This is the perfect picture of decency, respect,humanity. Despite your differences in political views you can also be human and spread happinesses. A huge lesson to learn trump!!!

    • MAGGOT VOMIT says:

      That’s why God killed John Son of CAIN = Father of ISIS

      THUMBS-DOWN to Trump = Brain Tumor……Libtardism Cure = Yellowstone Eruption

  17. Jeff C says:

    Trump sounds like a moronic clown next to Biden. Trump knows deep down that he is incredibly flawed and has zero integrity. I would not want to live in that head.

  18. Swnsasy _ says:

    This made you feel like you knew him personally.. So beautiful.. Respect to McCain and the man he was…

  19. Jay kahlon says:

    This is how real Men talk with respect and dignity 🙏🏻💪💯

  20. Yve LA BELLA says:

    Beautiful eulogy. I cried 😥😥. This is the AMERICA that I know. Respecting our differences whether it be political, religious beliefs, and so forth. Vice President, Joe Biden, honors his friend and brother, Senator John McCain. No division there. Just respect, integrity, friendship and brotherly love. WE need to restore this UNITY back to our COUNTRY. Senator McCain, rest in paradise and thank you for your outstanding leadership and service to our Country. 🙏🌹🙏
    PS. Vice President Joe Biden, please run for President. WE need you!!

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