Joe Biden Speaks With Meghan McCain About His Late Son Beau’s Battle With Cancer | The View

Joe Biden Speaks With Meghan McCain About His Late Son Beau’s Battle With Cancer | The View

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86 Responses

  1. Lucas Gray says:

    Such a great guy! ❤️

    • Miss Miami says:

      He loves to pinch little girls nipples on camera in front of their families. What a great guy! Deserves a punch in the face.

  2. edιтн andrade says:

    Hopefully McCain will pull through.. ❤

    • vertabrate1 says:

      sadly unlikely. giliobalstoma actually has seen very little improvement over the years because again it is brain cancer.

    • Chemicalkinetics says:

      +April Forth This is a tough cancer. I just hope John McCain can go out as painless as possible. John is a great man, but this is not a regular cancer. The cancer will eat you inside out. Read “Glioblastoma”. It can be painful….

    • ernest747 says:

      ha, that’s so funny

  3. Meme Cakes says:

    God bless you Jo, I don’t like you Megan but God be with you in this difficult time, your pain is real.

  4. Leonaza7 says:

    I love Joe Biden. His visit to the View is always phenomenal! He’s definitely been through so much and it just touches your heart on how passionate he spoke about his son.

  5. Trey Young says:

    I have a lot of issues with Meghan. But I seriously hope that her father gets better. I don’t like seeing people in pain, but seeing her breakdown like that really soften my stance on her. Hope he gets better!

  6. Kim Turner says:

    I LOOOOOVE Joe Biden!

    • MrVidaeverdade says:

      There you go again, Gerard. You keep posting this video from Paul Joseph Watson, the right wing extremist. Do you think people here are going to be moved by the rantings of a white nationalist propagandist who works for conspiracy theorist ALEX JONES?

    • Krito2the Greatest says:

      Kim Turner look up creepy Joe biden on YouTube then tell me he’s a good guy. This skit is set up

  7. JJ Carbery says:

    Omg this was so emotional. My heart goes out to joe and Megan

  8. Precious Williams says:

    My heart truly broke for Meghan 😢😢😢 I have such admiration and respect for Vice President Joe Biden!!

  9. RobynSirene Skincare4u says:

    This man Joe Bidden is AWESOME AWESOME

  10. KC Nwokoye says:

    I love this man, such a joy and light

    • ii gogi says:

      he is pedo

    • Chad, Don says:

      KC Nwokoye Disqualify him for what? It depends on the question. It disqualifies him as a potential answer to the major problems plaguing society.

      I don’t mean disrespect with this, but that sentiment is pointless. If we all have something, why even mention it? The important part is what are those flaws. Biden and Stalin both have flaws, but one is demonstrably worse. It very much matters what the flaw is so stating that we all have them serves no real purpose.

    • Indomitable Spirit says:

      So good to see compassion and tact in power. been a long year of ____________ so many words to write good news in 2020 he is in and turnip is fired LOl

  11. Elizabeth B SoCal says:

    Such a generous person. He genuinely tried to comfort her.

  12. Megan Woodard says:

    How can someone be that sweet? A minute in and i’m crying like a baby!!!

  13. RobbyTheSinger19 says:

    Look how he got up and moved to Meghan!! I LOVE JOE!!!!!

  14. Carley T says:

    Joe Biden is a beautiful unicorn😭😭😭

  15. Human Friendly Languages says:

    How incredibly kind for him to sit next to her and hold her hand. So human… we need more wonderful examples like this, people coming together to face the real horrible challenges in life like cancer. #unite

  16. Jade Perrin says:

    Not a fan of Meghan, but I’m also not a fan of people not having empathy or sympathy with anyone who’s going through a rough time.

    • Ahmed Abdulrashid says:

      I hate people who wish ill upon other people just because they disagree with them politically.

    • Hnub Yaj says:

      You just explained most Republicans.

    • Michael Woods says:

      I’m not a fan of you, but your backhanded compassion is better than nothing.

    • MrVidaeverdade says:

      Gerard, how many times are you going to post this video from Paul Joseph Watson, the Donald Trump apologist and far right-wing extremist who does nothing but churn out extremely biased videos against anyone who is not on the far right? The fact that you’re doing this tells me you’re very scared of Joe Biden.

  17. KempireRadio says:

    Not only is Joe a great VP, but he is also a great father. He immediately went into father mode for Meghan.

  18. Joyce Krall says:

    This is what’s lacking in the White House…there’s no way #45 could sit next to Meghan and console her and that interaction be perceived authentic and sincere.

  19. Byrd IsDaWord says:

    This man needs to run in 2020

  20. Lennon The Bunny says:

    You guys are so hard on Meghan but really she’s a very vulnerable, young girl who’s dealing with potentially losing her father. So she puts on a hard shell during the show. Remember theres always a person under the shield.

    • ROOKTABULA says:

      Lennon The Bunny She’s over 30, no girl, and defends a father who has done the indefensible.

    • Elaine Boo says:

      This really makes me sympathize and empathize with Meghan. She is going through a lot and trying to stay strong. I’ll remember to give her a break in the future.

    • MrVidaeverdade says:

      She delivers her opinions forcefully, vocally, and with conviction, just like her liberal colleagues. And as the only conservative there among all those voices all talking at the same time, she has to really assert herself.

    • Camara Rhodes says:

      slylockfox101 i disagree. i don’t think you can say that about conservatives. besides, liberals aren’t open minded to other people’s opinions who think differently than they do.

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