Joe Budden – Making A Murderer Pt. 1 (Audio)

Joe Budden – Making A Murderer Pt. 1 (Audio)

Official video by Joe Budden performing Making A Murderer Pt. 1 (Audio). 2016 Mood Muzik Entertainment / EMPIRE

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20 Responses

  1. biig2008 says:


  2. Dee Sosa says:

    This dude obviously a fan…like how you coming?? You felt offended by his
    lines on6 4PM in Calabasas and now you want to be a pussy and make a diss
    track towards Drake…. who is clearly paying no type attention to you
    foh…. Go back to Love and Hip Hop….don’t come for the great one Joe…

  3. frizza241 says:


  4. J.millz says:

    lmao jay z and this nigga destroyed lets see what his
    ghostwriters have to say

  5. RyanXRayne says:

    This is hard.. Drake fans can’t even find anything to hate on besides “he
    had no reason to diss him” and “the beat trash”.. That’s how u know this is
    fire .. And the beat definitely not trash and who cares if he had a reason
    or not to diss him.. This is great for hip hop.. I do think Drake will fire
    back with some hot shit.. This definitely not gona hurt Drake too much as
    good as it is

  6. Page Barrett says:

    Listen dudes gotta understand, Joey used 2 be ya favorite rappers favorite
    rapper. It’s proven. U can’t argue facts. This is an official diss record.
    Drake ain’t a slouch, but u can’t compare the 2. This isn’t Meek. Plus, u
    fuck around n 4 get SLAUGHTERHOUSE is just laying In the cut. Drake n Noone
    he knows fuckin with the house. Period. So stop riding drake nuts n get
    back 2 real 90s hip-hop n real bars on diss records.

  7. MegaBrickfilms101 says:

    Not a drake fan and this shit is fire but why???

  8. Eric Thomas says:

    This shit go hard cuz. I’m not a fan of Joe Budden nor Drake so I’m not
    being biased when I say this, Joe Burden BODIED Drake on this track. I
    doubt Drake will respond with a diss track. Drake can’t top this shit.
    Drake might as well just not respond

  9. kevin bailey says:

    joe killed tht shit, drake better not respond

  10. Jacob Davis says:

    my new favorite rapper

  11. IamQstorm says:

    and the beat is hard!!! BARS AND GOOD BEATS equals GOOD DISS TRACK

  12. 9hundred Live says:

    The lyrics in this song are very disrespectful.

  13. Mohammed Hidais says:

    I kill a gram without weighing a thing ……r.i.p , I can’t express how
    hard that line is my goodness

  14. mane100 says:

    bars bars and more bars joe budden a legend..fuck how much money each other
    got when it comes to a rap battle drake or meek wouldnt be a competition.

  15. MegaBrickz says:

    This was pure fire!

  16. David Cavanagh says:

    I really wanna hear a slaughterhouse drake diss

  17. Mook Dunson says:


  18. KrissCrossK says:


  19. Brandon Khan says:

    Not a drake dickrider but this is lame, this man Joe Budden is a hater and
    always hating on other rappers its sad

  20. Salahudeen Muhammad says:

    Budden has some of the dopest disses ever. from Game, G unit, ransom & Hov.
    . Vintage Joe right here!