Joe Burrow on Damar Hamlin, Thoughts on Bengals-Bills Rescheduling, Facing the Ravens and more

Joe Burrow on Damar Hamlin, Thoughts on Bengals-Bills Rescheduling, Facing the Ravens and more

Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow gives an update for the first time since Buffalo Bills Damar Hamlin collapsed on the field during Monday’s primetime game.

Burrow gives his thoughts on the outpouring of support from fans and players. He also comments on looking ahead to playing the Baltimore Ravens in Week 18.

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20 Responses

  1. Mark Champlin says:

    Nothing but respect for this team, this QB and the entire fan base in Cinci. Classy and amazing from top to bottom. It was the first time there was a “team” of 106 players!

  2. John Chedsey says:

    Impressive young man. He’s clearly navigating the fine line between pragmatism (ie: there will be a game this coming Sunday) and working through the emotional aspects of a traumatic event. He’s generally unflappable and despite this, he will process and work through his emotions in a healthy way, I suspect.

  3. dizzle fshizzle says:

    As being part of the Bill’s Mafia I can say he handled his questions professionally and answered every question everyone has. I appreciate the brotherhood of all the players and fans effected I pray for his family and that Hamlin pulls through with no side effects!

  4. & says:

    Bills fan here. Joe, Coach Taylor, the Bengals organization, fans, and the whole City have been incredibly classy and supportive. Total love and respect!

  5. Nyon Smith says:

    Times like these really put football and the NFL in perspective. Lots of respect for Burrow, Taylor and nothing but prayers and love for Hamlin and the entire Buffalo team.

  6. Dave Mcginnis says:

    Joe is everything you could hope for as a QB and as a person. Very impressed by the level of his thoughtfulness and his ability to express himself. He’s confident but yet humble. I hope the Bengals manage to keep him as a QB and continue to surround him with the kind of talent you need to be successful in this league.

  7. LK says:

    Joe is so young and so darn composed and humble. Hats off to the young man.

  8. Jetplane Hollywood says:

    Such an impossible situation for everybody. You’ve got 53 guys who are all processing it in their own way. Anybody who’s played sports knows how jarring it is to see or experience a terrible injury and how weird it is to take the field or court the next time or three. But this man died on the field. And make no mistake, Damar was for all intents and purposes dead, cardiac arrest is 100% fatal without IMMEDIATE medical attention

  9. Joe Pa says:

    Never thought I’d say this but the Bengals and their fans are a class act. If they end up in the big game I’ll be rooting for them.

  10. Francisco C says:

    As a Bills fan I’m definitely biased because I’m also a LSU fan, Joe is all class and a fantastic talent. Bengals fans are lucky to have him

    • Brian Gorham says:

      🦬🏈🐯❤️ and you’re lucky to have Josh Allen. Two great QBs destined to meet up over the next decade or more.

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