Joe Keery Didn’t Think He Would Make It Past Stranger Things Season 1 | The Tonight Show

Joe Keery Didn’t Think He Would Make It Past Stranger Things Season 1 | The Tonight Show

Joe Keery talks about how his sister encouraged him to start acting, working as a waiter before getting his Stranger Things big break and his band Djo’s album Decide.

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Joe Keery Didn’t Think He Would Make It Past Stranger Things Season 1 | The Tonight Show


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46 Responses

  1. kalifornia oconnor says:

    The whole cast of stranger things has to be the most likable, down to earth cast out there or of our generation. I love them all! The duffer brothers did amazing with casting ❤️

  2. Mary Kth says:

    Joe is literally the perfect Steve Harrington, he made me love steve more! Not to mention he can also play the guitar and sings, such a talented man.

  3. rossi milanova says:

    joe keery and and steve harrington are definitely the heart of stranger things. honestly some of the best character development in tv history.

    • innerbloom says:

      mike wont be happy about that

    • Ella Elliott says:

      Agreed. I feel like one of the reasons he was able to grow so much is because he wasn’t in a relationship so he was able to be more than just “the boyfriend”. I want Steve to be in a relationship but I don’t want him to lose all the character growth that he’s gained being single. He went from being a jerk to one of the most important characters

    • Justin Ray says:

      He’s cool but “best character development ever” ain’t it. There are shows that have developed characters much better than this one. Don’t get me wrong I love Stranger Things and it’s one of my favorites but it’s not a show that depends on character development like some others. Shows like Justified, Breaking Bad, and The Wire did it best

    • Milciades Rossi says:

      Dustin is the heart

    • 🇪🇸spanish boy says:

      @kiss Miss Robin was cool in season 3 but in season 4 she behaves weird

  4. SHOCKWAVE says:

    This dude is the most genuine guy I’ve seen in quite a minute. He does not come off a phony, disingenuous. He’s down to earth, humble, and a phenomenal actor. If any young ones need a role model, this is one of them. 👐🏽

    1. Never gotten this many likes before for just stating my opinion thanks! Lol.
    2. It’s absolutely true. He deserves the recognition he’s gotten.

  5. herb_rolls says:

    Someone has gotta give Joe some more roles! Him and David Harbour are extremely talented and dynamic but aren’t landing quality roles (Joe is super into indie stuff but it’s hard for those films to hit because of budget, time etc). Poor David keeps getting stuck with poorly written superheroes. Fingers crossed for these two talented guys!!

    • Hugh Jackman Roblox says:

      @22 (taylor’s version) bro wants attention 💀

    • Bridget Haines says:

      Joe was great in Free Guy which was a really fun and funny flick.

    • H4rtM.I.A says:

      @kiss Miss the reason fans call him best character is because the majority of those fans are teenage girls who have a weird obsession with joe and his character, it has absolutely nothing to do with him actually being a good character.

    • kiss Miss says:

      @H4rtM.I.A Sure Dude, My favourite character is Will . But Joe has shown great range of Acting in throughout the seasons. No wonder Critics and majority fans call him Best character.

  6. libby says:

    joe keery is such a multidimensional person & i love that about him. the way there’s so much more to him than just being steve harrington. the roles he has taken on have their own way to capture my attention. he’s talented beyond the field of acting because he can also play music. his musical side is something we don’t talk about enough. i can’t wait to see more sides to joseph david keery because he’s a humorous human, an alternative actor, & a magical musician. this man is the love of my life. i’m so glad he stayed on the show. he better make it til the end!

  7. Madison Harvey says:

    When joe does interviews, he is rarely if ever asked about his music career. I knew that Jimmy would ask, but the moment I heard him ask, I got all excited for joe.

  8. mia says:

    I feel like a lot of actors these days come off as so entitled and sick with superiority complex but he’s such a real genuine humble guy. And he oozes charisma. The Duffers struck gold with him

  9. Nahir Luam Acevedo Gomez says:

    Imagine if Joe and Maya make a music together, it’s going to be awesome

  10. It's me hehehe says:

    Love them both so much. His performance in the whole series is incredible and Jimmy Fallon is always so fun to watch 🙂

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