Joe on Conor McGregor’s Leg Break

Joe on Conor McGregor’s Leg Break

Taken from JRE #1683 w/Andrew Huberman:

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55 Responses

  1. Bob Loblaw says:

    The shin was compromised at the ceremonial weigh in when Conor kicked Dana White by accident

  2. Stranger In the Alps says:

    “They massacred my boy”

    -Dana Corleone

  3. Droconiann says:

    Connor sat there like the knight in Monty Python. “ILL BITE YER HEAD OFF! TIS IS JUST A FLESH WOUND!”

  4. william West says:

    Dustins thigh smelled like alcohol and cigarettes: Dominick Mcleggor

  5. ivan sivic says:

    ’Your wife is in me dm’s’’ – Sun Tzu

  6. Jokerz Gallery says:

    If Conor had a fracture before going into the fight, and his game plan still included leg kicks, his coach is a moron.

  7. Guess Who says:

    Connor: there was no check!
    Dustin charity foundation: yes, we are aware of that.

  8. Yulia Ko says:

    Next fight Dustin has to break his right leg to keep the mystery going.

  9. TEE Sizzle says:

    “Needs some calcium son”- Joe Rogan

  10. no please says:

    We thought he could have broken his leg in training camp,,,so we thought that a heavy leg kicking strategy would be a good idea.
    That story is complete horse crap.

    • Spring Bloom says:

      @Midget Poney

      He didn’t break his ankle in training. He may have fractured his fibula in training and the checked kick up by the knee, completed the break. Like 99.9% of ankle breaks are the result of a fibula fracture. The ankle is the most robust structure in the body; think about it. However, all the muscles and tendons are attached to the fibula, which is fragile, but protected by being buried in soft tissue. Trauma to the outside upper calf can damage it. If you tighten your calf and feel just below the knee, you can feel where it attaches. Thats where the kick was checked and you can see his leg ripple like jello, as the muscles pop loose.

    • Gordon Rex says:

      Great point

    • Cathaoir O'Doherty says:

      @Midget Poney especially going from boxing heavy training camps, to leg kick heavy. Say what you want about McGregor he always makes it to a fight regardless of what injuries he has, so I don’t doubt he could have got an injury in camp.

    • Midget Poney says:

      @Lorenzo Paul Either he comes in as a boxer despite the training camp not being focused on that, and risks losing without a valid excuse. Either he pulls out wich Conor never does.
      Or he fights kick heavy, and worst case scenario something breaks and he has a good excuse for losing so his career isn’t completely over.

    • sour diesel says:


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