Joe Rogan Experience #1330 – Bernie Sanders

Joe Rogan Experience #1330 – Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders is a 2020 Presidential Candidate of the Democratic Party and is currently serving as the U.S. Senator of Vermont.

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73 Responses

  1. J anaya says:

    well after this video, i think im a bernie supporter

  2. Denver Donate says:

    This is the best and most meaningful interview I’ve ever heard here. This is what the media should be doing. Awesome job Joe. I can’t believe he mentioned life expectancy, IT’S TRUE! The United States is ranked #42 in the world for life expectancy and we’re continuing to drop EVEN LOWER. People in West Virginia live a decade shorter than other states. Your health is your wealth and the most valuable thing you will ever own. Japan is #1 for longest lived people on average.

    • Dan Russo says:

      Denver Donate The biggest reason for declining life expectancy numbers are the large numbers of opioid deaths and suicides occurring in states like WV, PA, Michigan etc.

    • Jim Roger Johansen says:

      @Kerosun i stopped taking you seriously when you tried to assume “race” has anything to do with life expectancy.

      You know what they call people who assign traits to people solely based on race?

      Time for USA to get some results from those crazy high bills they pay for their healthcare…

    • mimixownzall says:

      @Jim Roger Johansen This is a prime example of a politician misusing stats to push their agenda. The problem isn’t healthcare. The problem is our gluttony when it comes to what and how much we eat. We have terrible eating habits and lead the world in obesity.

      You want to see how the government will run healthcare? Ask our vets. The worst facilities and the worst care for those we should provide the best for.

  3. Gavin James says:

    DNC will NEVER allow this man to win. That’s what’s wrong with the corporate financing of American politicians.

  4. mitch g says:

    His presidential agenda gave me goosebumps. I’ve never heard him speak for more than a minute or two at a time.

    This was amazing for him, and it was amazing for Joe.

    What a wonderful man. As long as he can stay healthy he can do amazing things for our country.

    Thank you so much for this episode. Everybody, share this video with everyone around you. The country deserves this conversation.

    • Your God says:

      mitch g Sanders has cowardly backed down to protesters and told his voters to vote for a political hack after getting screwed by the establishment. He’s a weak man with weak supporters. History speaks for itself.

    • mitch g says:

      @Your God strong does not equal competent. Hitler was a very strong leader. Is he more up your alley?

      A good leader has good ideas. A good leader is surrounded by good people. A good leader does not bully his opponents in order to get the upper hand. A good leader does not cater to corrupt systems in order to integrate themselves within it.

      Quit trolling and go do something productive with your time.

    • Your God says:

      mitch g woah so woke. Enjoy another Trump Presidency you loony left wing nutjob

    • Subversive Control says:

      That means you’re looking for a Messiah and not interviewing for a job. The president isn’t king of the US that’s how dictatorships get into power. Trump is actually doing a job not putting on a robe pretending to be Jesus.

  5. lolshatter says:

    Joe with every other guest: you wanna keep the mic about a fist from your face

    Joe with Bernie: let me fix that for you

  6. Ryan Jeanes says:

    In any other wealthy country he’s a centrist. Here? Oh my god socialism…….!!!

    • Stephen King says:

      @Charles Charlemagne incorrect, Europe is on the path to destruction because right wingers, funded by Bannon, are usurping our democracies with their simplistic narrative of nationalism and scapegoating immigrants, just like Trump. Bernie is a centrist, just like Corbyn in the UK. It’s the Overton window shifting so far to the right that makes them appear hard left.

    • Garrett Cooper says:

      @Lobotomy’s And Monopolies For one, the scandinavian countries don’t have the same population, in numbers or diversity. It’s not an apples to apples comparison. And two, liberty isn’t about happiness, it’s about freedom. It’s not the government’s role to make people happy. We have to do that ourselves. If you want a nanny state, charged with making you happy, good for you. Lucky for me, that’s not America.

    • Super Super says:

      Garrett Cooper lmao, liberty my ass. Individual liberty is just a zinger word used by government officials to make you feel like this country is something special while they tap your phone.

    • eightypuff01 says:

      To be honest. I’m from Sweden, and we have a social democratic prime minister and government. But I believe Bernie to be more left than our government based on things I’ve heard Bernie say. And I assume, here in Sweden I get the impression that a lot of people are surprised that an american politician is so far to the left.The “socialist Europe” is a bit hyped up by the left in the us I believe. In Sweden, the left had to give up and surrender to implement more free markets during the 80’s and 90’s. The expenses got to big and we had to privatize more of our schools and hospitals. Money litrrary ran out… This is happening again in Sweden because of immigration. Sweden is a shithole now. I remember when I was a kid in the 90’s my parents never bothered to even lock our doors when we went out for groceries and etc… Stay away from leftist ideas as much as you can. It doesn’t work when it comes to economics, we learned that during the 90’s. It doesn’t work when it comes to social policies, we’ve seen our country litrrary get destroyed in 20 years and it breaks my heart to admit that.

    • DEMWAYSNYC says:

      Charles Charlemagne Europe ranks better than us in everything

  7. liam janssens says:

    I think politicians severely underestimate the influence a podcast like this has compared to the traditional media mediums like tv shows.

  8. Polkadottedpanda225 says:

    I understand that some people disagree with this guy, but I don’t understand anyone hating him

  9. aclarkedesign says:

    It was a nice & relaxed interview in which Bernie got his message across. Nice Job!

  10. Mark & Danelle Johnson says:

    Every candidate should get one Joe Rogan interview, screw the debates.

    • White Mike says:

      Hell yea that way we can watch joe flip flop and agree with every canadate ..

    • Michael Finger says:

      @LC09 yep and people calculated all his proposals together and came up with a deficit as big as shown here:

    • LancesArmorStriking says:

      @Sexy Platypi
      That’s true, but in most cities it’s already adjusted closer to Bernie’s $15 figure- it won’t be nearly as bad as you suspect, at least not where most jobs are populated.
      Not to mention, if you have to rely on teenagers working for beer money, should you really be in business to begin with? Or the fact that larger companies have already put a large chunk of mom and pop shops out of business.

    • Haranobu Ugaki says:

      @Thomas Mattson Well once you pay the student loans, they’ll all get mortgages and want that paid for too, if they knowingly acquired debt they can fucking pay it off like everyone else. College shouldnt cost so much, thats the issue, maybe we could dial their debts and college costs back to a realistic level, but dropping the debt entirely is complete nonsense.

    • z09123kljasdf says:

      @Michael Finger Bernie’s ideas are basically Miss Universe level answers across the board. He sees a lot of problems, but virtually everything he proposes would either play wackamole or make things much, much worse in innumerable ways. He’s an utter lunatic and a giant gift to communist revolutionary types who just need the kind of chaos he’d bring to take more power.

  11. Jim Coder says:

    People thought Bernie was a lot more radical than he is. If you watch this, he just seems like what would be a normal slightly left of center politician, like FDR. Also, beware the ‘red scare’.

    • Thomas Ofthomas says:

      soccerbanton chomsky is wrong, its actually the opposite. Dems like Obama are now considered too center/ right for the “woke” dems

    • dubtat says:

      That’s because Rogan gave him softball questions. The fact is that he’s a democratic socialist and by definition wants to do away with capitalism.

    • Reggie Johnson says:

      Maybe bc they’ve watched all the other TONS of video footage of him saying wacky stuff….and not this one interview with kowtow rogan.

    • Pepe Meme says:

      FDR was slightly left of center? LMFAOOOOO

  12. Christine McCluskey says:

    Fascinating. Thanks for this, Joe. My thoughts on most things lean very conservative but I’m always curious about what other people might say. A calm, rational discussion with Bernie Sanders was informative and helpful for me.

  13. 5feetgoaround fullflapsC150 says:

    YOu pay.. One billion dollars for every flymsy, not really stealth, B1Bomber.. That is why you cannot have Universal Healthcare.

  14. Pre Mortem Show says:

    Please bring on Noam Chomsky before it’s too late.

  15. Awkward Dawn says:

    This comment section is for the most part shockingly refreshing

  16. jewelryby NaLa says:

    What a fantastic interview. Thank you, Joe. You were more unbiased and fair to Bernie than MSM has been since 2015.

  17. Jimbo Dogtown says:

    I’ve always wrote Bernie off and thought his ideas were ridiculous and that he was too far left, but after listening to this he makes great points and gave actual solutions to problems that many politicians dance around

    • jake says:

      kudos for giving this podcast the time of day and hearing the old man out

    • Rome 2Hi says:

      Jimbo Dogtown so you made assumptions and only now do you leasten to a politicians Policy breakdown rather then a Main stream New outlets Personality breakdown and critiec of ones 10 most recent tweets

  18. Jack Mehoff says:

    Definitely not a Bernie guy or even a Democrat but this is a good interview. He’s way more logical than the media makes him out to be.

  19. Schmidt Forge says:

    I have NEVER been a Bernie supporter. Until today. Wow

    • Erikah McTavish says:

      Welcome to the family! ? its a movement. It’s about individuals rising up and taking our country back from the moneyed interests and oligarchs.

  20. David Moore says:

    I don’t agree with all of his policies, but convinced of his love for our country.

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