Joe Rogan Experience #1480 – Kevin Hart

Joe Rogan Experience #1480 – Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart is a comedian, actor and producer. His new audiobook “The Decision: Overcoming Today’s BS for Tomorrow’s Success” is available now on Audible.

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57 Responses

  1. Roxy Reyes says:

    I really am proud of Joe I know I’m no one to him but Just seeing his growth throughout the years is fascinating. Love you very much and ty for all the content you provide.💓💓

  2. Mjd Ilast says:

    I’m two minutes in and I’m already motivated…. we need more people like Kevin Hart. More positive people in this world especially during this difficult times

  3. Jan-Olof Härnvall says:

    Kevin ” level 4000 dungeon master” Hart.

  4. Zero. One says:

    Kevin Hart looks like he ran into a boss fight level in the thumbnail 😂


    When Kev said “im on plant based diet and like beyond meat products”
    Me: oh shit here we go….

    • Liam Turner-Beauchamp says:

      It’s the truth though man haha I had one yesterday and was happy that I have the option still because I don’t eat meat but I mean it when I say I still felt like I ate fast food because that’s what it is, even while it is a plant based product

    • lean. says:

      @Baylen Miller shut up before Joe lets out that carnivore fart on ya face

    • GenericName says:

      @Baylen Miller didn’t you hear Kevin. Joe is extremely knowledgeable about those subjects – and that’s simply a fact.. so you’re going to sit here and fucking get insulted and upset on someone else’s behalf and attack someone who has been feeding you a steady course of incredibly valuable information- for what ?

      self-gratitude ?

    • J D says:

      GenericName joe is full of shit mate lol thinks he knows everything, is completely up himself talks down to most his guests, definitely a high red meat consumer that’s why he dissing that beyond meat product, I looked it up, it’s not in Australia I think but it doesn’t look as bad as joe said

    • Death Star Resident says:

      PRETTYMOTHEFUCKERR Joe is open minded except in case of Marijuana, meat and religion. But we all have certain dogmatic beliefs.

  6. Asante says:

    Kevin Hart: “There is no right or wrong”
    Joe: “Right”

  7. jensen says:

    I’m grateful for this episode. I’m gonna take this with me and keep working to be a successful musician! Sending good vibes to everyone, have a beautiful day 😁

  8. Stephen Hill says:

    Kevin: (Says something kinda deep)

    *Staring Joe in the eyes and pauses

    Kevin: (Repeats the same thing slower)

    Joe: Hmmmmm

  9. Idol Hands Jabronie says:

    Patrice O’Neal… “oh brother, where art thou?”

  10. Moi Carbajal says:

    We need Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson next, Joe.

  11. N P says:

    Everyone in awe – These are two comedians sitting across each other – talking the most sensible stuff you can hear on Youtube.

    • Red SnOrLaX says:

      @RAGNAR77 Joe’s standup is hilarious lol your wrong here hes been doing comedy since the 80s and still killing it

    • RAGNAR77 says:

      @Red SnOrLaX all comes down to taste and sense of humour I suppose pal..just doesn’t do it for me. Same with uncle joey..can listen to him just tell tales for hours but stand up, nah.

    • G Mills says:

      Kev sounds like he’s reading each day off of a motivational calendar back to back lol.

    • Sean Allan says:

      Yeah he talks about that a lot on this podcast, how comedians natural tendency to observe gives them an interesting life perspective. It seems like the comedians that lose quality in their act are the outcome of too much success/demand that leaves them no time to observe.

    • andykruth says:

      Kevin really struggles with NOT talking about himself in third person

  12. Tosh says:

    Anyone else think K Hart is a “beyond meat” investor?

  13. Cody Chloroform says:

    Oh look! YouTube is allowing Joe to trend again, after stopping his Elon Musk interview that got 5.5 million veiws in hours. No wonder he’s leaving CommieTube.

  14. Prateek Kumar says:

    56:37: “You appreciate that sunshine because you have been in the pouring rain.” 🔥 What a depth in that sentence.

  15. Daniel Mottershead says:

    “People learn from their mistakes, smart people learn from others.” something my Grandad used to say always stuck with me.

  16. Luwop Q says:

    Kevin Hart saying “pause” on JRE is legendary

  17. N Macri says:

    so he gets the Spotify deal and now YouTube decides to put this on TRENDING lol…..

  18. Patrick Fritsch says:

    I can actually stand Kevin when’s he’s not in character.

  19. VideoManSir says:

    I tuned in for a 2 hours laugh session, I tuned out after 2 hours with a reality check.

  20. lean. says:

    Man, Joe was choking up and shedding a tear at the end when Kevin was appreciating Joe and his podcast. Must’ve meant a lot to him. Hard work does pay off, kids. Pays a 100 mil to be accurate.

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