Joe Rogan | Mexico Cartel Power Goes Beyond Drugs w/Ed Calderon

Joe Rogan | Mexico Cartel Power Goes Beyond Drugs w/Ed Calderon

Taken from JRE #1302 w/Ed Calderon:

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94 Responses

  1. Code _V_83 says:

    Joe “if you were the king of the world” Rogan

  2. tmoney says:

    ISIS, cartels, best of friends with the CIA

    • neville Muhire says:

      Cyrus Jay Learn the damn word before starting to accuse people. And stop believing everything u are getting told. Its a selfish world, nobody really loves u to tell u the truth.

    • Cyrus Jay says:

      +neville Muhire Ive lived and worked all over the world, dingleberry.

    • Kitten Katt says:

      +Cyrus Jay – Are you CIA?

    • Cyrus Jay says:

      +Kitten Katt No, but blaming the CIA/Illuminati/Etc. is becoming a quick easy way for poor people, especially poor black people, to blame everything on some force they have no control over, rather then looking to the problems that exist within their own familes/culture/area.

    • Kasperx138 says:

      You know you got shit on lockdown when you can invent the idea of “conspiracy theory” in order to discredit the conspiracy that you would do such a thing as invent the phrase “conspiracy theory”.

  3. Shawn Green says:

    It’s ENTIRELY possible the cartel is smuggling raw elk meat and DMT into the US

  4. Anthony_Reviews says:

    This guy should direct the third Sicario movie.

    • wendel.f16 says:

      Not director, but definitely a consultor.

    • Dave Klonpenberg says:

      Judge Dredd Narcos is part English

    • Judge Dredd says:

      Dave Klonpenberg Oh so this imaginary movie wouldn’t also be part English? Oh I didn’t know the standards for this imaginary movie were already set my bad.

    • Youtube Geo Geo says:

      this guy lies about some shit he’s saying, typical Mexican tho. they love to lie, for the CHISME

    • Dave Klonpenberg says:

      Judge Dredd if you could use your fucking eyes and look at who I was addressing you would see I was talking about a movie that has already been released you absolute mongoloid. You are right it is your bad, it certainly is

  5. Easliy Displeased says:

    All I learned is that Ghost Recon Wildlands should of taken place in Mexico not Bolivia…

  6. tear728 says:

    1 out of 725 people in Tijuana are murdered… yikes.

    • Preston Sadler says:

      +Aaron Tucker you are a fucking moron. So you even own a gun? Know the laws? Private citizens cannot sell guns to non citizens. It’s illegal. So if that is happening it’s likely a liberal policy allowing it. Check your facts before spewing garbage.

    • Preston Sadler says:

      +Aaron Tucker your spouting bullshit. There are laws that prevent guns across the border. Weapons manufacturers are to blame on this. Don’t say guns are the problem. They are simply a tool. No gun can murder anyone without a person behind it with finger on the trigger. It’s bad people, not bad inanimate objects. Fucking idiot.

    • Andrew Boehmer says:

      +RKFCGSBGK Operation Fast and Furious allowed over 2,000 guns to be purchased and brought across the border to Mexico by affiliates of the drug cartels as a probe into where they were going. They ended up getting back about 700 of them. The rest are still there being used against civilians. I’d say that is a big part of the orchestration of the gun violence down there. The operation is well documented if you’d like to read on it.

    • tear728 says:

      +Beatsbykalvin yearly rate

    • Morg Ellon says:

      +tear728 1/350 is actually pretty fucking high. I didn’t realize it was that high. Yep, time to end the War on Drugs. It’s just criminalizing society, and making them more violent through prison. How many American tax payers have been killed by the people whose mental decay in prison they themselves funded?

  7. Otizzle God says:

    “The upside down, you know cause everything is upside down.” ?

  8. Where Is Waldo says:

    Everyone knows about the songs. We all watched Breaking Bad

  9. Phone Lg says:

    Planing a roadtrip to Guatemala. Let you guys know when i die

    • LegaZ says:

      Its kinda like a double whammy there buddy. I don’t know if you can write back to us when you’re dead, unless you write back as a cartel. Lol

    • alex gonzalez says:

      Phone Lg Mexico worse my g

    • cozIsezSo says:

      You dead yet?

    • N Wilt says:

      Don’t go adventuring off the paths at the ruins. My father’s friend went in the early 00s and said you could see some men with machine guns walking into the jungle around 100 yards away from his tour group.

    • Jcdriver says:

      Beautiful places in Mexico, specially on the south, to bad is so corrupt and dangerous
      I’m from Mexico
      And even I am afraid of going there

  10. Eddie V. says:

    It’s a shame he didn’t answer Rogan’s question. The answer is Central Banks. They handle the money for every one.

  11. Downhill says:

    I have a ton of respect for the good guys in Mexico trying to fight against all the corruption. They risk their lives and their family’s lives doing what is right, that takes a lot of guts.

    • Uri says:

      Culture is not food music and clothes guys. It’s your creed your morals and beliefs. Look at the Jews Indians Asians and Arabs. You’re telling me their culture of how to approach the day and maximize themselves isn’t working? Americas culture is just Alister Crowley’s do what tho wilt. A bunch of luciferianism.

    • Devin Stambolziovski says:

      Downhill need to send the marines in to wipe them all out. Marines and Mexican Army whooping ass while blaring Sabaton.

    • Andrew Luna says:

      Downhill The good guys are the ones fighting the drug cartels and sex traffickers.

    • Michael Clary says:

      Like this guy said earlier in podcast..”theres alot of good people down there willing to fight but theres alot more evil people willing to kill!”
      I learned alot from this podcast.

    • Morg Ellon says:

      +Paul Burke at least there’s one intelligent comment, so far. Still searching.

  12. byron jenkins says:

    [Takes DMT in Spanish]

  13. J Castro says:

    The corrido culture makes gangsta rap culture feel like child’s play.

    • Youtube Geo Geo says:


    • Existentialism Psychosis says:


      If youre so gangster what are you doing on the internet watching Joe Rogan videos? Shouldnt you be sucking dick for crack in the slums of NY.?
      Anyway, Im not from the U.S. I’m from Ciudad Juarez where they really chop you up and throw your body in the streets or leave your head in a crock pot outside your moms house. Its barely 930am and 5 people were already killed ?.
      Get it together you or your crack feen gang homies dont run shit. Youre lucky you live in NY in your safe neighborhood cuz if peoples dead bodies arent hanging from bridges with their intestines hanging then its safe and you cant say otherwise! Haha. But hey, I didnt come to be an internet gangster, i came to watch Joe Rogan videos and read funny comments.?
      Oh and one more thing, you say Mexicans are built like senior citizens lmao, you’re wrong. The fact is on every youtube video between blacks and Mexicans, the Mexican always wins. ???

    • Jessie Dahl says:

      fucking tell me about it. whats funny is that only young ppl and thugs listen to gangsta rap whereas corridos are very influential in mexican families. your mom, dad, uncle, grandpa listens to it

    • Green Crocidile says:

      +CokeBoiiMontana well corridos tend to be in spanish

    • Lyle Walker says:

      +Brian Alonso YNW Melly being a prime example.

  14. Fronando says:

    Who else has witnessed dirty cops in Mexico first hand? ?

    • Flying Spaghetti Monster says:

      Kasperx138 lol okay

    • Chevy Turk says:

      In Juarez when we used to cross over there to party in my HS days. Cops would detain you and let you go if you gave them money, or girls had to do “favors” for them. Back in 02-03, it’s always been bad there.

    • Francisco Reyes says:

      I’ve witnessed dirty cops in America.

    • Joshua Robinson says:

      In Rosarita south of Tijuana I bought a pipe off a dude at the local street market.. He asked if I needed any “jesca” as I was walking away and I told him nope I’m good. 2 federales approached me and my girl and fucked with us HARD even searched us.. Broke my New pipe and told us we either pay them or we would go to jail for trying to buy weed. All we did was buy a pipe and had nothing on us but we still got fucked with. Luckily my girls Dad was local there and was able to get us out of trouble. Who knows what could have happened if he wasn’t there tho. Shit was Rediculous.

    • ASKOPE Valle says:

      +Joshua Robinson we pulled out swisher cigars and before we unwrapped em a cop on a bike pulled up on us when it was an empty parking lot at night lmao… no idea where he came from but we had to pay him 20 to let us go or he’d put bags over our heads and have the dogs get us…. We paid him and left the parking lot. Next day cops were guiding us to strip clubs where it was basically a brothel… Cops were outside of it running it and took us to our own girls lmao

  15. Habbening Net News says:

    This guy knows more than he lets on, I think. He’s seen some shit. Cool guy.

    • Jesse L says:

      A lot of people have seen what he has seen. It just doesn’t get talked about and elaborated in the English language.

    • MyMusicSosa says:

      Everyone in Mexico has seen this shit and worse, it’s not weird, but also this dude talks about it in this dumb fantastical tone that no one should take seriously.

    • silence227B says:

      Its common knowledge in the “valley” (towns near the rio grand border). It just doesn’t get out by locals. its risky and they will kill anybody who makes a distasteful video or publishes cartel actvities on local newspapers. Any news that gets out is usually when they release a video or when they leave bodies on public places with a message. I remember around 2005 through 2007 some teens, a boy and a girl who had a YouTube account who just talked about their personal opinions on the cartel takeover, got killed and had their bodies on display. Next to their hanging bodies was a message saying some like they will go after anybody who disrespects them or something along those lines.

    • George Washington says:

      +silence227B I’m in the RIO GRANDE VALLEY yo! We Raza know whats up.

    • Rok says:

      Ye, most people would say “There were 3 people on death row, DEATH ROW, JOE!!” And he was like “Ye, they went to jail”…and when Joe finds out, he just smiles 😉

  16. Dr. SlapAHoe says:

    “Mexico is the United State’s testing Playground” – Steven Greer

  17. Joseph Shipman says:

    Joe “legalizing DMT will stop the cartels” Rogan

  18. Jesse Carreon says:

    Joe: so just how bad are these cartels?
    Ed: you gotta read Annies book man

    • Adam Mckenzie says:

      It’s all from “THE SOURCE” he’s a professional lier who told me all the truths he knows!!! Came clean with 100% facts and ya just gotta read it. No point me talking these things out in a podcast made for talking ya better if sitting in silence reading the book while the podcast records really…. ?‍♂️?‍♂️??

    • Robdee999 says:

      This comment is funny as hell sir.

    • When trash talk Goes wrong says:


    • SàiGònMan says:

      With Annie’s voice and demeanour I’m sure she was able to interview lots of their top guys.

  19. P i x a n e r says:

    Saludos desde Tijuana Joe !!! awesome talk with Ed.
    Beleive every word he said. Its all true

  20. herbsgotaZX says:

    Roe jogan: what if we got all the cartels to do DMT and end the violence

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