Joe Rogan Reacts to LA Shutdown, Latest Coronavirus News

Joe Rogan Reacts to LA Shutdown, Latest Coronavirus News

Taken from JRE #1445 w/Andy Stumpf:

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70 Responses

  1. Digital_83 says:

    To the ass-whipping gravel and a garden hose !! LOL 😂

    Seriously – show the best of you, Humanity !

  2. my jams says:

    8:32…. plain and simple 💯

  3. Roy Wescom says:

    Filed for unemployment beginning of the virus still haven’t heard anything from the gov about it, I wish the best of luck to everyone. Stay calm y’all, breathe!

    • Saymy Name says:

      Its your state bro. If you live in a large populated state with Democrats in charge, good fn luck. Btw….the POTUS has already addressed this and monetary relief will happen soon. Turn off msm if you haven’t already. Fake news, enemy of the people.

    • RetroHabit82 says:

      @John Heigl They told you that so a cashless society can go in effect.

    • Raytardo Dawise says:

      @messiah nails this is some global bulshit even third world countries are all in lockdown for a month lmao new world order doing some shady shit

    • Randy Watson says:

      scuttlebut is they will reassign non essential state employees to assist EDD or where needed.

    • Ben Blenkhorn says:

      @John Heigl aswell as atm and cash points

  4. Nicholas Schneider says:

    We could easily get this and accidentally kill our parents. That’s the scary thing.

    • Benedict Donald says:

      @Tyler Johnson ignorant to be thinking the cases of today represent the actual case numbers around you. You need to plan 2 weeks ahead of time fighting this virus or it will never stop spreading. I hope that you remember this comment you have written and reflect upon it, because you without a doubt will eat your own words by the end of the first week of May

    • Tom Wilson says:

      @Jan Richter BULLSHIT!

    • Ja-ja300 Bangsmoke_5 says:

      @Benedict Donald shut the fuck up nothing is gonna happen

    • Saymy Name says:

      @Jan Richter. First of all its a virus and not a disease. Second -there is treatments now its called Chloroquine. Third- research the average age of deaths in Italy and their underlying medical issues and Fourth – quit believing the fake news msm ( all owned by 6 giant corporations ) because thay dont give a crap about you and they have YOU right were they want you. G’day

    • Collin McRae says:

      This is true, but you could also easily tank the entire economy and face many more deaths and ruined lives than this virus will cause. We need to find that balance real fucking quick.

  5. Christian Laursen says:

    This mans attitude about asswiping is the attitude we need to have toward life in general.

  6. CD says:

    There seems to be no way to put Joe Rogan into a proper lockdown, his jiu-jitsu is just that good.

  7. Danny Phantom says:

    I live my life a quarter mile at a time

  8. Laura Martin says:

    Seattle, March 2020: Lectured my roommate days ago about how toilet paper is all around us if you just use some creative ingenuity :-}
    Be safe, world.

    • Hipoint says:

      Laura Martin or just head on over to Home Depot/ Lowe’s or go on Amazon and buy a bidet. They can range from $50 to around $200-300 for a really fancy one from Japan that has heated seats, water and air dryer for your bum. It’s relatively easy to install and if you have no handyman skills you can get a plumber to do it.

    • Adrian Marquez says:

      Thats why i stacked up on printer paper lol

  9. Ryan McBride says:

    Joe “my spin kick speaks for itself” rogan

  10. RELL TV says:

    Children: we have no more food!!!!
    Parents: it’s ok kids we have tissue everything’s ok

  11. CJ Jackson says:

    Joe “It’s so weird how the news gives you stories” Rogan

    • Visions Amongst Facades says:


    • Nik S says:

      He means how the news chooses to tell the story. In this case they focused on him going to Disney Land and really played on the heart.
      When the only relevant thing is that another person has died from covid.

    • Lets PlayTV says:

      It is really weird HOW they give the stories to the public. Here in Germany I haven’t seen any of the aggressive anchoring that a Jake Tapper displays or the five minute tribute to some old fire-fighter to make you cry between commercials for stores that are closed right now. For fucks sake, I watched Fox News for 3 Minutes the other day and they had a fucking priest on, talking about the spiritual problems such a crisis would cause. WTF. This doesn’t mean that our people are anymore sensible. These guys who can’t stay home for a day or two and who just ignore any of the risk and math happen everywhere except in South Korea. South Korea is the only civilized part left of the free world. The rest is decadent old money.

    • Yo Jimbo says:

      @Nik S I don’t follow his logic on that one. Him going to Disney matters because he could have either gotten in there or spread it there, meaning thousands of other people could have gotten it while at Disney as well.

  12. Samuel Whittaker says:

    “I’ve had days where I’ve started off with two socks, and ended up with one” had me in stitches. Reminded me how important it is to laugh during times like these. Keep your chin up, chaps!

  13. Juan Martinez says:

    Joe “preposterous” Rogan

  14. RJ D says:

    Your healthcare system being overloaded is what they are trying to avoid.

    • RetroHabit82 says:

      Big Pharma is controlling all of this.

    • Chris Jane says:

      @Meh Blah and theres 350 M just in the US, 8 B worldwide. In order for half a million people to die in this country by the end of 2020, 1/12 of the population needs to get infected at a 2% mortality rate amongst the infected. Worst case scenario everyone gets it and 2% of the global population dies. About 160 M dead 👍

    • Chris Jane says:

      @RetroHabit82 controlling, no. Profiteering, yes. They are only a small cog in this machine.

    • Daniel Ibanez says:

      This is the top comment

    • Collin McRae says:

      The thing is, to many people’s minds, avoiding a few months of death and chaotic hospitals, isn’t worth tanking the entire economy or their livelihoods. A broader picture than just flattening the curve, for those reasons, has to be accounted for or you risk doing more harm than good. Not a great analogy, but we could also stop millions of deaths by stopping all vehicular traffic, but the consequences of such action would not be worth it.

      To my mind, we only have a month of lockdown in us as a nation, at most, before everyone collectively says fuck it, let it roll.

  15. Awais Sohail says:

    Wheres eddie bravo at, we need to hear them conspiracies

  16. Miller says:

    Good dang nobody cares about we, what about me. i’ve been bullied my while life. Why would crisis bring good in people?

  17. Tamara Šagodić Chappell says:

    I’m from Croatia and we get information and instructions, every morning at 9am, from the head of epidemiological center and the minister of health.

  18. Nik S says:

    Lmao I to have cut the sleeves off my shirt many times. Mostly while hunting. You know when you wake up early and throw your poo schedule off. Never seems to hit when I’m close to the truck.

  19. KingJustice98 says:

    They need to force all companies to not charge late fees, or annual fees on anything for 2 months. That includes credit cards, mortgages, rent, car payments even gym memberships.

  20. Guru Datt says:

    11 million people die of hunger every year. 1 million of cancer, 400,000 of type 2 diabetes. So all this hype is for wtf?

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