Joel Embiid Knows How to Make Stephen Curry Go 0-for-10 from Three | 5 Minutes from Home

Joel Embiid Knows How to Make Stephen Curry Go 0-for-10 from Three | 5 Minutes from Home

Joel Embiid of the Philadelphia 76ers hops in a Lyft with Stephen Curry for a far-reaching conversation about Joel’s path to the NBA from Cameroon, finding a home in Philadelphia, and Joel’s secret to stopping Stephen on the court. At the end of the night, they end up at Ayesha’s restaurant, International Smoke, for an all-star meal.

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106 Responses

  1. GoldenState30 says:

    Stephen with the fresh cut ???

  2. Guled Yusuf says:

    Best point guard in the league and the best center in the league. Two inspirations ?????

  3. josh hann gwapitos says:

    The Perfect active line up:

    PG Curry
    SG Klay
    SF Durant
    PF Giannis
    C Embiid

  4. DownTown _Legend says:

    Imagine Joel and Curry on the same pick up game team…UNSTOPPABLE


  5. Dj West says:

    Swear i love these short films it gives insight into other players and people lives that we probably wouldn’t have seen

  6. Frank Murhonyi says:

    Steph can we get more nba players ? That would be nice

  7. Landen Worthington says:

    I’m Stephen Curry’s biggest fan

  8. Elton Kparkah says:

    I think steph curry is the most likeable player in the NBA maybe in history

  9. Linda Mitchell says:

    Steph is a great interviewer because he allows the person to speak.

  10. Tiffany says:

    I love how Steph looks at Ayesha, my favorite couple. God bless you guys!

  11. Carlito Nati says:

    Steph chillin with a potential NBA finals opponent. Steph the strategist….?

    • Alberto Escamilla says:

      CiabattaWavy _Tv as an okc fan I hope to see okc in the finals but a guy can dream I just hope the golden state “dynasty” ends soon I’m tired of all these bandwagon fans and tired of seeing golden state in the finals don’t get me wrong they’re a good team but I wanna see something different

    • CiabattaWavy _Tv says:

      Alberto Escamilla i think many teams are one player away from being able to do it i think okc need 1 player to beat then same as celtics and i think people will kill me for this lol but the Mavericks need 1 star to lead beat them

    • Ron Ron says:

      +Carlito Nati : TRUE

    • Rocky Davis says:

      +MIGGYME1 you must be a pacers fan lol

    • MIGGYME1 says:

      +Rocky Davis ????? Hmmm sixers and celtics will more than likely meet in the first round. Dont know where u got pacers from but good luck

  12. demond criss says:

    Didn’t know embiid was such a humble guy

  13. Kdouble0 says:

    Imagine being one of those lame ass duded who dissed him when he came over for the first time….dangggg…wonder where they at

  14. BritishMoralHQ says:

    klay get married and bang out a baby boy …
    we need next generation warriors on the pipe line…

  15. Shuggy says:

    I’m not a Golden State fan, far from it. But you’re not a fan of basketball if you don’t like Steph Curry. One of the greatest shooters ever

  16. fireball3241 says:

    Perfect examples right here when you’re 6’3 you gotta be ballin from the crib but at 7’0 you ain’t gotta do shit till you’re16 ?

    • FunkyDemonCat says:

      6’3 is taller than the average point guard, what r yall on about.

    • Noah Malonson says:

      There’s been plenty of 7 foot busts..

    • Samin Choudhury says:

      fireball3241 Embiid is one of the most talented big men of all time. So if he was balling since a baby he’d be arguably the best center ever

    • Alice Akyiaw says:

      +Jerry Huang i9 89 i9 i i9 i ii 8ji j9 9 9 9 j 89. I i 9 j 9 ok 89 9 i9 i 9 i iii9. J 8 j89 i. I i 9 i i8 89 9 i9 ii ji j 9 9 i 8i9 8i ii i i9 9 i8 i iiji9 iij9 8i j i9 i9 ji9 j9. J8. J i9 9 9 i89 j9. J. 8J 8i i 9 j I i ok i 8j9 n8i89. I j i ji8j 9 i i i ii9 9 9 ij ni i n i j jn nj i9 i ijiiij j j i9 9 ij i 9 9 9 9 9 j ij 8j iii ii8j j 9 9 i j 9 9 ij 8i9 ii9 j 89 j9 ini j. I9 iiini 8n9 ii8i8in i9 ni. 9 ii9 8i 8iini9 9 9 jj i8 ji8i9 i in n8 i i j 9j 89 i i 8j i 9j 88 9 i n. I j 9. 9. I i j i i. I i8i i9 9 i j9 ni 9 j. J ii9. J i j9 j i i. 9 i9. Ii9 i ij 8 j 99 ii 8i9 9 j 8j 9i i i i 8i9 j 9i9 ii 9. I89 9 9 i i9. J i9 8i9 9 nj9 i. 8 ji 8i ii i8 i 8j 8 i9 9 j 9 ii8i9 i j9. I9 j9 8i8i9 i ij 9 9 i i i j8i ji9 i 9 i n9 jij 8. J i 9 8n j i9. 9 ij j j i i i ij i9 8i i i 9 i i i j 9 j 9 9 9 ji9 hi j i 9 i 9 i j j9 9 ii in jiii I i ii i9 jnj 9 9 8 j 9 i9 9 9 j ij ij i8i9 i 9. I iij. 8J ok i j nj ii iij 9j 8ii i9. I. J. Ij 8 j9 j i8 ii8j i9 nij 8i i 9 i 8i9 ii. Ji iii 9 j9 8niij 9 9 ii. I i9 ijii9 ii9 9 j. J 8i i89 ii 9 9 iiii 8i i8i9 i i ij 9 9 ii9 i9 9 j 98j ji9 i i ij9. Ii jj9 ji j 9 j i9 ii 9 9 ii i9. Ni9 n8j 99 8jni8jnniniinniin

    • Isaiah Q Jones says:

      I mean nba average is 6’7

  17. Chigozie Ozor says:

    Curry would go on to score 41-6-4 on 10/18 3 point shooting
    Joel went for 26-5-20 and the W

  18. jayden dale says:

    I thought your new nickname was “Joel (Hulu has live sports) Embiid”??

  19. Golden F. says:

    It’s weird nobody actually commenting about Joel Embiid story, It was inspiring! such a superficial generation.

    • Alexander the great says:

      Golden F. Wow literally what i was thinking .You must have a great mind.

    • Jason Orozco says:

      Golden F. Well he had told this story a few years back so most people already know it bud ????‍♂️?‍♂️?‍♂️

    • Jason Orozco says:

      Alexander the great ^

    • MANDLA DLUDLU says:

      I am thinking the same thing, Embiid is such an inspiration his story is so inspirational no matter where you come from……

    • Golden F. says:

      +MANDLA DLUDLU lol I also starteplaying basketball when I was 15; I was actually short around 1.66 m but I was very fast and had great handles. by 17 I had the nickname of King of crossover. I really enjoyed myself, I learnt about crossovers from a guy who noticed I was fast and hand long legs. He took me to an Internet coffee cause there were no home network. you’d pay like 1 dollar for 30 minutes. He showed me videos of Iverson, so I’d always keep my school bus ticket and walk so I can save some money to go watch Iverson videos on YouTube. Some college recruiters came to my country Rwanda looking for young talents. Mostly they pick very tall kids and teach them the game (just like Embiid) but I was lucky enough to be picked while I was 5’10.. they gave me a scholarship and I played highschool and a lil bit in college but life works in mysterious ways I started having severe Asthma attacks during games and I had to stop playing. luckily I always loved math and drawing so I finished my architecture degree and now I’m back home living my best life lol

  20. iwantmoney10 says:

    Damn embid back story is very inspiring. Made me like him a lot more

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