Joel’s Spicy Streamer Tips (Vargskelethor Animated)

Joel’s Spicy Streamer Tips (Vargskelethor Animated)

A goblin man named Joel shares his vast knowledge about how to “correctly” and “epicly” grow your stream

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72 Responses

  1. Jude Kehres says:

    1:01 that was a really smooth car crash

    • Piemations says:

      @Andy Lau Blender has a feature called “Freestyle” where you can mark edges and it will render the line art automatically. (That’s why it’s a little messy if you really look at it.)

    • Christoph Horváth says:

      @Piemations We here at the Piemations YouTube channel not only push the boundaries of comedy, but also the coolness factor of each video, with high tech, nerdy, but really awsome solutions!

    • Andy Lau says:

      @Piemations so was the 3d model exported as a 3d outline in colour? Because I’ve watched another animator who had trouble exporting Maya models because they’d come out in outlines/solid colours

    • Mark Lim says:

      @Piemations I FUCKING KNEW INTO

    • Fawna FlyTrap says:

      Jude Kehres, a really smooth car crash? That sounds weird.

  2. ShameWing says:

    WHO else is in shock of how good 1:00 is animated!! that crap look 3d do!!

  3. Nachos Rule 69 says:

    Joel said ban so many times it doesn’t even sound like a word anymore.

  4. Just A Dio Who's A Hero For Fun says:

    Looks like Zeurel has some competition animating Joel clips now

  5. Chap man says:

    0:43 “That’s right you will do nothing and I will ban you!” This is a perfect guide!

  6. Mr.Pasta says:


  7. Just Some Guy without a Mustache says:

    He who wields the banhammer, controls the universe

  8. Piemations says:

    Hey yall. Hope you liked this little one! I’m trying to get at least one video out a month this year but missed last month because I was moving. Regardless, more is in the works! A new Mike & Zach short, some new originals, maybe a parody. We’ll see what happens. Stay tuned!!

  9. PsychoPanda9000 says:

    This is like how WingsOfRedemption moderates his twitch chat

  10. OwO says:

    Joel, the funny mushroom man shows us how to become a pro gamer streamer while using his 400 IQ big brain to go next level.

  11. Культас says:

    Oh, I get it, the joke is that’s what Twitch administration actually does to streamers

    • Daria Pustovoytova says:

      toxic sammy isn’t edgy we’re just his fans, he makes pretty great content

    • toxic sammy isn't edgy says:

      @Daria Pustovoytova I don’t have a problem with it or anything it’s just something I’ve noticed.

      Every other Russian account I’ve seen would leave a comment in English and immediately it’s just straight up Russian in the replies. I honestly just find it humorous.

    • Daria Pustovoytova says:

      toxic sammy isn’t edgy yeah I know, I don’t know why we love doing it 😅

    • toxic sammy isn't edgy says:

      @Daria Pustovoytova Lmao nice. Guess you guys just attract each other.


      A fellow Russian!

  12. ActualAnthonino says:

    The best part about all these animated Joel videos is that they give him the same Viking helmet.
    Its a small thing but adds so much.

  13. NeoParzival829 says:

    I imagine that Joel is a fun person to animate.

  14. StickMaster500 says:

    At least his method of banning people is more consistent and effective than Valve’s VAC System

  15. OP - OriginalPigeon says:

    So, this is where Yanderedev got his tactics.

  16. Dargum Comrade says:

    Shoulda had Jerma hold a sign that said “Y’know don’t say, sw-swears.”

  17. Calvin_Coolage says:

    I like the idea of Jerma being Joel’s manager.

  18. Pluck says:


    I like how Jerma is trying to coach Joel.

  19. Sr. Mondongo says:

    Jerma in the back being like “joel ffs”

  20. KamiJoJo says:

    Piemations X Joel

    Now that’s something you don’t see every day.

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