Joey Julius Drills Kent State on Kick Return

Joey Julius Drills Kent State on Kick Return

Penn State kicker Joey Julius throws a big tackle against Kent State to put an end to the kick return.

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12 Responses

  1. Tony Olson666 says:

    Good hit big toe. Best kicker in the nation

  2. wscbassbone says:

    like a beer keg with legs. got that momentum going and dropped the

  3. Senior Zolo says:

    Is it just me or is the guy actually kicking the ball not Julius but
    someone much thinner?

  4. RequiemForABuckeye says:

    fat fuck

  5. mountainman says:

    Dam what a hit. I wish he was Michigan’s kicker.

  6. Dat One White Boi says:

    Wait is that the kicker? ??

  7. dennis torrence says:

    Damn, that dude resembles a gun safe. Did a Bobby Boucher on the opponent,
    knocked him back 6+ feet.

  8. Weaux says:

    he is shaped like bobby from king of the hill

  9. RiverKayakExplorer says:

    exactly the reason why this big fuck is on the kick off team

  10. Double O. O. says:

    Fat kicker.

  11. krillhos says:

    lol, american athletes… Still fat.

  12. Brothers Entertainment says:

    good player.