Joey’s Identical Hand Twin – The Graham Norton Show

Joey’s Identical Hand Twin – The Graham Norton Show

Matt reels back the years and sings a couple of Joey classics from Friends.

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19 Responses

  1. Will Neill says:

    Graham Norton with that beard looks like he should have a gravelly Richard
    Harris voice on a street, busking, singing the blues

  2. Joshua Reyes says:

    Jon Snow really knows nothing….

  3. Gi Ma (Hey You App) says:

    Joey’s Identical Hand Twin – The Graham Norton Show

  4. W. Solis says:

    This dude go old tooo fast

  5. julio hernandez says:

    rebel is like get me the fuck outta here

  6. and ro says:

    Teach this woman how to clap her hands properly !

  7. Figen Aras says:

    Love you so much… Still cute 

  8. Kevin Finegan says:

    Joey Tribbiani. Need I say more?

  9. SigurdurLFC says:

    Wow! Matt LeBlanc really looks like Joey from friends ! Scary…

  10. Trevor philips says:

    he sounds so different

  11. philthestampede says:

    Matt is the shit, man.

  12. detectingwjesus says:

    What’s with the walrus ?

  13. Ming Chen says:

    We are growing so old. GOD. Why? Why do you do this to us?

  14. Stan says:

    I can’t stop smiling ☺ he’s a *LEGEND* 

  15. Lidi Silva says:

    Kit Harrington looks as petit as a daisy.

  16. seth hubbard says:

    Matt LeBlanc can never lose the title of Joey Tribiani, just as Tim Curry
    will always be DR. Frankenfurter….

  17. pookomoo says:

    There really is no excuse for being that fat. Why is she even allowed on
    this show? I don’t want to see someone that fat on TV tbh, it’s repulsive.

  18. claire baron says:

    i remember the hand twin loved joey in freinds. had so much warmth

  19. What Chef? says:

    She looks very uninterested in poor Matt. Come on, its Joey!