John Boyega Was Dumped Because of Star Wars | The Graham Norton Show

John Boyega Was Dumped Because of Star Wars | The Graham Norton Show

When she saw the billboard it all went downhill.

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20 Responses

  1. High Kicks Asian says:

    Who would dump this fine hunk of man?

  2. sik118 says:

    Amy Schumer looks so bloated its ?

  3. Kung Fu Kenny says:

    Young Denzel

  4. Sonny Etchell says:


  5. Football4dayzz says:

    I didn’t know whales were allowed on the couch

  6. Ibbe says:

    i wish i could look up in times square and say “that”

  7. ItzShdw says:

    guys do like funny girls but amy shumer isnt a funny girl

  8. Dominik Doherty says:

    I stopped watching when Amy Schumer started to talk.

  9. Floris Olthoff says:

    Already got annoyed at 0:12 by Amy Schumer…

  10. intotheoceanbloo says:

    I was having such a good time until that blonde potato started speaking.

  11. JuanMa Rodriguez says:

    “Are you my elf?” I’M DEAD LMAO

  12. Nymul Ahmed says:

    orlando bloom would know a thing or two about having his lightsaber out ??

  13. George says:

    She probably thought he was a traitor

  14. TheAndredal says:

    Amy Schumer looks like she ate another guest

  15. The Plastic Paddy says:

    Video ends at 1:51…. You’re welcome

  16. HaloViewer says:

    Guys do love a funny girl. But amy isn’t funny

  17. adam donlon says:

    could you call what she does “comedy”?

  18. Charlotte Low says:

    why does amy have so much hate? and women in general, I’ve never seen comments saying a guy celebrity is annoying/ not funny/ fat/ overrated etc… I mean if you don’t like the person stop watching them, what’s the point in joining the hate? you should use your energy in doing things you like instead

  19. The softest part of a woman's breast is? says:

    *What all the post down is about* ⬇
    1) Amy is fat ugly and not funny
    2) Goldie is now oldie/ a little out of it
    3) Boyega is funny/ next Denzel W.
    4) Orlando Bloom is hot/ only come out once every 4yrs

  20. WhiteValyria says:

    Probably should have just cut the video at 1:50… You’re not upstaging “are you my elf?”!

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