John Bradley Compares Kit Harington To The Mona Lisa – CONAN on TBS

John Bradley Compares Kit Harington To The Mona Lisa – CONAN on TBS

John thinks seeing Kit on-screen is nice enough, but it’s nothing compared to “the live experience.”

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20 Responses

  1. Eddie FIn says:


  2. fuck kd says:

    and here i am binging to catch up to season 7…

  3. Bloempjes says:

    Missandei, you’re my weakness.

  4. chapinero017 says:

    Winter is here…. No puppy dog is safe πŸ™

  5. Wh1sp3rs L0L says:

    Well, while girls have “girl crush”, we all here can agree that Kit is a boy crush

  6. Steven M. says:

    I am a straight male, but I think Kit is pretty.

  7. randomflashbacks says:

    I sense a new ship on the horizon.

  8. Boul Shyte says:

    Robb is still better

  9. John Quintanilla says:

    This recent episode=> ( . y . )+ πŸ”ͺπŸ†+πŸ‘…πŸ±=10/10

  10. Christian Joel Cabrera says:

    Wow, I’m surpised Theon’s still sitting there. I expected him to bail out again! SMH Theon!

  11. Nasser Feed says:

    I feel the same way over Lena Headey *the actress not the character LOL*

  12. beatlesloversprims says:

    Dude looks like fat Aaron Paul.

  13. Fokko Hindriks says:

    John Bradley is always a pleasure to listen to.

  14. intalent says:

    Where’s Ed Sheeran?

  15. SuccItNigga says:

    Winterfell is my city

  16. Akmal Mohd says:

    One thing Jon Bradley has that Kit doesn’t is comedic chops..This guy is naturally funny

  17. tdubb3 says:

    this dude’s funny

  18. Zemay says:

    John never fails to be hilarious

  19. wroney16 says:

    I would drink Nathalie Emmanuel’s bathwater

  20. pingz says:

    Here’s the puppy dogs 🐢🐢

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