John Cena discusses his shocking new role in “Sisters”

John Cena discusses his shocking new role in “Sisters”

John Cena talks about the insanity that ensues with the character he portrays in Tina Fey and Amy Poehler’s upcoming comedy, “Sisters.”

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20 Responses

  1. thatUnknownguybrand says:

    So John Cena goes Rock??

  2. MinimiMax says:

    Guys….. a drug dealer isn’t a heel. Remember that Jeff Hardy vs CM Punk
    feud? It was CM Punk, the one opposing drugs, that the crowd boo’d for
    saying that Jeff Hardy isn’t a good role model.

  3. Verburos says:

    Is that a real tatoo

  4. Connor Fleming says:

    this movie looks like it can be good, surely its not from WWE movies then

  5. Viktorija Morkūnaitė says:

    December 18 is my bithday

  6. Prince Edward says:

    What’s his name again?

  7. Jake Vlogs says:

    Love to see that film

  8. Usman Azam says:

    Trying to be black

  9. Iliya Shabani says:

    John Cena is turning heel! So I am turning to love reigns more !

  10. DaniHDGaming says:

    these tattoos better be fake!!!

  11. THE PERRETT SPUD says:

    fake tatooes and its a part of the movie

  12. Leo&Lewis's Gaming&Figure&Vlogs says:

    are your tatoos real

  13. RT8 says:


  14. Paul Unbekannt says:

    Is this a real tattoo?

  15. Hospital-Eren says:

    John Cena Dövmesiz DahA İyidin Aq AmınaKoyam :D

  16. WooW l MrWhaT says:

    Фильм новый? А Я РУССКИЙ!

  17. cody orr says:

    John is gay

  18. João Rui Lopes says:

    Is THIS HIM tatoos ?

  19. spaceye says:

    Who is champ?

  20. The Gaming Lion says:

    I honestly think lesnar only does wwe for the money