John Cena, Matthew McConaughey & Jamie Oliver Geek Out Over Wrestling | The Graham Norton Show

John Cena, Matthew McConaughey & Jamie Oliver Geek Out Over Wrestling | The Graham Norton Show

Matthew McConaughey hitting a wrestler with a bag of tomatoes sounds amazing.

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73 Responses

  1. I will offend you says:

    It’s still real to Matthew dammit!

  2. Handsome Jack says:

    John Cena looks like a 1940’s thug in the thumbnail.

  3. Miko Philo says:

    why is there no one seated next to mccaunahey?

  4. Rashid says:

    why’s there nobody sitting next to matthew mcconaughey?

  5. L O L says:

    Where tf is John Cena nice clickbait

  6. Suman Kumar says:

    At Nortan’s show people really tells great stories. You don’t see this kind of fun celebrities have on other talk show. My favorite.


    Jhon Cena looking like American dad

  8. Finn Barrett says:

    Such clickbait. He isn’t even there

  9. Powerspyin onegames says:

    I never knew Matthew McConaughey was a wrestling fan.

  10. Solone 3 says:

    I believe Matthew McCoughnahey can do all the finishers from all of the Texas wrestlers…

  11. PeperMint96 says:

    who allowed john cena to be hilarious what is this

  12. pccalcio says:

    John Cena knows about his own meme.

  13. The Marsl McFly says:

    You don’t have to love John Cena the wrestler, but you have to love John Cena the person! 😀

    • W0NK042 says:

      The sheer amount of work he has done with/for the Make A Wish Foundation is mind-blowing & you can hear the passion he has, for helping those kids, whenever he speaks about it. :’)

    • Davies Colgate says:

      He is a top bloke. I used to hate him until I saw his charity work, and he does loads.

    • magesticmaniacc says:

      The first time in the history of Saudi Arabia wrestlers came here for the event. I was thr all day. Before and the after the main event John was theee most popular guy with the kids. They love him. And he spent so much time with them. Literally every single one. Wonderful humble guy.

    • Zeeshan Shaikh says:

      Definitely man, He is wonderful person. ☺️

  14. Roland Schlösser says:

    They are all laughing and talking like there’s something next to McConaughey, I’m so confused.

  15. jade fire says:

    He is a genuinely nice person. My husband’s aunt was dying from lung disease, and her one wish was to meet John Cena. (She was a huge wrestling fan. ) , and he made it happen for her. He had her driven in a limo to his show, met her, gave her some of his wristbands and just treated her like a superstar.

  16. mohamed nabil says:

    Matthew McConaughey suddenly disappeared at 4:08 where did he go??!!

  17. Shadow Heart says:

    If McConaughey was any more comfortable he would slid off the couch. XD

  18. Lads says:

    The difference in posture between Cena and McConaughey ?

    Edit: McConaughey is absolutely ripped guys

  19. chris4072511 says:

    Other chat show hosts, please note how little Graham Norton speaks when he has a guest telling a story.

  20. Coolio121000 says:

    What a weird angle of McConaughey, him… and an empty chair?

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