John Cena will team with Kevin Owens to battle Roman Reigns and Sami Zayn!: SmackDown, Dec. 16, 2022

John Cena will team with Kevin Owens to battle Roman Reigns and Sami Zayn!: SmackDown, Dec. 16, 2022

Roman Reigns makes a match featuring himself and Sami Zayn taking on Kevin Owens, but his plan backfires when John Cena reveals he will be teaming with The Prizefighter. Catch WWE action on Peacock, WWE Network, FOX, USA Network, Sony India and more. #SmackDown
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31 Responses

  1. Anderson Blitz says:

    2022 has been the most craziest year in wrestling and having John Cena on the last Smackdown of the year is probably the most fitting way to end 2022! I’m so happy he is coming back

    • HUNTE says:

      @Joe Mama ???

    • Joe Mama says:

      “Most craziest” is redundant. Craziest means most crazy. Stop being ignorant.

    • Ashraf Alsaholy says:

      WWE Friday night SMACKDOWN TONIGHT? FOX AdMA PERCE John LAURiNAiltS WWE l LlVE TOMORROW FRIDAY WiFI Oklahoma l Have you can get together sometime this ll

    • HUNTE says:

      @David Ste Yes it’s sad that Vince left but ever since he did WWE has gotten so much more creative and entertaining, not saying it wasn’t entertaining when Vince was here but now it’s even better, it started at SummerSlam 2022 and that was an absolute spectacular event with the greatest Last Man Standing match of all time, Brock Lesnar vs Roman Reigns, and then we had Clash at the Castle which is incredible, Extreme Rules was so fun to watch, Crown Jewel had some classic matches and the Logan Paul match was insane, and then the most recent PPV was Survivor Series where we had the first ever non NXT War Games matches. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg!, What is there to hate? WWE is awesome these days

    • David Ste says:

      @HUNTE I’m hating on WWE since Vince’s decline. What’s it to ya?

  2. ⭕️Your Sex Partner says:

    Never been more excited for a Friday night than this. John’s delivery was amazing and very intriguing

  3. Bille says:

    John Cena is the perfect example of you’ll miss me when I am not here. The GOAT of our generation.

    • Allister Field says:

      ​@Assassin 1015 it makes sense with roman because roman has visually lost plenty of times, he doesnt kick out of everyones finisher and goes down for the visual 3 count many times, proving that he can be beat but gets saved by the bloodline, and the biggest obstacle to beating roman is actually getting rid of the bloodline first. whereas in cena’s case when he was the top guy, he kicked out of everything, never went down for a visual loss, and was portrayed as absolutely unbeatable and infallable. thats why ppl didnt like it. you know who else went through that ‘john cena hate’ phase? roman reigns when he was being portrayed as unbeatable and infallible. making unbeatable superstars is what people dont like. not that they hated john cena.
      Also just an outside fact to throw in, kevin owens has visually beaten roman reigns in every match theyve had in this bloodline era roman reigns.

    • Assassin 1015 says:

      @desfefe exactly and not to add as much as they hated it look at Roman same people who booed cena are cheering a man whos actually doing the same thing and on a grander scale no less so honestly to me thats kinda hypocritical 🤷 least cena earned his titles on and off the ring no less

    • desfefe says:

      @Assassin 1015
      People only hated him because they were tired of him always winning and being the best. The truth however was more along the lines that there really wasn’t anyone as good as him during his time as a face.

    • Assassin 1015 says:

      I grew up on stone cold and the rock but cena wasnt to long after and even when we got the cena sucks chants or when he was a heel as the doctor of thuganomics I told all the haters love him or hate him you still gotta respect him no one has shown more love for his fans then him dude legit made a world record for charity’s he has more heart then anyone and no one can deny that

    • harry lewis says:

      John Cena always steal the show

  4. Conor Cahill says:

    Make no mistake, Cena is an absolute master on the promo side. He practically reduced the Bloodline and Sami Zayn to stunned silence in a single shoot. Even the outspoken Paul Heyman, was lost for words.

  5. Alex DLC says:

    Cena dropping bars after bars right here 🔥

  6. Sabree Johnson says:

    Now, this is something I did not see coming, but I’ll take it. We all know John Cena will be here on Smackdown in 2 weeks to close out 2022, but I wasn’t expecting to see him revealed as KO’s partner against Roman and Sami. I so cannot wait for this. First time Cena and Roman will meet again since their Summerslam match last year.

    • Peter Sen Gupta says:

      wish they had kept it a secret til the very end tho, the pop would’ve blown the roof off the place

    • Charles Xavier says:

      MAYBE ON TV.He had a dark match this year he teamed with mysterios and fought bloodline.Cena and mysterios won.

    • Asterroth 87 says:

      @Meithing Lio its isnt next week dog its in 2 weeks where the tag team match between ownens and cena vs roman and samy happens so there wont be any title changes ^^

    • King Malice says:

      @Meithing Lio now how do you expect Cena to leave Smackdown as champion from winning a tag team match? He’s not gonna be winning a 17th world title period, much less on Smackdown during a tag team match 🤦‍♂️… If he goes after any titles it will be later in 2023 for the IC title because he never won it.

    • Ricky Walker says:

      What you mean we never see john coming we may hear him but definitely never see him

  7. Stone Cold Elvis Cat says:

    I never used to like John Cena back in the 2000’s because he was always that character that would come out on top no matter what. But now I appreciate him a lot. The guy is a workhorse and dedicated to the business. I can’t think of many other superstars that worked as hard as they did for so long at the top of the company. The pressure must’ve been unreal for him.

    • Richard Lovelace says:

      Yeah now Roman wins every match with assistance and people talk like he’s the best ever. Lol, Cena’s definitely the GOAT.

  8. Jay says:

    The fact that Cena keeps coming back even when he doesn’t have to because of everything he’s doing in Hollywood is something I room never take for granted. He has my respect for sure

  9. Yunglex313 says:

    I laughed at that Cenaclause joke way more than I should have. Glad to see John back.

  10. VonzoPlay says:

    Triple H trying his best to create good moments in WWE now, & Dammit I love it👍

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