John Cena’s Epic Response to Dwayne Johnson’s Threat

John Cena’s Epic Response to Dwayne Johnson’s Threat

John responds to the threat that Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson made toward him when he was on our show last night. John’s has an epic and very passionate message back.

Dwayne Johnson Wants Jimmy Kimmel to Deliver His Baby

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John Cena’s Epic Response to Dwayne Johnson’s Threat

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95 Responses

  1. ScarlettP says:

    Where is John?! I havent Cena thing

  2. ScarlettP says:

    “Your threat is you wanna clean my butt” lmfao John is hilarious 馃槀

  3. Richard Oliva says:

    Love it he never broke character through the whole fake rant!! Lol 馃ぃ馃榾馃槂馃榿

    • Jrdarknessking says:

      JETI Eli not always.. Keep in mind they gotta stay true to their character whenever they’re around people. That’s what they agreed to do, when they break it, it kinda ruins the act..

    • JETI Eli says:

      Jrdarknessking I agree but sometimes when they have interviews or go on podcasts, they completely break character, talk about the business etc

    • Jrdarknessking says:

      JETI Eli well usually on those podcasts they’re talking to fellow professional wrestlers and just being real. Just like how Edge, Christian, Stone Cold, Chris Jericho, etc.. have their own podcasts and talk to their friends

    • JETI Eli says:

      Jrdarknessking Yeah

    • coolskeleton 95 says:

      akkar yassine not just wwe all kind of wrestlers..Omega especially is great at it

  4. woodstar says:

    I wonder why Jimmy had no guest in this interview


    Who was talking in the whole video i can’t see him?

  6. Mustafa Khan says:

    Those dislikes from Dwayne Johnson…..

  7. Mustafa Khan says:

    Get ready for the following comments

    1: Who is Jimmy talking to?
    Why is the whole place empty etc.

    2: Get ready for the ‘Get ready for the u cant see him comments’ comments

  8. Timothy Slater says:

    Missed opportunity to call out the undertaker

  9. Dhyeya Vyas says:

    Should have called the rock

  10. Dhyeya Vyas says:

    Should have called the undertaker

  11. Melvin Joseph says:

    The Rock is a better actor, but have to admit- there’s no one quite like John Cena at improv.

  12. JayK47 says:

    I don’t care what people say , Cena is the bomb yo #SuperCenaFan

  13. yangster maivpajzeb says:

    Everyone knows your name is T HeRock, but you try to pronounce it weird lol

  14. Juan G says:

    All I can hear is Ferdinand the bull

  15. Matthew Cuevas says:

    Did John Cena just cut the greatest promo of all time? LOL

  16. Mohammad Cali says:

    This was a good wrestling promo. lol

    • Krugerlion Oz says:

      Mohammad Cali I

    • Anna Muller says:

      *I 袦袗STUR袙袗T袝 0N 袦Y 小H袗NN!袝L! R袗!T袝 VI!DE0!*

    • Anna Muller says:

      *I 袦袗STUR袙袗T袝 0N 袦Y 小H!袗NN袝L! R袗T!袝 VIDE0!!*

    • Anna Muller says:

      *I 袦袗STUR袙袗T袝 0N 袦Y 小H袗NN!袝L! R!袗T袝 VI!DE0!*

    • 袣褉懈褋褌懈薪邪 小褍褏邪薪芯胁邪 says:

      鉁斺湐鉁 *袦械in臈 s褋h枚n械n F芯t券s kannst du hier* :
      鉁斺湐鉁 [ ]
      馃挓馃挓馃挓馃挓馃挓馃挓 18+ 馃挓馃挓馃挓馃挓馃挓馃挓

      鉁斺湐鉁 *袦eine sch枚n械n F券tos k邪nnst du hi械r* :
      鉁斺湐鉁 [ ]
      馃挓馃挓馃挓馃挓馃挓馃挓 18+ 馃挓馃挓馃挓馃挓馃挓馃挓

  17. elzeus13 says:

    T-he Rock vs Joh-n Cen-a

  18. OxyElite says:

    Why is there no one in the thumbnail???

  19. Hunter says:

    i don’t understand!! who is Jimmy speaking to!?? There’s nobody sitting in front of him!! :O

  20. Aaqib Bashir says:

    1:20 That is his dialogue from the movie Fate of the Furious. Jason Statham was the receiver.

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