John Krasinski interviews Steve Carell on Some Good News [FULL INTERVIEW]

John Krasinski interviews Steve Carell on Some Good News [FULL INTERVIEW]

John Krasinski calls Steve Carell to be the first interview for his new show Some Good News. They celebrate The Office’s 15 year anniversary and share their favorite memories. More importantly, an excuse for two friends to reconnect with each other.

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78 Responses

  1. Sxover says:

    Next we need a Rainn Wilson interview

  2. Marcos Amparo says:

    The Office will forever be THE BEST show of all time. I’ve seen the entire season only 356198 times already. A reunion will be amazing.

  3. alyssa_ b says:

    All I need in my life is John and Steve talking to each other like they just saw each other yesterday, that bond made from The Office is unbreakable

  4. Jack Bennett says:

    I like how Steve is the entertainment corespondent, it really suits him

    • E Rico says:

      The Marshall Show ba dum tss

    • Amanda Smith says:

      @The Marshall Show haha!

    • JuniorLion says:

      It only makes sense that their sports reporter be Dwight, he is quite the outdoors-man and a hunting expert you know

    • wethehiddles says:

      @The Marshall Show how is noone talking about your hilarious A+ puns

    • Kate Parkes says:

      The Marshall Show Lol
      Steve & John will both “ Suit each other “ if they each wore a suit when they were being serious and each wore a sweater when they weren’t “ sweating “ it . Get it. ? Kinda like Mr. Rogers who would frequently change his clothes depending ( not diapers ) on what he was talking about ! Now , the Jams… hmm “ for that late night when the kids are asleep adult talk* Some good news & then some . Lol 😂

  5. Aray says:

    Kind of looks like Steve has an anchorman photo behind him!

  6. Jennifer Alberding says:

    Do you still have the tuxedo
    And it’s been 15 years sense you’ve put Dwight’s (Rainn Wilson’s) stuff in jello.

  7. Andrea T. says:

    I’d love so much to see what John and Steve are talking about in the end, make another video like this but “a little bit more in character”, I sincerely wish John could push to do that, it would be fun to watch.

    C’mon Big Tuna! Makes us happy!

  8. Ginja51Ninja says:

    The most genuine thing ever is john admitted he went back to waiting tables cuz he didnt have faith

    • Ginja51Ninja says:

      Hard times Marvel my theory is he was a shitty waiter and blamed the fact he got no tips on his coworkers have different body parts😂😂

    • Master Superblaster says:

      @Ginja51Ninja Nope. Never waited tables. Idc what anyone says, it’s harder being a man in a myriad of ways… PERIOD. It goes way deeper than male vs female in the hospitality industry.

    • Master Superblaster says:

      @Hard times Marvel Oh spare me the melodrama. Getting peppered with a few pervy comments is a tiny price to pay for all of the perks that come with being a woman (not just a woman waiter, but a woman in general) It’s not like they can rape you right there in front of the customers and your coworkers.

    • Mr. Tibbs says:

      @BROOKE COLEMAN weird when guys tell women to chill out we get called chauvinistic pigs

    • Franco Rodriguez says:

      Master Superblaster I’m a server.
      That’s just not true.
      But I tought that too before being in the industry

  9. pebble moss says:

    John, I needed this, in a world of suck, I needed this.

  10. Pyae Kywal says:

    Steve: Say “Hi” to Emily.
    John: Who’s that?

    Steve: GOD!

    • Kate Parkes says:

      Romulo Mazzocco ya it’s called “ acting “ the reason you cant tell is because they are good at their job as being actors . 🙂

    • Kate Parkes says:

      HunchbackJack it was a good ending trigger that they prob knew would make people wonder who Emily was …. otherwise it would of just ended with a boring goodbye

    • Kate Parkes says:

      Fat Jesus I think men in general ( not generals of the army ) like to poke and joke at each other anyway , right ? If it was 2 women ending the show , they would hug and cry And say good bye ! lol

    • Kate Parkes says:

      Fat Jesus lol

    • Kate Parkes says:

      Romulo Mazzocco May I suggest you take a beginner improv class ? Just to understand how comedy really works . I took one once and they set us up in pairs and gave each of us a ridiculous theme/heading so we could try to think of all the ways to use it to Make people laugh . It didn’t matter if we honestly thought it was funny or not , but it opened us up to be creative to Try to make it funny while we each took a turn and made people laugh . It’s actually a great class that will open You up to all the possibilities of comedy and how it works and then you will know the why behind the why of the things that seem hurtful , really isn’t

  11. Serious Businessman says:

    Holy crap, you guys doing the news in character would crash YouTube’s servers. I’ve watched The Office like two years ago, and I still miss it. And I bet I’m not alone 😀

    • Felicity Mae Filmed says:

      You can stream it on Netflix or buy it on Amazon. That’s what I’ve been doing lmao. Currently binging Season 7.

  12. besourinho rock says:

    Ok Hear me out, we NEED a Jack Ryan and and agent Micheal Scarn crossover.

  13. Paige Van Tassel says:

    can we just appreciate that Steve Carell has Paul Rudd/Anchorman tribute on his wall

  14. W.L. Customs says:

    Can’t wait for that one day you collaborate with Rainn Wilson, Steve Carell, Jenna Fischer, Angela Kinsey, Ellie Kemper, Ed Helms, Mindy Kaling, Brian Baumgartner, Rashida Jones, Idris Elba, B.J. Novak and the rest of The Office casts together here

  15. pc1231 says:

    The perfect news show doesn’t exi-
    *oh wait.*

  16. Juliana Arthuso says:

    It’s funny to see Steve Carell saying he’ll be remembered for The Office. I remember Steve Carell for Michael Scott for sure, but also the 40 year old virgin, Little Miss Sunshine and Beautiful Boy! He’s done some awesome things and thank god for that, he’s awesome!

  17. mei ting says:

    Steve Carell: “suit… in character…. ”
    Get ready guys

  18. Lasse Bastholm says:

    The only thing more contagious than the corona virus is Steve Carell’s laughter

  19. Hannah Makhoul says:

    Steve: That was a hard one

    My brain: *thats what she said*

  20. LR Kirby says:

    The dislikes are all just Dwight in different Wigs

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