John Legend, Meek Mill and More React to ‘Surviving R. Kelly’ Documentary

John Legend, Meek Mill and More React to ‘Surviving R. Kelly’ Documentary

‘Surviving R.Kelly’ Docuseries (00:04) ►
John Legend reacts (00:39) ►
Tank reacts (01:42) ►
Meek Mill reacts (02:20) ►
Chance the Rapper sound bite (02:41) ►

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John Legend, Meek Mill and More React to ‘Surviving R. Kelly’ Documentary


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96 Responses

  1. Chantel Onfroy says:

    THIS MAN R KELLY IS SICK!!!!!!!! ‼️

  2. Rev 3ffect says:

    The law is weird smfh?

    • Get it how you live. says:

      The people that’s responsible for the law is weird and we both know who they are ?

    • Samora Link says:

      +Get it how you live. say no more Fam, say no more ??………

    • Stormy Skyz says:

      No. The law ain’t weird. This is a black man, praying on underage black girls, whose parents delivered them to him, then took money settlements not to press charges! Be real, this isn’t a law issue. The law bought him to Court, and that child’s parents wouldn’t admit it was her! Her father still works for RKelly! Nothing will ever get fixed if we keep blaming the wrong people!!

  3. upload2014 says:

    Next documentary “surviving without taxes”

  4. Key Gotti says:

    R Kelly is disgusting period!!! He needs to be in jail especially after the whole Aaliyah thing first went down!!!

    • Ivette Shiw says:

      What about Aaliyah’s parents who allowed it to happen because they wanted her to be famous?! They just as guilty

    • Get it how you live. says:

      True and many of the white entertainers also that was doing this way before r kelly was even born

    • Ace Bold says:

      +raw04dfsu u realize she was 21 when she dated dash n she was only talking to Jay z a year befor that she wa as 20

    • Shining Down says:

      Diamond Heart Apparently they weren’t consenting and too young too be able to make those choices because there’s a WHOLEE documentary on it. Don’t down play black women being abused. The fact you said “what’s wrong with R jelly tricking young women” you need to kill yourself frfr

  5. kingMadnus says:

    Nothing that was said in the R Kelly documentary was not known in the city of Chicago especially on the Southside

  6. Daddy says:

    If Bill Cosby got put away for some old accusations then so should R-Kelly.

  7. Deshaun Hawkins says:

    Women that wanna be with him!!! U can’t rescue grown women that don’t wanna leave

    • Get it how you live. says:

      That latin chick didn’t deserve it tho

    • Miss Spirituality says:

      Deshaun Hawkins again a child is not a woman so please stop saying these women. Actual grown adult woman can be in a relationship with a man that’s older than her. There is no law that says a 20 year can’t date a 65 year old man. And FYI there have been hundreds of movies and documentaries about this pervert priest in the Catholic Church. How do you think you and I know about priests??? Are you catholic?? No. So you know about some priest being molesters from either a movie, a documentary, a tv show or a victims. Matter of fact there was just a recent movie made about them. I forgot the name but it was at the show. The only reason you brought up that is because you want to say if those white men rape than black men have the right to rape girls to in peace. Smh. Geez.

    • Princess Athena says:

      Grown women that has been with him since they were teens and are too scared to leave

  8. doogie Five-Four says:

    *The Boondocks* was way ahead of its time

  9. Tyren Jackson says:

    If this docu don’t kill R.kelly career I don’t know what will.

    • Morals and Values says:

      Kim C I don’t condole what took place with R Kelly . But why aren’t ppl holding the parents for selling they daughters for cash. They approved them dating him that’s why he was not convicted in court. I also ask why us black ppl so quick to tear each other down but don’t have the same energy towards ppl like wine stein , Kevin spacey , Charlie sheen who giving women HIV . There are a few other white molesters I can’t remember but my point is where are those women , where is the lifetime documentary , where are the women that are angry at them for what they did ?? Black ppl are all so easy to to be brainwashed to tear each other down that it’s not even funny. I’m not saying R Kelly is not to blame here but he’s not the only one responsible .

    • loonatic42 says:

      If anything, it Will make him bigger

    • K-TROOP says:

      Now these black women see what it is, where is yall big marches and rallies when shit happen to y’all, where the meToo movements folks at? But y’all went out y’all way for them when Bill Cosby was in the hot seat dealing with those snow bunnies, marching loud and proud too, now it’s so quiet you can hear a mouse piss on cotton

    • Maurice Sullivan says:

      It won’t. Everybody knew what was going on back then. They didn’t speak up because they were eating off of him, but none of this was a secret. Lifetime only put the doc out for ratings because let’s be honest, who tf watches lifetime?

  10. Five0deuce says:

    I wish we could have the same energy with other things that’s destroying the black community

  11. fadethechannel says:

    Damn y’all at work now? Wit y’all long break takin asses

  12. Rodnye Theoc says:

    Again R Kelly and everyone who knew what he was doing and covered it up needs to be in prison.

  13. King Kings says:

    Why are yall protecting Charlamagne?

  14. aDaywithCALIBOY says:

    Lol all the hate on here y’all been knew R kelly is the way he is since the 90s everyone in Chicago knew about R kelly I’m not tripping on R I blame the parents my daughter not going near him and imma do more than throw rocks at a window to get my daughter back if I did slip I would of had my own show spin off called my dad is behind bars for stomping a celeb ijs tired of everyone calling r kelly sick get the man some help we as black people alllll know and knew AND watched the tape y’all wasn’t acting disgusted when y’all was playing Aaliyah she would have never been around if R kelly wasn’t feeling her…except it and move on what’s going on in yalls household ?

    • susiq1121 says:

      You’re the reason r. Kelly been getting away with for decades. Congrats!

    • Daniel St. Juste says:

      Parents was trying to get that check..

    • Kingson White says:

      +Scorpio dreamz ain’t nobody supporting rapist or pedophilia we saying EVERYBODY knew this it’s been documented and spoke on for years but we still listen to ALL his music YOU included ! We funded the bullshit by going to concerts listening on radio etc now all of ah sudden people like you are judging or feeling a type way because of a documentary stop the madness. Same with Bill Cosby Tupac and alot of other black celebrities like how you know the girls parents weren’t getting paid like nobody knows why this has happened all these years because we ALL turned a blind eye and death ear you included

    • Scorpio dreamz says:

      +Kingson WhiteI stopped listening to the rapist in the 90’s. I don’t support rapist/ pedophiles for my personal reasons and the fact that I have three daughters. Don’t speak for me. Most blacks know about that rapey relative, and support them too.

    • Khary Robertson says:

      I hope you get what you deserve for supporting him. There is enough blame for him and the parent you loser. I hope your daughter doesn’t learn from your ignorance. you are a trash parent.

  15. Marcus Mackey says:

    Now their needs to be a documentary on black chyna dating17 and 18 year old boys

  16. Antney Ox says:

    Funny Charlamagne no where to be found ..

  17. zero says:

    all these celebrities knew already. this is nothing but a fake outrage.

    • Ace Bold says:

      Because they are celebs don’t mean they know for a fact of course they heard things as we all have

    • Marcus Marcus says:


    • Miss 007 says:

      Right.. prosecute the pedo and move on already..

    • Loyalty Bradford says:

      Look in my opinion he never forced none of those women its all about the money and when he stopped paying the families now they all want to crucify him.Now im a black woman and if all of this is true i sympathize with the women i dont feel like any woman should endure injustice but let’s look at the bigger picture trace the money.

    • 9BeastKing says:

      the outrage isnt fake, the celebs who knew about it are fake.

  18. Mz Dee says:

    Where’s Charlamagne tho?? WE the people wanna know why, whyyyyy he thought it was a good idea to show his face on that docuseries? When I saw him, my face was looking ???…oh hell nah…??‍♀️

    • Dumbinican 2k says:

      BlackBodianGal you are lost af. Don’t talk shit u know nothing about

    • Princess Chacha says:


    • Amelia stephenson says:

      Mz Dee why? What did Charlemagne do?

    • AliyJidda says:

      DNA proved that CTG is innocent. Why y’all chasing CTG? Are y’all mad that RKelly is exposed? He was exposed 18 years ago as well.

    • Candie P says:

      AliyJidda I heard DNA was collected but was inconclusive which means it didn’t prove he did do it, or didn’t do it. I have no idea why people are running with the he’s guilty verdict or he’s not guilty verdict. Truth is, we simply don’t know. The mom for whatever reason dropped the ball in this case and stopped letting her daughter cooperate with the investigation. So all we know is she was sexually assaulted but NONE of us can prove it was Charlemagne or NOT.

  19. Ryan Sikhira says:

    Who tf cares what Chance the Rapper has to say??????


    Charlemagne with the strategic day-off

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