John Legend – Penthouse Floor (Audio) ft. Chance the Rapper

John Legend – Penthouse Floor (Audio) ft. Chance the Rapper

John Legend’s “Penthouse Floor” featuring Chance The Rapper

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20 Responses

  1. Claudia D. says:

    I have little never been this early ever. I’m so proud of myself

  2. Vuddhichai S. says:

    Oh… I love the beats and this is the old John Legend style.

  3. Jason terry Jyler says:

    this song is so sexy who agree with me comment TO MY POST

  4. craig longobucco says:

    So magnificent, this is ..just amazing

  5. Alex Dayenian says:


  6. Angel Prum says:

    yessssssssss JL yesssssss ?????

  7. fuccboi says:

    chance is good at rapping

  8. Grammar Nazi That Coming says:

    Hmmm… I thought it was pimphouse floor, haha…

  9. Michelle N says:

    This track is nice and smooth

  10. Brian Meng says:

    new chance verses are always nice

  11. Lil' Lolo says:

    okay I see you legend … savage ❤?

  12. Gabe Greenwood says:

    1:33 is where the arrangement goes ham

  13. Batman says:

    Holy FUCK, this is fantastic

  14. Mr. Marc says:

    Two Amazing Talentes!!!!!!

  15. il/arb/shqip says:

    who is here for Dua Lipa?

  16. Emily Cobos says:

    This track is ganna be ???huuuge

  17. Veronica says:

    I love that good old John

  18. Wise Albatross says:

    chance is always worth a click

  19. OoHaZaRD7oO says:

    Anything with chance in it will be instantly liked by me

  20. Joseph Harding says:

    The way Chance raps it sounds like he’s sleep talking