John Leguizamo Says Oscars Was TARNISHED With Will Smith and Chris Rock Moment

John Leguizamo Says Oscars Was TARNISHED With Will Smith and Chris Rock Moment

John Leguizamo chats with ET’s Lauren Zima at the 2022 Vanity Fair Oscar Party hosted by Radhika Jones at the Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts. The actor reacts to Will Smith slapping Chris Rock during the ceremony. Leguizamo suggests the ‘King Richard’ star should have offered the comedian an apology in his acceptance speech. The voice of ‘Encanto’s Bruno also reflects on the success of Disney’s animated musical.

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30 Responses

  1. Pete Ratcliffe says:

    Refreshing interview. Not afraid to actually speak his mind. Way to go Sid!

    • Vinny V says:

      @Max Covfefe I doubt it.

    • Vinny V says:

      Forteressh of sholitude. In the Icesh, forever. A lone lonely loner. Precishly.

    • Vito Roma says:


    • Patric____ says:

      He did watch his words. He was very politically correct about his point of view on the Oscar’s last night. He did his little ‘eye roll’ when she asked about Will’s speech, fully knowing he can’t say it was childish behavior when it really was. He said it very well. No one can get pissed off at his response and he highlights a very mature outlook on the situation.

  2. Phil says:

    Hands down ,one of the most honest and unpretrentious people in Hollywood.
    I thought John should have got a Oscar for his performance as the Satanic Clown in Spawn.
    This guy is talent times a million.
    Many,many great performances.

  3. Preacher says:

    My respect for John has skyrocketed after this interview.

  4. Amaris in Wonderland says:

    Love, love, love John!
    He hit the nail on the head.
    It seems we had the same reaction. I guess we all thought it was a skit at first, but wow…….

    The problem is that Hollywood still tries to follow some outdated formula for what’s acceptable, but society has changed.

    It’s not okay for anyone to bully anyone for any reason: whether verbally or (especially not) physically.

    Apparently, in the old days they used to have dinners to roast each other and everyone pretended that was somehow acceptable (and breathed a sigh of relief if it wasn’t them).

    But nowadays we all know it’s not right, & we teach our kids that bullying isn’t okay.

    Comedians should definitely change it up, but that has *no bearing* on Will’s actions.
    He resorted to another outdated Hollywood practice: slapping someone for something he didn’t like.

    Choosing violence in response to a joke isn’t okay for a child, much less someone that has so many (young) people looking up to them.

    Will definitely needs to apologize to Chris (who handled it amazingly well) and more people need to call Will out on his over-the-top & inexcusable reaction.

    Maybe Chris didn’t know about Jada’s condition & just thought it was a style she preferred. (Not to say that I’ve ever found making fun of people funny. It just isn’t unless you have the mentality of a childish bully.)

    Slapping people is *not* okay – and it’s about 50+ years out of date — like really??

    Do better Hollywood!!
    (except John who is 💯)

    • Viktoria Fadey says:

      Greetings, I know you’ll get my text surprisedly, I’m a Ukrain woman can I have a word with you I beg you in the name of God, please.

  5. Kandra Gunter says:

    I completely agree with John L.💯 All of Will’s achievements, films, charitable acts of goodness, and music 🎶 will now be tarnished by this ONE moment of poor judges (imo).😔 His career is done…

    • Daniel says:

      horse shit…. he’ll be in movies for the rest of his life.

    • Lana Morozov says:

      I’m glad his career is done

    • Inconvenient Truths says:

      Hollywood is used for mind control so that ppl will be distracted all the time from paying attention on how the country is actually run to the ground by the power elites who enrich their coffers. Socialism for themselves and capitalism for mainstreet.
      These Hollywood celebs vote Democrat. So, the rules are different for them. Will doesn’t even have to apologize for his actions. He will be back on the Oscar stage soon. Don’t be surprised if the Democrat party mainstream media and late night aholes vigorously defend his actions and Hollywood rewards him with a movie deal for his ‘suffering’. Will Smith is known to get physical. He slapped a fan in some foreign country couple of years ago.
      Already YouTube has censored this incident from its suggestions. Their BigTech social media will bury this by tomorrow.

  6. Ken Yap says:

    Takes a ton of courage to speak the truth in Hollywood as an actor. John has my utmost respect. Violence should NEVER be condoned.

  7. j26 says:

    Thanks John for telling it how it is and not skirting around the issue or being afraid of saying how he feels.

  8. Just Saying says:

    I watched this with my family… I had to explain to children that hitting a person is not the answer if you are angry. Unfortunate for live TV.

    • Fabuloso says:

      Wow that’s unbelievable. Was the cursing blurred out too?? It was Live so it probably wasn’t. 🤦‍♂️

  9. PaulaJF says:

    Thank you, John L for saying what needed to be said- his actions should have consequences, there should have been a clear apology to Chris Rock, and it tarnished the rest of the evening. All true.

  10. Marc C.M. says:

    Thank you for being reasonable John. It’s crazy to hear some people try to justify what Will did.

    • Marc C.M. says:

      @Daniel me and my wife would both laugh at it. It’s a corny joke so we’d treat it as such. In fact, smith was laughing at it at first. If she had a problem with it, I’d discuss it with the guy in person, man to man after. I don’t just put hands on people because I got my feelings hurt. That’s a b***h move, not a man move.

    • Dan Marty says:

      @Daniel it is preferable to discuss it off camera than to make his wife and her problem the center of attention at the oscars

    • Daniel says:

      so, you’d be ok with someone making fun of your wife for going bald in front of a hundred thousand people…. when she has alopecia and is incredibly sensitive about it. good to know.

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