John Mayer – In the Blood (Home Free Version) (Country Music)

John Mayer – In the Blood (Home Free Version) (Country Music)

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In the Blood
Writer: John Mayer
Produced, Arranged, Engineered, Mixed, and Mastered by: Darren Rust, Skyland Studios, Lakeville, MN

Directed & Produced by: Jacob Colgan

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This was made possible with the generous support of:
Jennifer T, Nanette W, Marcia G, gail m m, Iris H, marvetta h, Teresa L, Lori D, Linda H, Janice B, Gina C, Carole L, Carol A, Angy B, Etaine C, Mary D F, Susan H, Michelle B, Mrs Karen T A, Mark W, Susan W, Janet S, Laura R, Holly F, Nanette Y, Kimberly P, Betty R, Alison C, Darcie B, Sally J, Brandy P, Heather M, Paula W, Carolina H, Jayme F, Valerie P, Nicole R, Jane C, Margaret S, Tammy S, Susan Z, Paul L, Rusty T, Lynh T, Ramona W, Beth B, Patty R, R. D, Terry R, Stacy W, Michael H, Jeri J, Catharine B, Michael T, Erin B, Kelly S D, Elizabeth A, Tina T, Ingrid H, Joann S, Kathleen H, Sarah J, Ronald P, Jonathan S, Melissa T, Jenna R, Francesca H, Carolyn S, Susan T, Vicki S, Carolyn E, Marianna A, Peggy C, Katrina k, Mandy S, Daniel S, Brenda W, Tina C, Anita C, Martha V, Beth W, Judith B, Kathryn K, Alicia V, Pamela D, Donna M H, Melanie A, Caren E, Deena J, Mika A, Linda S D, Carol F, Paula M, Melanie S, Kathleen R, Randie L M, Steve and Marilyn C, Sheryl B, Janet B, Christy K, Linda W, Kim S, Heather S, Ramona V, Aimee J, Jen B, Shelly G, Katye M, JoAnn W

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20 Responses

  1. Bogs Manaois says:

    Avi and Tim are the best. Hands down.

  2. Aldy Simanjuntak says:

    Greetings from Indonesia and i love this cover!!!

  3. Sari Rübe says:

    This video is plain beautiful! It reminds me of WWAG, no fuss, no actors, just beautiful settings, the guys, their voices and the emotions of the song. I love it since I first saw it on Monday

  4. Annemay Seyfried says:

    Wow!! This is beautiful!!!❤❤This BETTER get played on the country stations & we’re calling some right NOW, while it’s on repeat, repeat! Thank you Home Free!! Loove!!! ❤❤

  5. A. says:

    I was looking forward to it.
    Thank you very much!!

    From Japanese fan.♡

  6. Marg Fried says:

    IN THE BLOOD has such powerful lyrics add to that your heartfelt delivery, your amazing voices individually and in harmony and you have a song that is mesmerizing. I’ve been listening to it since it’s release on Spotify. Then add this simple but so moving video and you have a future classic on your hands. Love you guys! I can’t wait for the album release

  7. GameRZ War says:

    It’s almost embarrassing how excited I get every time I see a new video by home free. 😂

  8. Anna_I_ says:

    So touching and involving. Your voices go straight to the heart. Goosebumps.

  9. Marna Rautenbach says:

    Love it, resonate in my soul. Love you all!!!!

  10. Elizeu IASD says:

    Please… Sound of silence❤

  11. Dave Breen says:

    Brrrr!!!! Cold shivers on that one. Great job guys

  12. Micael Silva says:

    Uau… Se tem um Brasileiro que é fã desse grupo, esse cara sou 😍 sempre detonando Nas músicas e que harmonia sensacional! ❤️

  13. Isabella Teixeira says:

    Very good guys ❤❤❤

  14. Alejandro Alvarez Muñoz says:

    Incredible its evolution. I hope to see you on a tour of South America

  15. Elaine DeLisle says:

    Y’all never cease to amaze me! 

    All of us Fries know what stunning voices you 5 have and we are thrilled with the fun video’s and the antics in songs such as Snap Back and Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer, just to name a few, but this song is different.  

    The earnest emotions y’all show in this video truly is intense.  I’d already heard your version of the song and knew it was a hit, but seeing the video sent chills up and down my spine.

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful gift with us Fries.  I, for one, am ever so grateful to have the pure honor of supporting you and what you do. 

    I don’t think that y’all will ever understand how many lives you’ve touched and changed through the use of your God given talents.

    I thank you, from the depths of my soul, for all that you are and all that you do.

  16. Miss Sunshine says:

    It´s amazing <3 Please come to germany very soon <3

  17. Susan Hancock says:

    Amazing, just amazing……

  18. Sherry Isley says:

    Amazing job fellas.

  19. Érick Melo says:


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