John Oliver – Charlottesville

John Oliver – Charlottesville

From HBO’s Last Week Tonight with John Oliver.
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20 Responses

  1. Somniferous Almond says:

    Fuck nazis.

  2. Kevin Kerkhoff says:

    A Zelda Ocarina of Time reference. Cool.

  3. Bria Penn says:

    Trump didn’t want to call out the Nazi sympathizers and white supremacists for what they are because he’s low key a white nationalist. He knows he can’t offend the base of his support.

  4. De Libertatem says:

    Of course Trump wouldn’t condemn the very people that voted for him!

  5. State of the Republic says:

    Oh look, its a meeting of the national association of racist white trash. A bunch of people who claim to be patriots while waving the flags of the enemies of America and who support the ideology of those who killed American soldiers. Of course Trump would refuse to condemn them, he’s one of them. These right-wingers are terrorists, and the enemies of America. My channel has put forth a video covering the news of this week, including the tragic events in Charlottesville, as well as a longer segment about the Southern Strategy and Republican racism, so that we may better understand the people who have supported the same kind of racist ideology and created the conditions for this tragedy..

  6. alohakatie says:

    “tiki torches, by the way, because nothing says “white nationalist” like faux polynesian kitch”

  7. Batman says:

    Damn, John was fucking pissed

  8. Miro Raitamaa says:

    It’s fucking disgusting how much John Oliver manipulates his viewers and the truth! The Charlottesville violence was caused by the ANTIFA commies, they disturbed the white nationalists protest! That’s what Trump said when he said “on both sides”, cause the violence in Charlotte had two sides! And I’m not siding with the white nationalists on this, honestly fuck em’, but it’s a facts that ANTIFA disturbed their protest! The WN’s were just expressing their democratic right to protest! John didn’t mention the counterprotesters nor their actions at all! Trump at least did! This is an great example of manipulation and, dare I say it, FAKE NEWS!

  9. Inkswitch says:

    So now that the alt-right is openly murdering people, can we finally agree that beating the shit out of them is justified?

  10. Marc Shanahan says:

    “We’re not terrorists, cause we’re white!” -Charlottesville neo-Nazi

    Its been a long time coming, these white nationalists coming out of the woodworks. Why would Trump denounce the white nationalists when he’s one and when he knows they are the majority that voted for him. Denouncing white supremacists is the easiest step on could make to appeal more to the public, particularly when only 34% think you’re doing well. There is no reason he wouldn’t do it, except that he’s on their side.

    These white supremacists were in their hidey-holes, waiting for the time one of their kin would ascend to The White House. Think it’s a coincidence that all white supremacist terrorists in the US have been Trump voters?

  11. LemonadepieX says:

    At this point, I want a fucking Trump supporter to tell me what is great about Trump.

  12. Joachim Schoder says:

    Donald Trump is afraid to utter the words “white christian terrorism”. How can you stop something if you are unwilling to say it. Trump is weak against white christian terrorists.

    After all: This was the argument by the right when Obama was president. Why not call this white christian terrorism?

  13. Youtuber says:

    Does the Bible warn us about trump and his nazis? I am ashamed to be white…

  14. I Slim says:

    Why should Trump condemn his own rally?

  15. Rico Jay says:

    I hate how the media has shifted focus from the racists, who are the actual problem, unto Donald’s Trump’s response to their actions. Fuck Trump, we already know he is an asshole. The real discussion we should be having is figuring out how to get rid of the dumb racist mentality in people

  16. Taylan Ertan says:

    I saw some comments in news videos that REALLY scared me. People actually are happy that this happened because ”Liberals deserve it ” as they wrote and got many likes… Do we have to worry about a Second Civil War ? Because by the looks of things , these bastards have enough numbers to be this BOLD about going full Nazi. They lost their humanity it seems.

    This was a DOMESTIC TERRORIST ATTACK and the FUCKING PRESIDENT DOESN’T EVEN LOOK LIKE HE CARES ABOUT IT MORE THAN HIS ”FAKE NEWS”. Just for that reason, he should be kicked from office.

  17. GBD1000 says:

    So white nationalists are openly killing people and committing acts of terrorism, the president is 100% on their side, there might be a nuclear war coming, the US is basically falling apart and it’s all because coal miners were to lazy to learn a new profession… good job, America.

  18. Zand says:

    Nobody knew making a 4th Reich would be so complicated #MyStruggle

  19. Alonzo Aldaba says:

    So, does Trump know that America was at war with Nazis during ww2?

  20. Tommy says:

    Funny how they are so outraged by this but yet couldn’t say shot about the antifa and communist burning down and terrorising an entire city in Germany or the Bernie bro shooting us republicans. Fucking selective outrage 101

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