John Oliver – Comey

John Oliver – Comey

From HBO’s Last Week Tonight with John Oliver.
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20 Responses

  1. DerrenBrown100 says:

    Why wont Oliver discuss his connections to 9/11 and Pizzagate. Oliver is a paid NWO shill that works for the Clinton foundation. Trump needs to deport Oliver now. Drain the swamp! We stand with you, President Trump.

  2. Fusion Nation says:

    Trump is a complete idiot. way to avoid suspicion dumboo

  3. God Likes Porn with Ben the Demon says:

    I get that he fucked over Hillary, but karma is straight up trolling Comey at this point.

  4. Edwin Maina says:

    What did America do to deserve this kind of bullshit, other counties look up to you guys and your president is messing everything up

  5. Niyati Shah says:

    Did Donald Trump watch 13 Reasons Why? “tapes”

  6. emcats84 says:

    I feel sorry for people who adhere to John Oliver with what he has to say. He, like so many other late night hosts, is a voice for the perpetually dumbed-down.

  7. lynndx101 says:

    Holy fuck. He’s 6’8″?

  8. Michael Moretti says:

    Someone please explain to me how threatening Comey not to make UNLAWFUL leaks to the press is “obstruction of justice”?

    Fucking media has been using some legendary Orwellian Newspeak since Trump got elected.

  9. Louie Berg says:

    0:01 President of the United…Stage? Kay

  10. Brotlowsky rgseg says:

    It’s just mind-boggling how republicans can defend this shit. Imagine if President Obama had fired the director of the FBI, while he was leading a criminal investigation into his potential colusion with an adversarial foreign power (no matter if it’s true or not). There is no way how republicans wouldn’t have brought up articles of impeachment before the end of the day. Had President Obama then publicly threatened the former FBI director into not talking to the press, there would have been no talk about impeachment, but jail.

  11. dee nixon says:

    Neither the Right or the Left is fucked…. The AMERICAN people are fucked. None of the politicians give a shit about you. They continuously succeed in dividing you from your neighbor over weak wedge issues. The left and the right needs to see who the real enemy is: MSM, CORPORATIONS, and BIG MONEY INTERESTS

  12. Picnic Basket Sam says:

    Mitch McConnell is a lot more annoying than Paul Ryan

  13. Ludwig Fan says:

    I wish Bernie was the one running things. He’s the only one that actually deserves to be president, who wanted to be president, and truly cares for the American people

  14. Dominic Perez says:

    Donald Trump has got something to hide.

  15. nsd 2500 says:

    You know for a while I thought that trump might be assassinated. But then it occurred to me, the only ones who would kill a president is far right rednecks and racists who fall for bullshit. Unfortunately that’s camp trump

  16. Tustin2121 says:

    I like how, in that last picture’s hypothetical Ruby Tuesday’s scenario, instead of someone stopping the five-year-old boy from shitting on the bar, they went over to the sign that says “Now with over 55 ingredients!”, crossed out the 55, and wrote in 56, like the kid’s shit was an ingredient. Also, ew.

  17. James Santos says:

    good get this fucking shit face out of there

  18. Angelica Schuyler says:


  19. Guardiansaiyan says:


    We don’t need this anymore…

  20. Aiyic says:

    Oliver is still trying to be funny, I see.

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