John Oliver – Devin Nunes

John Oliver – Devin Nunes

From HBO’s Last Week Tonight with John Oliver.
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15 Responses

  1. Jeff Salazar says:

    Fuck Trump

  2. Just XxXFELIXxX says:

    nunes is a puppet

  3. Aurora Häkli says:

    Wow, John Oliver really does _not_ like the Now You See Me films.

  4. Vaibhav Gupta says:

    Tuck Frump

  5. Jessica Lee says:

    The Republicans weren’t so keen on congress “working for the president” this decade. It’s amazing they can get horseshit enough traction to turn on a dime.

  6. Donald Trump says:

    John Oliver needs to be deported back to Mexico

  7. Hendlton says:

    I’m not American, can someone explain what Watergate was?

  8. whuzzzup says:

    360p, we meet again.

  9. videomissionary says:

    Isn’t Devin Nunes just John Oliver without the glasses? I thought it was a Superman/Clark Kent situation…

  10. Nathan Drake says:

    This is my congressman. Safe Republican seat too. :/

  11. butchdeadlift10 says:

    So THATS how you pronounce “Nunes”. I was not sure how to pronounce it as I tried cursing his name.

  12. Memphis Gadfly says:

    Thanks Consumer. Yer doing God’s work, mate.

  13. janderson9413 says:

    The Trump administration is a bunch of clowns.

  14. Dane Massie says:

    I wish everyone would leave Nunes alone! The man doesn’t even have half a brain, just yesterday I witnessed a skittle fall out of his ear because his brain keeps leaking. The best intel always comes from the the accused. It’s like asking your dog “did you shit on the floor,” you know the dog did it but the dog points to your favorite lamp, that’s Nunes! In this case the dog being Trump and the lamp is Obama

  15. † Masterhp † says:

    Fuck Truck

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