John Oliver Doesn’t Think He’ll Get Deported, But He’s Being Cautious

John Oliver Doesn’t Think He’ll Get Deported, But He’s Being Cautious

Host of ‘Last Week Tonight’ John Oliver swings through to talk with Stephen about the current state of American politics and his own immigration status.

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20 Responses

  1. reyrkiih says:

    Jon Stewart’s kids….

  2. rashid al masoud says:

    I cant decide who I like more, stephen or british Millhouse

  3. Siddhant Banerjee says:

    Save me, I’m drowning in comedic genius

  4. M. S. says:

    All hail the rat-faced bastard. Cannot wait for the return of the show.

  5. Nicole Joy says:

    If John called us children, does that make him dad?

  6. PoliticalBulwark TV says:

    9:10 It’s sad when people from other countries are more patriotic than our

  7. Alejandro Gutiérrez Ramos says:

    Can’t wait for John Oliver to start making fun of the Trump

  8. Faith Buenacosa says:

    “Words don’t mean anything anymore. Why would numbers?”

  9. Jerry To says:

    John Oliver as the next Doctor. No need for sonic screwdrivers anymore,
    acerbic wit is all you need to destroy Daleks.

  10. Quality Control says:

    “Words don’t mean anything anymore, why would numbers?”


  11. Joshua the Coder says:

    If Trump deports John Oliver, I’m pretty sure America will go into anarchy.

  12. Grace Smith says:

    100% in favor of John Oliver as James Bond

  13. Wyatt Kane ASMR says:

    Comedians or not, these two, Jon Stewart and Trevor Noah are some of the
    best journalists of our time.

  14. Eduardo Souza says:

    I was really afraid his show would get cancelled. I’m glad it wasn’t

  15. maxmillion35 says:

    Still happening since inauguration day….
    Stephen Colbert never refers to Trump as “President Trump.” He just refers
    to him as Donald Trump. It must drive Trump crazy when people ignore his
    title. Keep it up….

  16. Jonathan Taylor says:

    The United States lost the 2016 election and each new day should be
    history’s largest protest.

  17. Luke Walker says:

    Betsy DeVost is gonna educationally bankrupt america! Here’s to raising a
    generation of idiots who don’t believe that 10 billion people on earth
    burning fossil fuels on a daily basis can alter the atmosphere in which we
    live. Which is only about 300 miles thick at its thickest points, around
    the equator its only about 100 miles. All I’am saying is smokem while you
    got them, cause we are on the downslope now, and we have truly manifested

  18. Willie Booker says:

    The train analogy is terrible. Because I’m still under the train and it’s
    been over 2 weeks. How long is this fucking train!?

  19. Elmuhager Elmancy says:

    John Oliver really got under the POTUS skin coming up with the Drumpf true
    family name .

  20. Rajashree Ghosh says:

    As an Indian I agree with John, we remember.

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