John Oliver – GOP Health Care Bill

John Oliver – GOP Health Care Bill

From HBO’s Last Week Tonight with John Oliver.
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20 Responses

  1. God Likes Porn with Ben the Demon says:

    My stomach hurt really bad, so I sat on the toilet, let it all come out, looked inside the bowl… and found the American Heath Care Act.

  2. Thaddeus Whelan says:

    All I can hope for is the absolute ousting of the Republicans from Congress.

  3. cara joseph says:

    I love you consumer

  4. GekkanShounen says:

    Remember when the republicons tried to lie about there being a death panel? Well it’s here, trumpkins. Bend over, open wide and swallow. Enjoy.

  5. Carl Bayly says:

    this shit isn’t funny anymore. we’re screwed

  6. Chris Jack Online says:

    This administration is hilariously pathetic, they needs a really important life lesson i think.

  7. Dan Forster says:

    What ever comes out that door let it forever be known as TRUMP CARE

  8. PsychicRadroach says:

    I love how it’s called the American Health Care Act. Like it would affect any other country than America. If we called it the Health Care Act, would people think that it would only help the Swedish or something?

  9. Retro Game Longplays says:

    That is just sad… i am so happy not to live in the US right now.

  10. GBD1000 says:

    Wait a minute, so… What was the Republicans’ excuse for wanting to repeal Obamacare again? Because what ever it was, it went straight out the window now if their replacement bill would TAKE AWAY people’s health insurance. I’m not an expert at this or anything, but when a healthcare act ends up taking away people’s healthcare it’s probably not a good healthcare act (or did I misunderstand the meaning of the word “healthcare” as “caring for people’s health”?)

  11. Kyurem's Clash says:

    Honestly I’m going to use the “You fucked up” Pie chat and scatter plot.

  12. Archer Sterling says:

    “If poor people want healthcare they can just stop being poor.”

    – Trumpcare

  13. DeathLotus says:

    So basically, Pay a fuck ton of money (that you don’t have) to live or simply die. Decisions, decision. Thanks America.

  14. PRIMEVAL543 says:

    I guess all the other first world countries are wondering how this single stupid land wouldn’t accept healthcare as a basic human right!
    And many are disgusted of how many christians can be that heartless

  15. Lesley Allinson says:

    it should be called trumps unaffordable care act

  16. Irfan Wanata says:

    So let me get this straight, us citizen KNOW that their representatives DID NOT EVEN READ the bill they are passing as law (much less allow hearing, etc.) and NOBODY cares?

  17. mischiefpwns says:

    If poor people can’t afford healthcare they should just not get sick or stop being poor. I really hate Republicans and their idiocracy. Good thing I’m Canadian I’ll just go get my feelings checked for free.

  18. Esa Karjalainen says:

    Well, in fairness, they did remove the word “affordable” from the name of the bill….

  19. edward hickey says:

    People don’t panic, my Canadian healthcare will be untouched by this hahaha

  20. Kristin Carvajal says:

    Wonderful vidео! Guys рleаse rate my hоt vidеo on my channеl. Whо likеd this vidео, сliсk “likе” )

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