John Oliver Got To Meet Beyoncé… Kind Of

John Oliver Got To Meet Beyoncé… Kind Of

John Oliver is Zazu in the new ‘Lion King’ movie and he was intimidated by just the thought of one day being in the same photo as Beyoncé.

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77 Responses

  1. Peek the Ankylosaurus says:

    Love the King and Lionheart cover by the band man

  2. Humanoid25 says:

    John is the main reason I’m gonna go see The Lion King

  3. Kai Vickers says:

    How do you suppose he fit in that little bird costume? ?

  4. New Message says:

    I think it was kinda cruel that he was the only person in the movie they looked at and said “Y’know what… we don’t need to CGI this one.. glue some feathers on him.. we’re good.”

  5. Bianca Bloom says:

    I’ve replayed the two of them dancing at least 6 times now.

  6. Hoa N says:

    I’m just binge watching all the John Oliver content and this suddenly pops up. Life is good.

  7. Akash Kumar says:

    Love how much the audience loves him. That’s how loud my heart beats for you John

  8. Z T says:

    A lovely bunch of coconuts, diddle-Lee-dee, big ones, small ones.

  9. Bianca Bloom says:

    “They troupe you guys in every so often and say “I want to see this one.” “
    How did this not get a laugh

  10. Dux Nihilo says:

    I love that John Oliver’s laugh is a child’s giggle.

  11. Geoffrey Pearce says:

    “King and Lionheart” is an inspired song choice for any guest associated with The Lion King. I love it.

  12. Povl Besser says:

    Rowan Atkinson’s shoes are tough to fill but damn it I think John can do it!

  13. trueconsumer6 says:

    John Oliver and Stephen Colbert-the two great stalwarts of comedy who are speaking truth to power and keeping the rest of us sane in these bizarro times. Keep up the good work!!!?

    • johann rüstmann says:

      John and Stephen need to be taken seriously when ever talking about trump, his family and his administration . America really needs to listen to them, or we will have Dictator run TV like Fox news.

    • Adi-LMNOP says:

      Yes – both of these as$ clowns can yammer away and chirp like fools all the way through Trumps Second Term

    • johann rüstmann says:

      @Adi-LMNOP; No second term for trump !

    • Jason L says:

      @Adi….it’s interesting that you use the phrase as$ clown, seeing as though your dear friend Trump is the embodiment of an as$ clown. He even comes complete with his own makeup

    • T C says:

      trueconsumer6 Add Stewart and arguably Samantha Bee + Allana Harkin/the other constituents of the show.

  14. marie sia says:

    These two are great together, include Jon Stewart and it’d be perfect!

  15. CykoruKun says:

    Do you think John performed his own stunts in Lion King? Getting pounced by Lion must be dangerous, especially wearing bird suit….

  16. Alicia Nyblade says:

    “The birds are tweeting at 4:00 in the morning. I’m like, ‘Birds, we get it. It’s 4:00 in the morning. There’s nothing to tweet about.'”
    Just from that line alone, I know this is going to be fantastic. XD Love you, John!

  17. Kelly Schriner says:

    The fact that John Oliver is taller than Colbert just…isn’t right

  18. Project: Graham says:

    Holy shitsnacks, that ovation though! Our boy is having his greatness recognized ?

  19. Lester Luczak says:

    It’s ironic that John Oliver always jokingly implies that he absolutely hates birds (& children).

  20. Putri I says:

    0:38 petition for John Oliver to dance like that at the beginning of every episode of Last Week Tonight

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