John Oliver Is in Awe of the Super Bowl – Late Night with Seth Meyers

John Oliver Is in Awe of the Super Bowl – Late Night with Seth Meyers

John Oliver thinks the Super Bowl is the greatest thing to ever happen to television.
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John Oliver Is in Awe of the Super Bowl – Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers

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20 Responses

  1. tres BAZAR says:

    Has everyone forgotten the Champions League? That is like our Superbowl.
    Almost 400 million people watch the final. I think it beats the Superbowl.

  2. Kristina Katic says:

    chris martin is THE guy?

  3. Erick Chicas says:

    The superbowl is the perfect event for the US, pure marketing, hours of
    commercials and a tiny bit of sport that half of the people watching
    actually care and the other half is just for the music, commercials and

  4. Micaela Martinez says:

    Good music is not for this type of event.
    This audience needs fireworks, explosions and shiny things.

  5. Shahm Shaar says:

    Chris Martin was the best out of them

  6. Misanola says:

    Coldplay is the worst part of any event they have been a part of.

  7. MentalMMManiac says:

    Its 2016 guys, the superbowl is amazing

  8. gabriel lopez says:

    The superbowl really is amazing tv. a great show wether you like football
    or not. But soccer also does stuff like this before kickoff at the
    champions league finals and world cup finals which again is cool, nothing
    wrong with trying to get more viewers.

  9. john steven says:

    Cant wait for Last Week Tonight!!!!

  10. sonnypitcher says:

    The stuff about Chris Martin trying to fit in was funny; but don’t
    underestimate Coldplay as a live act, they kick ass, especially with the
    lights switched off. They have allot of songs that sold out stadiums across
    the globe can “get down to”; Beyonce and Bruno had allot of help with the
    camera angles, dance routines, fireworks and lip syncing. And by the way,
    the show ended with a Coldplay song.

  11. tridd676 says:

    It pisses me off that he called it BAD football. The Broncos defense was
    all-time great, show some knowledge and respect

  12. Andrew Tolmasoff says:

    A bad game? So is an offensive shootout the only thing that qualifies as a
    bad game? A Defensive slugfest doesn’t count any more? You ask me that was
    one of the better superbowls in recent years. 2 MPV QBs and great receiving
    cores on both sides did nothing because the D’s showed up.

    Part time Football fans

  13. TheTimeRocket says:

    Well yeah, of course.

  14. Jamaicangmr1 says:

    The World Cup is and always has been the biggest sporting event in the
    world and this guy being British i expected him to know that.

  15. Garima Singh says:


  16. bassplayerguy jeremy says:

    You just watch the spore.

  17. Benomni says:

    How was Coldplay’s performance bad? I thought they did a great job.

  18. Sean Coady says:

    The superbowl turned into this so that wives can watch the game with their

  19. LiquidMotion says:

    A defensive battle is not a “bad game” You’d think a soccer fan would
    understand that

  20. Elias Trujillo says:

    Angry with the half time show. I wanted all Coldplay! Also, I disagree that
    it was bad game. It was a DEFENSIVE game! It doesn’t have to be bad just
    because it’s played defensively.