John Oliver – Puerto Rico and Hospitalized Senator

John Oliver – Puerto Rico and Hospitalized Senator

From HBO’s Last Week Tonight with John Oliver.
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20 Responses

  1. Ming HUANG says:

    Trump is mentally retarded and needs help

  2. B. C. says:

    Why does Trump keep talking?

  3. haleme says:

    Somehow Trump turned someone asking for help into a personal attack on him.

  4. nordbart CP says:

    A PR disaster for Trump

  5. John Bonneville says:

    oh my

  6. Bradley Ogilvie says:

    If that’s performance Last Week Tonight gives when they joke about getting Trump, then I really want to see the performance they give when they ACTUALLY get him.

  7. Leonardo Cisija says:

    such poor leadership ability by the president of the united states, and others in washington dc, who are not able to get their workers to help. they want everything to be done for them when it should be a community effort.

    edit: ok guys chill i was making a madlibz joke about his tweet to the mayor and now people want to kill each other

  8. Krombopulos Michael says:

    It’s depressing how normal it is for Trump to be caught telling and abject and completely provable lie and there’s just zero consequence.

  9. kneaddough says:

    The only way I get through a week is reminding myself that John Oliver is on Sundays

  10. Professicchio says:

    Got the impression Trump thinks Puerto Rico is part of Mexico, it certainly sounds so in his head…

  11. Dan Bee says:

    “We got the votes, we need two or three, we have the votes, we have the votes,…”
    And now Las Vegas 100 people have been shot so everyones attention is pulled away from the Tronald who thinks cutting budgets makes him a smart guy.

  12. Alex Quaesar says:

    He basically just said the deaths were incredible.

  13. Dr Hannibal Lecter says:

    George Bush was better at speaking than this guy. How anyone supports this moron… I… Will… Never… Know.

  14. ACanadian Whovian says:

    Hey trump fans….still supporting him?

  15. Rick Ammon says:

    The lack of aid and support for the American citizens of Puerto Rico demonstrates how little Donald Trump, the entire Trump administration and the Republican Congress cares about ALL the citizens of America. Donald Trump only cares about you if you are family, a rich donor, a white supremacist spewing hate and marching with a Confederate flag, a member of the KKK or in support of Russia or Nazi Germany. If you are not a member of one of the aforementioned groups you are a nobody, a nothing to Donald Trump!

    While Donald Trump whines about patriotic citizens exercising their first amendment right to free speech and label these patriots ungrateful in an attempt to discredit true patriots he chooses to do NOTHING to help the people of Puerto Rico.

    Donald Trump has his own jet and claims to be a billionaire so where is his personal plane full of humanitarian aid.

    He will show up on Air Force One and put on a show for the political value but he doesn’t really care about the people. When Trump was being criticized for the words he spoke a while back he and his people said words don’t matter, only actions matter. Well Donald Trump, if actions matter to you and your supporters where is your personal jet full of supplies for the people of Puerto Rico? You keep telling us how rich you are and that you are a billionaire so you could easily afford to personally help the people of Puerto Rico but you do NOTHING! You do nothing as a billionaire citizen and nothing as the President of the United States of America until you are embarrassed to do something by the negative press coverage. How sad!

    Donald Trump, you let Mark Cuban show you up because you care nothing about the average American and Mark Cuban actually has a heart and is empathetic towards people.

    Here is a tale of two men.

    One of Mark Cuban’s players sent Mark Cuban a text asking if he could use his personal jet to fly humanitarian aid to Puerto Rico and Mark Cuban didn’t hesitate and immediately said yes. When Donald Trump Jr was participating in a charitable event and providing the use of one of the Trump family’s golf clubs to host the event and Donald Trump Sr. found out Donald Jr wasn’t charging for the event he went ballistic and made the charity pay for the use of the club. These two scenarios clearly define the difference between a winner and a loser and Mark Cuban is clearly a winner!

    With all the pain and suffering in Puerto Rico, Donald Trump, the President of the United States of America chose to Tweet that Puerto Rico owes Wall Street money! For Donald Trump it is ALWAYS about money. He has clearly demonstrated that he doesn’t care about people, especially if they aren’t white! Donald Trump and the current administration IS the very SWAMP that Donald Trump campaigned to drain.

    The current Administration, beginning with Donald Trump is spending the American taxpayer dollars as if they are Royalty and it is the responsibility of the peasants of America to support their lavish lifestyles. IT IS TIME TO DRAIN THE SWAMP!

  16. CheeseReaper22 says:

    Wow! That ending!

  17. Farhan Mahalludin says:

    _”The loss of life it’s always tragic, but it’s been incredible the results we’ve had with respect to loss of life. People can’t believe how successful that has been relatively speaking.”_

    Simlish makes more fucking sense than what the idiot just spewed.

  18. Cacho says:

    I expect a Thanksgiving parade for when he’s found guilty of working with the Russian’s

  19. Hailstormful says:

    So… Lying on public wont get in trouble, nor will the nepotism, the racism, the warmongering, the blunders at the UN, or generally trying to destroy the world… Man, f*ck you America for being okay with this shit…

  20. fuyuseetaa says:

    I haven’t even finished the video, but: “The loss of life is always tragic, but-” no, no, NO! If there is a string of words that shouldn’t be preceded by the word “but,” it’s “the loss of life is always tragic”, god DAMN

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