John Oliver – Trump Unshackled

John Oliver – Trump Unshackled

From HBO’s Last Week Tonight with John Oliver.
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20 Responses

  1. Why you gotta go there says:

    I don’t like Clinton, but if I can ask a small favour. Can you trump
    supporters stop acting like you care about Clinton’s corruption? Trump has
    bragged about pay-to-play for the past decade, and he admitted that not
    paying his taxes makes him smart. Just admit that the rules are different
    for him in your eyes, because you like him because of his bigotry.

    (Public Policy Polling, and Reuters/Ipsos polls)
    87% of trump supporters want to ban all Muslims
    65% of trump supporters said Mexicans are “browning up” America
    62% of Trump voters are in favour of a national database of Muslims
    49%of trump supporters view blacks as more violent than whites:
    41% of trump supporters want to bomb Agrabah, the fake city from Aladdin(of
    course they didn’t know that, sadly not many Americans did) which means as
    long as something sounds Muslim it should be bombed
    40% of trump supporters said black people are more lazy than white people
    Only 44% of Trump voters think Islam should be legal in the United States
    40% back shutting down all the mosques in the United States
    38% of Trump voters say they wish the South had won the Civil War
    30% of trump supporters want to ban gay people
    16% of trump supporters think white people are the Superior race(and that’s
    how many were open about it)

    and that is not hard to believe coming from the kind of people that call
    Muslims terrorists all day online, and Mexicans rapists all day online. I
    hope when voting day comes these people don’t end up thinking America is
    theirs. However for you good Americans reading this the damage is already
    done though mates, this atmosphere is in your country.

  2. moviebakerperson says:

    i think the “parent tells child not to do thing and child then does thing
    cuz they had extreme urge to do so after being told not to” is a reason why
    some ppl are backing trump.

  3. Hater 9/11 says:

    Bill Clinton and Donald Trump will be playing golf in Florida after Nov 8th
    as if nothing ever happened

  4. Yusuf says:

    How is what Trump said wrong? International banks do run America and run
    Hillary’s actions. She’s paid off.

  5. SossarHatarSverige says:

    The eagles follow no master other then themself, they would not take an
    order from Gandalf.

  6. WeeWeeJumbo says:

    Trump is what happens when rich people never say “NO” to their children –
    he’s pathologically unable to accept any fact that implies his loss or the
    frustration of his efforts. Right now, he’s threatening to flip the
    chessboard rather than accept the obvious checkmate.
    Our country is the chessboard and he’s hyping his fans up for violence in
    the wake of his inevitable loss at election.
    Parents, take heed. You damn the world with your shithead children, punish
    them until their path is made straight

  7. waqar khan says:

    what is he doing with the America election

  8. Pete says:

    Just think what could have been if it was Bernie instead of Clinton. Trump
    would have nothing to say.There’s no dirt on Bernie. Bernie would have
    blown him out the water.

  9. Variloh says:

    cant stump the trump, cucks

  10. Blake H. says:

    He literally said that the Jews are against him and that he will take his
    followers to heaven. Jesus Fucking Christ!

  11. Tom Smchole says:

    You speak about democracy yet fail to mention how HRC stole the nomination
    from Bernie with help of the DNC.

  12. Jane Lin says:

    Let Trump have the red states.
    Let them start the Trumpian States of America. See how well that goes for

  13. Chandrakant Sharda says:

    Everyone outside America hate Donald Trump. Why? Think about it.

  14. neojc128 says:

    Trumpism is a cult!

  15. Trollface Killa says:

    Probably what I fear most is if Trump loses, he’ll call Putin and ask him
    to wipe us out… just saying

  16. Apocrypha2012 says:

    For fuck sake, Trump voters, your elections ARE NOT RIGGED.

  17. Mark Bonikowsky says:

    The media and hollywood is so biased its hilarious. Hillary is a literal
    witch and they act like shes a saint XD hahah idiots

  18. griiseknoen says:

    Hillary Clinton meets in secret with a billion green martians to plot the
    destruction of America!
    Only I can save you!

  19. ken3609 says:

    holy shit trump is fucking insane

  20. ThePanzerFreak5 says:

    Trump is such a loser.