John Oliver – Trump’s Handshake

John Oliver – Trump’s Handshake

From HBO’s Last Week Tonight with John Oliver.
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20 Responses

  1. consumer says:

    This gets even more cringe worthy when you consider that he probably thinks this is some kind of an incredibly clever power move.

  2. Quaint Deliveries says:

    i noticed he deliberately pulls the other person’s hand in towards himself…probably some kind of power thing…

  3. 倪传历 says:

    Well at least Chris Christie enjoys it.

  4. PsychicRadroach says:

    Shinzo Abe — +5 respect points to you, sir.

  5. erichamion says:

    Everybody knows that a handshake is measured by the product of hand size, force, and length (in time). With tiny hands, one must compensate by increasing the other two factors.

  6. GekkanShounen says:

    He gives handshakes like an awkward 12 year old

  7. theodore mule says:

    He will ruin our economy. He will demoralize our military. He will fail on delivering the lies he promised to every buck tooth, stringy haired, paled skinned hate monger that voted for him. Trump will be the WORST president ever!

    Fortunately for Trump, thanks to Obama America is doing better than ever. Obama passed health care reform, the stimulus, wall street reform, and turned around the auto industry. We have now finally recovered from Bush’s economic collapse in ’08.

    Thanks to Obama, my health insurance is finally affordable ($85/month). I can afford college. I can afford internet ($30/month), auto insurance ($25/month from Insurance Panda), and my rent. Trump will DESTROY our economy. I fear for our future.

    Could these Trumpies be anymore ignorant of the world? He’s Not My President!

  8. Thaddeus Whelan says:

    His awkward handshakes are psychology 101. He is *physically* putting the person off-balance. He wants people to feel awkward around him, so that he looks more more steady and controlled. Even with the Shinzo Abe handshake, he’s playing handshake chicken with him. His handshakes are the polite equivalent of whipping his dick out.

  9. Jitka Soliman says:

    This man is a desaster in big things and small things!!! How can someone possibly respect him?!

  10. WhuRu says:

    Why is he so bad at it? I mean I’m not good at handshakes either because I don’t like touching people and have a weak grip but damn. What is wrong with him?

  11. Hiro Maxi says:

    We need to get someone with a fake hand to shake his hand.
    I want to see that shocked expression

  12. mr dinkleberg says:

    cant read ,cant dress , cant shake hands , cant talk , is this motherfucker autistic

  13. Tetra Hedron says:

    Couldn’t pull Chris Christy because he is fatter than Trump.

  14. camelshit says:

    A person with self confidence does not go about playing power games like trump does here; the hand patting, hand pulling and the compressed smiley smirk. trump, at every turn, exposes himself for the insecure, immature bully he is.
    (It reminds one a bit of the male dog who tries to pee higher up on the tree than the one before has.)
    After all, it’s only a pussy who feels the need to brag about grabbing pussies. He is just SAD.

  15. modelmajorpita says:

    He tries to overcompensate for his tiny hands by yanking people towards him and not letting go.

  16. Ryungun Rie says:

    From Abraham Lincoln to Donald Trump, what happen to you America?! Your ass used to beautiful.

  17. Maxwell Koyama says:

    Forgive him, he’s used to grabbing… other things…

  18. Rookian2 says:

    i wonder if he will pull putin’s hand that way when they meet…

  19. BennyNeb says:

    he probably thinks it’s a display of dominance lol

  20. gorgophone says:

    Even crazier, I’ve studied Japanese for years, studied abroad and been an ESL tutor — but *I’ve literally never seen a Japanese person roll their eyes before*. The amount of “tf is this asshole” in Abe’s expression is hilariously cringeworthy.

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