John Oliver – White Supremacist Rally

John Oliver – White Supremacist Rally

Enjoy the very best of John Oliver 🙂

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20 Responses

  1. Bob Yo Bob says:

    most amerikkkans are nazis, kkk members or uneducated inbred hillbillies with no teeth. that is how trump got elected.

  2. Carl Woodard says:


  3. Malachi Steiner says:


  4. Shawn Gallagher says:

    Her Name Was Heather Heyer:(

  5. Drew Is Cookie says:

    Im embarrassed to be white nowadays!  I have NO respect for the trumpTERD

  6. State of the Republic says:

    These right wingers are criminals, terrorists, and traitors. There is nothing redeemable about these people. My channel has put forth a video covering the news of this week, including the tragic events in Charlottesville, as well as a longer segment about the Southern Strategy and Republican racism, so that we may better understand the people who have supported the same kind of racist ideology and created the conditions for this tragedy.

  7. Chris tom says:

    Wowwwww so not only are you twisting what Trump says, now your telling us by what he’s not saying and putting words in his mouth.

  8. starsgirl0414 says:

    he probably didn’t want to offend his BFF Steve Bannon aka white nationalist sympathist

  9. Warren NZ says:

    When are they going to get rid of that cunt? After he starts a nuclear war?

  10. Kyle Schaff says:

    If the quote at 4:15 doesn’t get your blood boiling, you’re too far gone

  11. Gusti Firza Afrizal says:

    Remember when Hillary said, “…are you really going to trust a man with the nuclear launch codes who can be baited by a tweet…?”

  12. MrMastercatfish says:

    I would bet that there are still Trump supporters lingering on these videos. Please, tell me the upside here. Tell me that my political bias is twisting Trump not clearly distancing himself from white nationalists/KKK/Nazi sympathizers into something worse than it is, and it’s very bad. What’s the silver lining that the “fake news” media is missing?

  13. Issac hunt says:

    Fuck Oliver and fuck black lives matter. 🙂

  14. Minimax says:

    Yo have to stop them before they are getting bigger. Good luck from Germany!

  15. cyber burner says:

    Hold up so a lawful demonstration which gets attacked by left winged thugs which causes violance is somehow “white supremacists” fault. Infallible logic. Cucks like this British cunt is what’s going to kill America. Regressive scum.

  16. shingshongshamalama says:

    “We’re going to take our country back” say the lazy rich white boys who live in a country their great-great-grandparents stole from the natives.

  17. devilscry says:

    Can these white supremacists do a Jonestown and drink some poison? I mean Hitler, the guy they worship killed himself like a pussy, so why not follow him in his goosesteps.

  18. MICHAEL FRIEL says:

    As a proud African-American man I can honestly say that I’m tired of seeing all this anti White racism everywhere. Mixing and selling drugs to White children must stop. Brother Mike out.

  19. friggingbomb88 says:

    Notice how blm and antifas were never condemned on their violence

  20. Molino Eric says:

    a rightwinger is no better than a isis fighter, dumb as a rock and brainwashed and disillusion, only response to the rightwing is a bullet to their head.

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