John Oliver’s Alicia Machado Segment Shows Trump’s Long History Of Comments About Women

John Oliver’s Alicia Machado Segment Shows Trump’s Long History Of Comments About Women

The moment we’ve been waiting for since the first presidential debate finally arrived, with John Oliver’s take on it on Last Week Tonight. He opened the show on Sunday night with a discussion on the debate, as well as Donald Trump’s bizarre response, including his insistence that he won the debate based on unscientific polls. But it was John Oliver’s segment on Trump and Alicia Machado that furthermore demonstrated Trump’s long history of comments about women.

Near the end of the debate, Hillary Clinton brought up what she called one of the worst things Trump has ever said. He allegedly called Miss Universe winner Alicia Machado “Miss Piggy” because he insisted she gained weight after her win. He also allegedly called her “Miss Housekeeping” because she is Latina. As Oliver pointed out, Trump continuing to harp on this particular comment following the debate was a strange, and overall really bad move. The segment included the hilariously dismayed faces of the Fox News anchors when Trump defended himself over a phone call on air by saying that Machado was “the worst we ever had” and that she had gained a lot of weight, as well as his epic and vitriolic Twitter rant that lasted from 3am to 10am on Friday morning.

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20 Responses

  1. MrStatson says:

    Oliver-Twisting the truth for the National Propaganda Machine.

  2. Xi Sean says:

    4 comments and it’s on trending?

  3. Johnny Mnemonic says:

    John Oliver, the person who has insulted almost every single nation and
    country in the world discuss Trump’s comments about few women? Hypocrisy at
    its best.

  4. Nick DAgostino says:

    “Do you see that way up there, above the clouds? That’s rock bottom.”

    One of the best lines ever.

  5. Fullmetal Keyblade says:

    Pokémon aren’t IMAGINARY!!!!

  6. Jeffrey LaCohn says:

    “I did not know that story…” Awkward!

  7. Toxic0788 says:

    I can’t wait till Trump loses and I can rub it in all his supporters face
    that they backed a monster and lost.

  8. Devin says:

    “what happens every time the economy tanks due to corruption and
    fraudulence. They, and i mean the rich, will tell the middle class people,
    the one’s they moments ago screwed, that the immigrants and poor people are
    to blame. And then they will continue to steal from society as if nothing
    Looking at you Trump supporters

  9. samplexample says:

    john oliver is as handsome as he is correct. stupid fucking audience just
    laughs at stupid shit.

  10. iamchillydogg says:

    No matter Bill Clinton screwed a 20 year old intern with a cigar in the
    Oval Office, jerked off on her and was impeached for lying about it under
    oath. He’s also been accused of rape and paid Paula Jones $875,000 to
    silence her about her sexual assault. What does all that say about Hillary
    who has stood by him the whole time?

  11. Jonathan Song says:

    But you won’t discuss how Bill Clinton is a serial rapist and how Hillary
    Clinton defended a sex offender and rapist in court

  12. typheran1 says:

    Didn’t she participate in a murder?

  13. afrose71 says:

    Trump is an absolute moron. He makes Dan Quayle and Sarah Palin look like
    Rhodes scholars. Make America stoopid!

  14. John Baker says:

    So she bases her career on her superficial image and then gets upset when
    her boss of the beauty pageant tells her to maintain that image while
    representing the pageant? Makes sense.

  15. gattamelata1940 says:

    I see the Russian Trolls-for-Trump are out in force. Putin is desperately
    trying to make Trump president

  16. Chris Arias says:

    Nickels and sticks

  17. MrSleeps says:

    Trump is finished.

  18. Rafael Caceres says:

    John Oliver is a tool of the establishment.

  19. Therealmadkong says:

    7,000 views and trending? Oh wait it is against trump, seems legit.

  20. Wayne Salvador says:

    What the hell is the big deal about the comment about her or weight. I mean
    there’s all kinds of contests that we all enter in this world both men and
    women…. wrestling boxing if they have weight limitations or weigh-ins..
    You know we do evaluation on their ability to perform based on their shape
    equal weight class. Look at all the crap that George Foreman God for being
    fat so she was fat so what she didn’t make the shape of her perfect little
    contest she got called out.
    Next time put her fat butt in the heavyweight beauty contest