John Oliver’s ‘Late Show’ Lifetime Achievement Award

John Oliver’s ‘Late Show’ Lifetime Achievement Award

‘Last Week Tonight’ host John Oliver accepts one of the Late Show’s most prestigious honors.

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68 Responses

  1. Dre Orozco says:

    i love these two

  2. regenbogenjohnny says:

    The thumbnails gives the impression that John Oliver is sporting a guy fieri hair do.

    • New Message says:

      Well, he is known for his avant guarde sense of style. Last year, he parted his hair for a while. He’s THAT ‘on the cusp’ of fashion.

    • Matthew Kelly says:

      I don’t know enough about Guy Fieri to disprove they’re not actually the same person. Has anyone ever seen them together at the same time? That would be really cool – finding out John Oliver not only hosts his comedy show, but is also an extreme chef AND sings in Smash Mouth.

    • Loubna Ait says:

      regenbogenjohnny And that’s evidently why it’s the thumbnail

    • Corbeaux08 says:

      Matthew Kelly That must be why he talks so much about the Olson twins! It’s to throw everyone off the scent!

  3. hello from me says:

    I love John Oliver!!!!! I’ve missed LWT

  4. Marcus Middleton says:

    Never keep Michael Cain in the basement

    • nathan adler says:

      You were only supposed to blow the bloody doors off!

    • Thread Bomb says:

      Yes, Caine was a Cockney not a Brummie, so this “joke” does not apply.

    • PsychoHellba says:

      I mean he played Alfred. You really can’t get much more downstairs than the batcave!! XD

    • Just Killing Time says:

      “Downstairs” means a servant… it does not mean basement.

    • Chrissie K says:

      +Just Killing Time sometimes, especially in town houses, servant quarters and kitchen was literally in the basement or semi basement. There is a great documentary about servants in 19th century Britain somewhere here on youtube, 4 parts or smt, with interviews of some still alive then sculery maids etc

  5. mrdurandt says:

    Awesome homage to Craig Ferguson and his Awkward Pause 🙂

    • RogueBishop89 says:

      Was kinda hoping Colbert would offer him a mouth organ at the very end.

    • DethstruXioN ™ says:

      Nice to see many people remembering the Late Late Show here 🙂
      i just made a comment about it too before scrolling down, and i’m surprised to see that i ran into 3 related comments already, good old times.

  6. Ojogbane Amedu says:

    Didn’t really realize Stephen had Bernie on that many times.

  7. Abdullah Al-Malki says:

    i can watch these two gentlemen talking to each other for ever

  8. DeadlyMargiKarp223 says:

    Well deserved British Millhouse. Already looking forward to the new season of LWT.

  9. Justin Kluesner says:

    This pose can be the new title card for this season of LWT

  10. Bosanski Satirik says:

    Greatest comedians on my opinion

  11. blaine j says:

    I don’t think my neighbors will understand what was going on while playing this. It was somewhere between the laugh of an elephant and a giraffe

    • randomlineofletters says:

      Did the sound hit their ears horribly?

    • Katelynne Huh says:

      So between an amused trumpet and silence?? Giraffes are one of the few creatures that aren’t known to make any vocalizations. And yes, I am both fun at parties AND a sex god.

    • blaine j says:

      +Katelynne Huh Same. I had to hold back the laughter cause I watched this at like 1 am and wanna be a respectful neighbor lol. Your comment holds up.

    • Katelynne Huh says:

      blaine j I tend to have offensively loud outbursts when I think something is extremely funny, and when I hold it back, it does come out like a strangled donkey, so I get it. Lol just have to take any opportunity to share my useless animal facts 🙂

  12. Hammad Ali says:

    2:50 This is the ideal male body. You may not like it, but it is what peak performance looks like.

  13. Jose Mateo Boza says:

    Good to see other shows are following Craig Ferguson’s interviews ending with an Awkward Pause.

  14. Roger B says:

    I could watch a full show with just John Oliver speaking in different British accents.

    • Roger B says:

      +Malcolm sargeant Looks like a 24 episodes season. Brilliant!!

    • Sean Fraser says:

      That show exists. It’s called Last Week Tonight

    • Neurosis says:

      +Malcolm sargeant Oes/Aye, its lucky they didn’t call them ‘British’ accents in this case after another 100-200, or i’d have to go into ‘Englishman mocking the Welsh/Scottish!’ rage 😉

    • Patrick Rathbone says:

      Roger B this channel deletes threads when I post on them. Sorry Rog

    • Dana Marie says:

      As someone who currently lives in Birmingham, I couldn’t believe it when he said he was from Birmingham. I literally yelled at the TV “HES FROM BIRMINGHAM?!” lol I alwaysssss assumed he was just from London. His accent is easy to understand and quite light. You can tell he’s ditched the Birmingham accent.

  15. ljm792 says:

    The ending made me miss Craig Ferguson

  16. Julio Ramos says:

    “disappointing awkardness” will be the name of my new band

  17. Niko Batallones says:

    What a very Craig Ferguson ending.

  18. Paraboemba says:

    Ending the interview in awkwardness… I miss Craig Ferguson’s show!

  19. Brian Mandville says:

    Two blue suited males in their natural environment. Majestic

  20. TheLowstef says:

    There was so much Craig Ferguson in this…

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