John Stamos freakout at netflix office

John Stamos freakout at netflix office

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20 Responses

  1. Anneke Reid says:


  2. Chanandler Bong says:

    LOL April fools!

  3. Arden Elise says:

    All of the names of the categories had his name in them like “My John
    Stamos Approved List”

  4. Del Amo says:

    I can stand the vertical recording. I can’t stand how they barely recorded

  5. Davis Odom says:


  6. Swej says:

    Your in big trouble mister!

  7. Micah Gilbert says:

    somebody give him a chill pill

  8. Smashful says:

    Damn its crazy

  9. Savannah Montana says:

    Zayuuum.. He needs to Netflix and chill…

    Any of y’all get it? Netflix and chill? lmao

  10. Michelle S says:

    i hope its an april fools prank cause i love uncle jesse man

  11. Noe Camarena says:

    fake as sh**

  12. The Last One says:

    Was this a prank

  13. Marco Magdaleno says:

    It has to be fake because is no one going to get up and tell him to calm
    down or call security. (hopefully its fake, or he has some serious temper)

  14. FractiousMule says:

    is this why all my sisters recommended were john Stamos shows

  15. Cayden Stewarr says:


  16. Edgar Cruz says:

    …April Fools…….?

  17. Aristotelis Lappas says:

    I love my dad (not really my dad )

  18. callen wittsche says:

    Is the guy in the background Connor mcgregors movement trainer?

  19. Bear J. says:

    You can tell by the stale as shit acting this is fake. How does he have a

  20. GeoffDaCow says:

    This is what happens when someone takes the last Greek yogurt