John Stewart Daily Show Final Goodbye 8-6-15

John Stewart Daily Show Final Goodbye 8-6-15

John Stewart’s final Daily Show conversation with his audience and viewers followed by a performance by Bruce Springsteen and The E Street Band. Land of Hopes and Dreams and the end of Born To Run.

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20 Responses

  1. TheWarrior7769 says:

    First Colbert now Jon, the reason for news entertainment and T.V have been
    limited thank you

  2. Nella Crosiglia says:

    bravo Bruce,.

  3. Francesco “MadManDrummer81” Alliva says:


  4. Anne Falewitch says:

    Love you Jon and will miss your insightful intelligent and comical outlook
    on our world today

  5. Hakan Beijron says:

    Thanks Jon… and Bruce…

  6. Al fORTINI says:

    miss you

  7. jack ryan says:

    Simply awesome. Thank you Jon. And The Boss…way to go.

  8. Kyle Melito says:

    This world will probably never be the same without Jon, he deserves his
    retirement though he was amazing

  9. Rebecca Stamm says:

    I’m sad to see him go, but I realize he must move on. I wonder if he knows
    how many lives he’s touched in a positive way, bringing comical insight
    into our national affairs. I wonder if he realizes how many people he
    educated about American politics. Thank you Jon! And I hope you’ll continue
    the conversation with us from time to time.

  10. João Castilho says:

    “Our” moment of Zen !
    Thaks Jon.
    Obrigado Bruce.

  11. Clark Magnuson says:

    Stewart had McCain on more than a dozen times, all love and kisses.
    Then McCain got the nomination, and Stewart started slamming him. In the
    Lion King, McCain was Scar, and Stewart was his friend, the hyena.

    • Clark Magnuson says:

      The day McCain got the nomination, Jon did a bit about how old McCain is.

    • takerdust says:

      +Clark Magnuson I’m not an automatic apologist, but McCain did change a bit
      for the sake of gaining support during the election of 08’s. For example,
      his embrace of religious hardliners like John Hagee.

  12. Gregory McGilvray says:

    Good riddance to this smug little pint sized jewish runt with
    his disgusting PC liberal bias rants. Its unfortunate Big Bill O’Reilly
    didn’t knock this prick straight thru a wall the many times they clashed
    as he nailed him verbally again and again but too bad he didn’t physically
    pummel this pathetic little wimp and wipe that sickening smirk of his dopey

  13. pkmdz says:

    Almost cried a bit :l I won’t cry for a funeral but I’ll cry at the Daily
    Show with John ending.

  14. Trevor Gebhardt says:

    Jon Stewart makes me believe in the America that Springsteen sings about in
    this song. #JonVoyage

  15. LuneyTune72 says:

    Good riddance. Now everyone who got their news and opinions will have to
    look elsewhere…Don’t worry, you still have his carbon copies “John
    Oliver.” And hey, you still have that asshole, Bill Maher.

  16. Richard Foley says: