John Wall drama shows why LeBron James is so special | Stephen A. Smith Show

John Wall drama shows why LeBron James is so special | Stephen A. Smith Show

(4:36) Stephen A. Smith compares John Wall’s ongoing drama with the Washington Wizards to the professionalism LeBron James brings to the NBA.

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76 Responses

  1. kill em with KINDNESS says:

    The title shows why lebron is so special, this video wasnt even about lebron. But they know by putting lebrons name in the title instead of the other names mentioned. You will definitely get the clicks. #facts

    • Anthony McNeil says:

      Did you even watch the video? He compared Wall to LeBron in how LeBron gives 100% to the game and it shows, while Wall doesn’t. That’s what makes LeBron special. LeBron has always been about his fitness and being peak conditioning for the season every year. It shows how much he loves the game. Wall doesn’t care. Never improved his game or anything.

    • Mkram23 says:

      Welcome to the Internet

    • Jack Felipe says:

      LeBron is the most powerful player on planet now

  2. public domain says:

    bradley beal could have an oladipo like breakout if he gets away from wall.

  3. HGL says:

    Why SAS turns to hate into Love for LeBron?? He is having some weird weeks speaking so well about LeBron

    • Uchiha Madara says:

      HGL I remember after an event he went on live and was praising somebody ( I forgot who ) and the next day on first take he was literally hating on the person it was absurd

    • Jalen says:

      Uchiha Madara Demarcus Cousins after he signed with GSW. He got mad and then went on First Take and praised it

  4. Davey J says:

    Read the title. How TF LeBron name get put in this lol

  5. King Heem says:

    The Warriors so stacked 25/30 teams gave up on winning lmao

    • Jets Set Nun less says:

      Rock Lee zion is the next greg oden

    • AllForOne NoneForYall says:

      Stacked????? Their bench is garbage. Tell me how they’re stacked.

    • Jets Set Nun less says:

      AllForOne NoneForYall they’re starting 5 are all stars and 2 mvps and the best 3pt shooters in the league. i fucken hate the WARRIORS I hope kd goes else where idc where.

    • AllForOne NoneForYall says:

      +Jets Set Nun less Dude you’re the type that will double-up on words to give credence to your argument. Stop using the word “and” repeatedly in your sentence dude. It doesn’t make your argument more credible. You’re talking about the same players. Kevin Looney is an all-star???????? Damian Jones is an all-star?????? Warriors are KD, Curry, Klay, Drey. That’s 4 players. There’s teams with deeper benches than the Warriors. Warriors bench is ass. Iggy is only one. Kevin Looney & Jones start center they’re ass. STOP REPEATING BULLSHIT.

  6. King Heem says:

    John Wall is the first to arrive and last to leave…the club

  7. DjHark19 says:

    Use me as a dislike button for clickbaiting using LeBrons name..

  8. whatever man says:

    What does John wall has to do with LeBron? Hhahahaa lespn

  9. B skrillz says:

    kemba is a beast

  10. BThreatTV says:

    ESPN = D ride Lebron and put his name in everything!!!

    • Devin Martinez says:

      U wouldnt have clicked on this video if lebrons name wasnt in the title. U click to hate. Others click to hear about lebron. Espn knows lebron is bigger then the NBA and that’s why hes on every title. A hate view is the same as a supporters view.

    • Aysar Aburrub says:

      +Devin Martinez facts!! … a click is a click, and Lebron’s name brings views and clicks, whether it’s fans, or haters

    • Justin Y. says:

      Yet you still watch

  11. Fhomie1 says:

    John Wall can drive the lane with ease, doesn’t make him a superstar. Detroit should go after him and be willing to pay the price.
    Griffin and Drummond needs another vet like Wall to bring them to the next level.

  12. Hassan Monroe says:

    Give my man Stephen A a break ESPN damn na im getting mad lol

  13. Jax Ace says:

    Thanks Stephen captain obvious smith, I think everyone who has an idea of what basketball is knows that Lebron is special. Btw Kemba is a silent Assassin, get him his money.

  14. Dj Thirst says:

    Don’t let the title of this video distract y’all from that button up he’s wearing.

  15. ZeroNTW says:

    The title is sort of misleading, but SAS is exactly right in everything he said regardless. Bron, Steph, Westbrook, people like these know their value to their teams. They’ll party like any other human being, but you won’t ever have to question their commitment to the game. John Wall used to be one of my favorite players, but I’ve been consistently let down by him, not to say that like he owes me a damn thing, but as a fan, I just expected more.

    • Hispanic Beard Guy says:

      I completely agree I really thought John Wall was going to take over the league as one of the best point guards but he doesn’t have the dedication and commitment definitely had the talent and the ability to be one of the best

    • gone2deep says:

      ZeroNTW U ever did surgery on your knee ?

    • ZeroNTW says:

      +gone2deep No, but I do have knee problems. And I’ve been disappointed with Wall even before that injury. These aren’t just issues happening now. It’s been building up.

    • onlyrog5 says:

      Not every star can take over the league, someone has to be at the bottom of the barrel

  16. its polo says:

    People who can have walls contract without any problem :
    1.lebron james
    2. giannis
    3. AD
    4. KD

  17. Manny P says:

    Im so glad Stephen A is going at john walls neck. Dude acts like he’s accomplished something in the league but in actuality hadnt done SHIT

  18. Antonio Buagas says:

    John Wall is my favorite player but SAS ain’t lyin #facts

  19. Brian Brown says:

    When you say that about larry bird ?? Or isaiah…or Bird

  20. Wendell Glo says:

    If Kemba Walker goes on Lakers he would be the happiest man alive lol

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