Johnny Depp Gets Emotional Talking His Daughter’s Illness – The Graham Norton Show

Johnny Depp Gets Emotional Talking His Daughter’s Illness – The Graham Norton Show

Johnny talks about the experience of visiting parents and children at Great Ormond Street Hospital.

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20 Responses

  1. Rebecca Chen says:

    Almost made me tear up

  2. Ozichi Okorom says:

    Beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful

  3. Cerys Groveham says:

    This is what life is about

  4. Sumaya Ouali says:

    He kind like MJ to say that i always loved him such a good human being and
    actor of course

  5. Lintang Jelita Anjani says:

    What kind of illness does his daughter have? He’s talking about Lily-Rose,
    right? Or is it someone else?

  6. Carrie D says:

    I knew i must have loved JD for something..I have also been one of the
    parents at GOSH and know exactly where he is coming from, those kids are
    inspirational and can teach us all something about the values of life.

  7. Batman says:

    Johnny is born again.

  8. Aly Dematti says:

    Johnny is so precious.

  9. Voice Nerd says:

    Goes to show ya just because the movies and characters (i.e. Jack Sparrow)
    aren’t as popular as they used to be doesn’t mean they can’t be used for
    something good.

  10. MovieFreakGirl89 says:

    I love him

  11. Keith Cleghorn says:

    Mr. Deep is a class act, and what he brings to children and parents is from
    his heart. For that I salute you. May you life be ever blessed with
    happiness and enjoy your children, and your grandchildren. and your great
    grandchildren. Peace Brother your heart is as big as the earth.

  12. Danyel Yogi says:

    Johnny Depp is such a warm soul I love him

  13. keen says:

    why is this not showing on bbc america? :(

  14. Johnny Regep says:


  15. kathy theriault says:

    BRAVO Mr Depp

  16. Aldo Villalobos says:

    I LOOOVE Johnny Depp favorite man of whole time>\\< ♥♥♥♥♥

  17. Joshua Arce says:

    I love that man

  18. lina123 - says:

    im crying

  19. Nick Menendez says:

    Bless that man

  20. qtpima66 says:

    This is spot on!!! Bravo Johnny Depp and your beautiful soul!!!!