Johnny Depp Testifies On Why He’s Suing Amber Heard For Defamation

Johnny Depp Testifies On Why He’s Suing Amber Heard For Defamation

Johnny Depp took the stand on Tuesday and began his testimony by explaining why he’s suing Amber Heard for defamation.

Actor Johnny Depp is suing ex-wife Amber Heard for $50 million for defamation in connection with Heard’s 2018 Washington Post op-ed. Heard’s article did not specifically name Depp. Amber Heard is counter-suing Depp for $100 million.

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36 Responses


    We love you Johnny!! You’re not alone and you’ll succeed!!

  2. Kyle Allen Music says:

    False accusations do terrible things to a man/woman and their career. You lose your freedom of speech and your ability to defend what honor society has left you. Johnny is so brave for standing up. He’s saying he doesn’t want to live in fear anymore and I applaud him for taking action. This should be normalized and I think we’ll be seeing more of it as cancel culture hopefully dies out the next couple decades. Stay strong King.

  3. 1dering says:

    It’s insane how anyone can get away with attempting to destroy a person’s life.

    • Rob Rob Rob Rob Rob says:

      @Clara Tackla if someone destroyed your life would you feel like justice had been served because you could sue the person?

    • 9ine God says:

      @Clara Tackla You’re not a lawyer. I get you need to make a point, but you don’t have to lie in a YouTube comment section for creditability. People are going to agree with you on your points. No need to lie.

    • Corinne says:

      You weren’t there, of course he’s going to say
      I haven’t done anything wrong your honour
      Frickin muppets

    • Fractious Gypsy says:

      It happens all the time. Just many of the people who have it happen to them are not movie stars.

    • John Crypto says:

      You really think he did not put hands on her and as she did on him? They are both lying. And yes the odds are he got physical with her also. She has an excuse though. The fact she had to listen to him take so long to explain anything at all most likely drove her insane.

  4. Fabb7 PAPA says:

    I’m so glad he’s fighting this to clear his name. MANY people jump to conclusions and accuse people because they “settle” not realizing especially when famous, it’s going to be publicized & you have to spill very personal or intimate details that normally you don’t want to be made public especially these days everyone has an opinion posted on social media & public pressure takes over… so next time someone settles a case don’t jump to conclusions that they were guilty otherwise they wouldn’t had. That’s why I’m glad as hard as it can be for him and his family his fighting to clear his name & hope she pays the price especially if she purposely tried to hurt his name hoping she can clear more 💵 bc $7M after their divorce wasn’t enough “she was supposed to give away to charity” yea ok 👌 never did & been caught lying 🤥 on multiple occasions. It’s a shame when people fake it takes away from “real” victims!

    • Grandmaida7 says:

      Don’t see him as a victim. Just the opposite, he took her to court, both times. He’s trying to get sympathy so his reputation can be restored and the studios can hire him again. It all boils down to money.

    • A'sheir Fields says:

      I’m pretty sure PR tells them if their eyes don’t that it’s going to be publicized. I’m pretty sure the amount of pressure to do or not do becomes crippling and whether they decide to settle or not you start not caring knowing people will believe anything. Everyone needs Jesus.

  5. Alaïa says:

    Imagine having to sit with this accusation for 6 years, while the public has decided you are guilty, millions are bad mouthing you and your children are facing consequences based on something no one can verify… this is beyond horrible. I normally don’t care for celebrity ‘gossip’, but this case is so important. Narcissists are very charming, until they destroy your lives. Listen and learn, folks. If someone gives you that gut feeling that something’s off, WALK AWAY.

    • diaf asshat says:

      every guy who has been falsely accused, like myself, don’t have to “imagine” it… we are branded guilty as soon as the accusation is made, and it’s up to us to prove our innocence
      loss of freedom, loss of income, loss of respect and credibility… ALL based on an accusation

    • Alaïa says:

      @Rho I hope they move on soon and you get the relief and space to heal you deserve. I’ve been there – it gets better, hang in there.

    • Rho says:

      true. lived with a Narc, and until now that i live in a different house he still finds ways to gaslight me.

  6. Givlss says:

    This man’s courage is something unbelievable, he’s the strongest. Even though is whole career and life were broken, he found a way to stand up and spoke for everyone who was in his situation and wasn’t believed, or wasn’t listened. We are with you.❤️

  7. Jungkook will be the Death of Me says:

    i cant even begin to imagine how much courage this took. he doesn’t deserve any of this and i hope he gets the justice he deserves and amber gets what she has coming. johnny deserves everything good for him 💗

  8. fitzy Fitzpatrick says:

    Just look at her face throughout this trial. It’s just disgraceful that she ever hurt him. Lost him his career almost. She is absolutely grotesque. I think this was absolutely necessary. Truth will out always.

  9. Car Ride says:

    “I’m obsessed with the truth.” Glad you have the opportunity to speak up, with such courage and humility. Hope your name finally gets cleared.

  10. The Wisconsin Files says:

    Even if he doesn’t win, he’s won. Amber is disgusting. She exposed herself, I hope she doesn’t recover her reputation after this. We stand with you Johnny ❤️

    • Roy Johnson says:

      More proof that supports the age-old adage:
      “You can’t judge a book by its
      — Confusedsius

    • Gage Lindell says:

      @El Lo Hahaha nice try but no.

    • Janos Szucs says:

      Well the thing is that I wouldn’t be surprised if she gets her so called reputation back, in other words still getting these sort of big roles in films…especially after the slap from an actor to another person on stage and like 20minutes later getting an award and even a standing ovation…disgusting

    • celine woolvett says:

      @Angie Fidler agreeed! A sick abusive woman like this doesnt deserve a kid in her care

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