Johnny Depp trial: Judge rejects Amber Heard’s demands for dismissal | LiveNOW from FOX

Johnny Depp trial: Judge rejects Amber Heard’s demands for dismissal | LiveNOW from FOX

The judge presiding over the Johnny Depp and Amber Heard defamation trial has denied a motion from Heard’s attorneys to dismiss the case against her. Depp has sued his ex-wife for $50 million dollars alleging that her claims of domestic violence have permanently damaged his acting career.

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36 Responses

  1. Xavier says:

    Good to see that their initial claim of “He hit her and left physical marks” has now changed to ” oh it was actually verbal abuse” because of their shitty fake evidence

    • HoneyNVinegar says:

      did you know that Johnny once made the mistake of getting 1% milk instead of skim, because he didn’t pay enough attention to how Hood changed the color of the caps for each variety

      hostile witness move to strike

    • Jay Bee says:

      He’s not saying that she wasn’t physically abused. He’s saying that even if she wasn’t Depp has been proven to be abusive enough for her to say she was abused. Amber never actually said it was physically abuse just an abusive relationship.

    • The User With No Name says:

      Xavier, the god, has spoken

  2. Paulina Ren says:

    “I can tell you she’s not the abuser” yeah, you can say it, but you CANNOT prove it. 😂 Justice for Johnny Depp!

    • Fernanda Tapia says:

      It seems like their evidence on abuse is just a “dude, trust me”. Which, in a defamation trial, has no weight at all

    • ZS says:

      For real. Like okay, so if you’re so confident then stick to your guns, if that’s really the case, then you should have nothing to fear 🤨 her team is passionate about contradicting themselves lol

    • Lee Fleming says:

      @Natassja’s World 😂

    • Natassja’s World says:

      Someone should’ve shouted out objection hearsay 🤣

  3. 20k challenge with 0 video says:

    She’s literally on tape admitting she assaulted him. How is she not under criminal investigation?

    • Alpha-Desu Plays says:

      @Fernando Franco just want to ask you this out of curiosity.
      What is your opinion on the “All men” phrase that gets thrown around now?
      Are you against it since you are against “All women”?
      Genuinely curious because I personally can’t stand either being used because blaming someone’s gender is stupid.

    • Eya Karam says:

      Can y’all stop copying and pasting this comment pls

    • Odd Otter says:

      She’s a celebrity white woman.

    • Larissa Frowen says:

      Wouldn’t he have to press charges

    • 30cm Pure Throbbing Toxic Masculinity says:

      A-MuRiCa 👁️👄👁️

  4. Ka tie says:

    “I can tell you she’s not the abuser.” OBJECTION, hearsay. Lmfao.

  5. Svetoslav Popov says:

    How did we go from “this exact makeup palette” to “verbal abuse, not physical”? 😂😂😂

    • Cornelia Hanimann says:

      @Gustavo-would be nice to have 1ksubs doing nothing By the way, I’m european too, so maybe that’s why I’m not as polarising as others here, I find your opinion interesting because this is not my field at all, I too am aware that the laws in europe are different than the laws in the states. After all, this is a comment section where we are all expressing opinions without facing consequences for doing that, so I just wonder about what you say because appearently you have a better understanding than I do. I’m just interested, not trying to attack you or prove to you that you’re wrong about things.

    • Gustavo-would be nice to have 1ksubs doing nothing says:

      @Holly Miranda well obviously 😀 it is different legal culture. Also one of the biggest difference is that there are precedents, aka decisions of specific courts are legally binding. In europe they should follow it, but courts are not binded by it. But what we have in common is that civil law came out of roman law, so the basics are the same. But yeah, my opinion dont really have much value.

    • Cornelia Hanimann says:

      @Gustavo-would be nice to have 1ksubs doing nothing This is a good point, because we don’t actually know the situation with Disney and why they let him go, but I figure defamationis about taking a provable hit to your reputation like financial or from reputation and he was dropped by WB too, if I remember correctly? I think the part about him dealing with the consequences is difficult to prove that this is actually a result from Amber Heards article, but what they can prove is that Amber Heard actually lied in that article and that it most likely was about Johnny Depp, because they seem to make an effort to prove that Amber had a motive, by pointing at her histrionic and borderline personality disorder, by proving that she went ahead to fake evidence with the make up claim etc. and I think they make a case from proving that she was abusive towards him and therefore kinda prove that she has had malicious intentions towards him, I’m not sure about this one, but while they might struggle with proving the part about disney dropping him as a result of that article, I believe they can at least prove that she had malicious intent and acted on that. I also believe there was this situation where she had stolen her abuse story from a friend that had been abused, so that is another sketchy aspect to this.

    • Holly Miranda says:

      @Gustavo-would be nice to have 1ksubs doing nothing European law & American law have many differences….

    • Gustavo-would be nice to have 1ksubs doing nothing says:

      @Cornelia Hanimann I really dont know the law, since I have whole different legal culture. But I think it would be really hard to prove that just one article destroyed his whole career. And that because of this article disney let him go, since I dont think there was contract between those to on pirates 6. I think those are the key factors in this case. But it also seems like she really has no prove that he abused her(I dont think it really happened). And all her evidence and witnesses are pretty bad. She also didnt name him specifically in that article. But I would really have to see the whole sue(charges?) to make somewhat precise decision.

  6. Bazooka Ward says:

    I honestly feel bad for the lawyers here. This woman is so awful that she is literally hard to defend. Not sure any lawyer could win this case for AH. There is so much evidence stacked against her.

  7. robert4you says:

    Let’s just take a moment to appreciate the judge’s patience regarding this case…

  8. 19972zach says:

    “We have evidence proving she wasn’t the abuser”. Then shouldn’t you want to show such evidence to defend amber?

    • Tachibana says:

      Not here because this case is solely about the defamation regarding her op-ed, that evidence would be for another case, say if Johnny is or will sue for domestic abuse or something along those lines for example.

    • RenewAgain says:

      But they don’t, and he’s lying.

    • 4Curses says:

      @Calas Typhon I mean, they already back paddled from Johnny having “physically” abused her to just “verbal” abuse. They themself have already admitted that amber lied. That alone is enough for most people to not give two cents about amber heard. If she is the one abusing physically and verbally, which is proven, then anything Johnny might say is “defending himself” and reactionary and not “verbal abuse” as they try to prove.
      There is a big difference whether johnny calls her names after she starts slapping and cursing him, or HE is the one constantly starting verbal fights. Which he obviously isn’t, just to clarify.

    • Calas Typhon says:

      That’s not the point of the case. Depp must prove on the balance of probabilities that he did not abuse Heard to prove libel as Amber claimed that he abused her.

      Her abusing him isn’t really that important to the case, because it wouldn’t mean that Depp didn’t abuse Heard as well.

  9. Stacy! T[A]P Me!! To Have [S]EX With Me says:

    “I can tell you that she’s not the abuser” says her dumb lawyer AFTER MULTIPLE recordings of her admitting to hitting him, amongst other things, AND verbally abusing him 🤦🏻‍♀

  10. Rocco Jimenez says:

    I like that the Judge is being accountable for all evidence. She’s doing a great job.

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