Johnny Depp’s legal team discusses victory in defamation case l GMA

Johnny Depp’s legal team discusses victory in defamation case l GMA

Lawyers Camille Vasquez and Ben Chew sit down for their first interview since the trial’s verdict to discuss Depp’s reaction to the news and what has happened post-trial.

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27 Responses

  1. DiLayla D says:

    The contrast between these two incredible lawyers and Elaine is staggering. They are so much more poised, logical and professional. They don’t claim to know better, they don’t preach, they just give us facts. Amber and Elaine act as if we didn’t see this trial, yet we all did and Camille was right: the verdict was fair, they proved every single statement Amber made to be false. It’s not a setback for women, it’s a step forward for both men and women. It’s proof that all genders can have equal consideration and equal punishment. Just because you’re a women doesn’t mean that you can’t be tried for your crimes, just because you’re a man doesn’t mean you can’t get justice when you’ve been abused.

  2. Michala John says:

    Johnny’s legal team are a class act. No BS, no unnecessary drama, just straight to the point FACTS.

  3. Elizabeth Gongora says:

    I really enjoyed watching this interview, professional all the way, Ben and Camille represent what a great legal team they are and the rest of their colleagues that worked on JD’s case. They proved in court, innocent until proven guilty and bringing faith back into our legal system and exposing those that abuse the legal system for their own financial and immoral gain. True victims can have their day in court and confront their abusers.

  4. KAYLA BOND!!T[A]P Me!! to Have [𝐒]𝐄𝐗 With 𝐌𝐞 says:

    “Domestic violence does not have a gender” couldn’t have said it better myself. As a female I hope this case will give men a bigger voice and MAKE ACCOUNTABLE those women who are violent! Y’all psycho women better get it together and stop acting a fool. You know who you are.

    • Yu So says:

      Yes, you could also argue that this verdict gave male victims of domestic violence more hope to win in a court.
      Amber: “Tell the world, Johnny, tell them: ‘I Johnny Depp, a man, I’m a victim too of domestic violence’ and SEE HOW MANY PEOPLE BELIEVE OR SIDE WITH YOU.”

    • Mohamed Hussein says:

      @Arkyu Detoo yea thank a bot who coppied a comment🤡

    • Arkyu Detoo says:

      Thank yo ufor acknowledging this.

  5. Pamela Leanne Freeland says:

    Now THAT is how you do a professional, put together interview. Maybe someone should use it as a teaching aid for certain other lawyers involved in this case! The contrast between the two sides was just as apparent in the courtroom for anyone who actually watched the trial, as made evident by the jury’s verdict. Bravo, Ben! Brava, Camille! You made us proud and continue to do so! Go high!

  6. EskandariFamily says:

    Camille is very logical. Stick to the facts and evidence and not emotions. Elaine rejected that and stuck to the emotions and it backfired.

    • h w says:

      @Marz ” If a man said, “I’ll smack the ugly c*** around” to Joe Rogan’s daughter, and Joe beat him into a coma in front of hundreds of witnesses, he would be seen exonerated and justified. He would be a hero.”
      That’s not okay

      It is also not okay to say: If someone else does something wrong (like: if a man does something wrong) and gets away with it, all women should get away with it too.

      Instead of having equal right in allowing injust actions, you need to fight for equal rights in punishing injust actions.

      This case was fair: Both had the opportunity to put there evidence out there. And AH was not good at that. She destroyed her own case and has only herself to blame. I don’t know if JD ever hit her or not. But I have seen no convincing evidence. AH even made it worst with lying, changing her story, accusing everybody of lying. On audio she was the one who was aggressive most of the time, she was not once afraid on this tapes. She was pushing JD. All that was not convincing. Yes, JD is far from perfect. But he was most of time convincing. Yes, he wrote very bad things about AH, but mostly to his friends, not in a newspaper. Is there anybody who has not said a bad word about someone else in his life? And AH admitted on tape to have hit JD. And she said bad things about him, too.
      She went for the wrong story and the wrong presentation. She lied and that backfired. I don’t see her as a representative of a women rights movement or a me too movement. She betrayed that movement when she wrote the op-ed to gain a career advantage and harm her ex-husband. She did not write that for the movement, she wrote it for her personal advantage.
      Women rights, or any other movement, can not depend on false prophets. They can not allow to be used by such kind of people.

      For me this is too much ideology in this argumentation.

      The USA has so many problems. Drugs, guns etc. You should not care about AH and JD, you should care about all the other victims. Men and women. About 13 year olds that work on the streets, people that kill little kids, drug epidemic, etc.

    • ribby cage says:

      @Walter Cardenas do you think that Camille just making partner in her law firm is because of her “hotness looks”? No doubt she has facial beauty, however, don’t drag that hollywood superficial narrative here.

    • Ocrilat says:

      @Gabby Turner Flirting? You consider acting in a friendly manner flirting? Amber acted the same way towards Mr. Rottenborn. Johnny acted in the same manner with Mr. Chew. I didn’t consider any of that flirting. Did you?

    • Michele M says:

      @lol k I never felt sorry for her, but the trial got so murcky because it wasn’t answering the simple questions asked. I didn’t think all of that was necessary, really.

  7. Good Enough Girl says:

    Let me just chime in as an abuse survivor. This is only a setback for women who lie about being abused. For the rest of us, it is as much of a victory as it is for JD. She does NOT speak for us!!!!!! Let her to speak for herself (both AH and Elaine) and stop putting lying words in all of our mouths that none of us said and nor do we agree with her.

    • Elizabeth Beckhusen says:

      Yup. If there has been a setback in women’s rights it’s been due to her and her vicious lawyer who must know her client is a vindictive liar. I’m a feminist, raised in a home with a drunken violent father, so I was prepared to hear that JD was a monster. He’s not, she is.

  8. KAYLA BOND!!T[A]P Me!! to Have [𝐒]𝐄𝐗 With 𝐌𝐞 says:

    When the truth is on your side , you don’t need to over explain . They kept it clean, classy and simple as always did during the trial , I have so much love and admiration of Jonny and his team !

  9. -–——·≈·[The Patriot]·≈·——–- says:

    “Domestic violence doesn’t have a gender.” Camille finally said it and it’s true!! also Congrats on the promotion Camille, you deserve it!!

  10. Anna Cummings says:

    Ben and Camille are the real deal, intelligent, professional, and a class act. Elaine may have been a good lawyer at one time, but it really didn’t show during this trial. Watching the two sides was like night and day. JD’s team reflected his integrity,honesty and classiness while AH’s team was disorganized, catty, combative and threw temper tantrums if they didn’t get their way. Her team reflected her own narcissistic, selfish, “throw everyone else under the bus” attitude. Just like her, they took no accountability for their actions and the outcome of the trial.

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